Global serivces:Application Management Services


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We supports your business operations in the most cost effective manner possible by managed services, include full service maintenance and 24/7 production support of your application portfolio coupled with business process outsourcing designed for our customers throughout the financial services and energy industries. For more information email us at

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Global serivces:Application Management Services

  1. 1. GLOBAL services SGS4246RELIEVING YOU OF THE BURDENS OF APPLICATIONMANAGEMENTCompanies continuously need more functionality, reliability and adaptability from the software applicationsthat power the enterprise. But for the IT department, meeting this demand is a growing challenge. Budgetsare tight; business requirements are dynamic and demand continuous focus. Ongoing regulatory changesrequire software updates and portfolio maintenance. Skilled personnel with domain knowledge are in highdemand, while supporting legacy applications grows more difficult as the ranks of knowledgeable technical staffdwindle. Meanwhile, economic conditions are requiring CIOs to reduce budgets, especially in the “run/operate”functions that account for some two-thirds of IT spending. Compounding the pressure, IT is being asked tofocus more on innovation and strategic initiatives.To meet these priorities, IT must lower costs while continuously improving operational efficiencies and qualityof service. SunGard Global Services offers application management services to help you overcome thesechallenges. We provide full-service support and maintenance around your end-to-end business ecosystemincluding SunGard products and surrounding applications, as well as other third-party products and custom-developed applications on different technology platforms.WHAT WE OFFEROur services address all aspects of maintenance and support including 24/7 production support, minor andmajor enhancements, and ongoing application maintenance. By utilizing our global delivery model, ourspecialized domain experts and consultants are able to combine deep functional, technology and processexpertise critically needed to meet the full range of application management requirements. We can providea comprehensive program management office, technical experts and architects for ongoing support andoptimization. Service level agreements and comprehensive metrics reporting govern all aspects of ourservice delivery.Transitioning a complex IT portfolio to another partner and deriving measurable value out of it can be extremelychallenging. We leverage our IT portfolio assessment methodology to develop ROI models, cost benefit analysisand a risk-averse outsourcing roadmap for your organization. Our comprehensive transition methodologyhelps pave the way for a smooth handoff of application management. A structured service delivery modeland thorough application life cycle management processes help reduce cost and improve efficiency byproviding a framework for consistent support, maintenance and enhancements, as well as independent qualityassurance. Service-level agreement dashboards and knowledge management tools support continuous processimprovement and acquisition of application knowledge.Our application management services allow you to focus on your core competencies, while realizing cost savingsthrough economies of scale. Leveraging our ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 processes, we can help you reducecapital expenditures while ensuring long-term operating cost predictability and reduction.
  2. 2. SERVICESUsing our global delivery model, we provide complete or partial outsourcing of your application managementoperations to improve cost efficiency, scalability and quality. We offer a full array of application managementservices including:„„Application monitoring and production support – 4/7 batch monitoring, application health checks, on-call production support for SunGard production solutions and 2 integrated application environments – Support for custom-developed applications and third-party solutions„„ Application maintenance and enhancements – Level 2 and level 3 application maintenance – Break fixes, bug fixes implementation – Major and minor enhancements – Release and configuration management – Root cause analysis and continuous improvement – Productivity improvements – Metrics reporting and dash board – Quick resource ramp up and ramp down to manage additional work streams„„IT help desk services, staffed by your organization or SunGard – 4/7 production support using a “follow the sun” global support model 2LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN HELPApplication management services from SunGard Global Services can help you keep critical solutionsand processes up and running, while staying abreast of the latest software enhancements and upgradesand applications.About SunGard Global ServicesSunGard Global Services combines business consulting, technology and professional services for financialservices firms, energy companies and corporations. Leveraging SunGard’s global delivery model, more than5,000 employees worldwide help customers manage their complex data needs, optimize end-to-end businessprocesses and assist with systems integration, while providing full application development, maintenance,testing and support services.For more information, please contact us at For more information visit:©2011 SunGard.Trademark Information: SunGard and the SunGard logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of SunGard Data Systems Inc.or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.