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Sunflower hill east pleasanton nov 2013


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Presentation for the East Pleasanton pitch from SunflowerHill.

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Sunflower hill east pleasanton nov 2013

  1. 1. Our  Vision   East  Pleasanton  Specific  Plan   Task  Force  Mee5ng   November  7,  2013   Sunflower  Hill     Tax  ID#  80-­‐0897595  
  2. 2. About  us…   Parents  of  children  with  auHsm  and  other   developmental  delays   Community  leaders  interested  in  the  vision   Varied  experHse/background   We  are  local  families  concerned  about  the     long-­‐term  housing  op6ons,  lifestyle  and  ac6vi6es     available  to  individuals  with  special  needs  
  3. 3. Vision/Mission   Mission    To  develop  a  community  for  individuals  with  special  needs   that  provides  for  life-­‐long  residency  opHons  and  quality   acHviHes/programming  –  akin  to  ‘senior  living.’   Vision    Sunflower  Hill  will  become  a  model  for  special  needs  living   in  the  Bay  Area  –  ensuring  quality  of  life,  individual  choice,   and  an  ‘intenHonal  community’  that’s  embraced  by  the   larger  neighborhood/city/region.  
  4. 4. The  wave  is   coming…   •  One  in  50  children  –new  auHsm  staHsHc   •  500,000  will  become  adults  in  next  decade   •  NaHonwide  –  80,000  are  on  waiHng  lists  for  group   home/assisted  living  opportuniHes   •  80  percent  of  adults  18+  sHll  live  with  parents   •  Local  opHons  exist  –  but  more  needed   •  759  Regional  Center  clients  (ages  14+)  in  Dublin,   Livermore,  Pleasanton,  and  San  Ramon    
  5. 5. Housing  is  not   keeping  pace…   •  Living  with  parents  doesn’t  address  care  a^er  death   •  InsHtuHons  are  closing  (Agnew/Sonoma)  –  and  were   really  only  for  severely  disabled   •  Group  Homes  are  hard  to  obtain  and  cash  strapped   •  Few  opHons  exist  for  those  with  mild/moderate   developmental  delays  who  want  acHve  lives   •  Parents  want  assurance,  opHons  nearby  and  a  life   with  purpose…an  intenHonal  community  
  6. 6. Our  vision  of  an   inten=onal   community…   •  Community  space  plus  individual  living   •  Onsite  acHviHes  available  (gardening,  arts,   exercise,  micro  businesses,  social  acHviHes)   •  Work  opHons     •  Freedom  of  choice  -­‐  residents  can  choose  onsite   or  offsite  acHviHes.   •  InteracHon  with  greater  community,  families   •  A  sense  of  ‘belonging’  
  7. 7. An  idea  for     Pleasanton…   •  6  acres,  housing   approx  50   individuals  in   small-­‐scale   buildings  spread   across  site   •  A  ‘community’   that  offers  a   full,  rewarding   life  
  8. 8. Employment:   Olive  &  sunflower   Harves=ng   Housing:  1-­‐,  2-­‐,  &   4-­‐bedroom   apartments   Physical   Development:   Outdoor  recrea=on   &  skill-­‐building   Community   Gardening   Community  Center:   Computer  lab,   cooking/  communal   kitchen,  art  &  music,   community  living  room  
  9. 9. Example   •  Sweetwater  Spectrum  in   Sonoma  
  10. 10. Example   •  Beverly  Farm  in  Illinois  
  11. 11. Example   •  Bieersweet  Farms  in  Ohio  
  12. 12. A  growing   trend…   •  79  NaHonwide   •  12  in  California  
  13. 13. Benefits     •  InnovaHve  approach  to  crisis  and  need  for  affordable   housing.  Residents  qualify  for  RHNA  requirement   •  Liele  traffic  and  no  impact  on  schools   •  Akin  to  Senior  Living  –  parents  spend  most  of  their  free   Hme  ‘scheduling’  acHviHes  for  their  child.     •  PosiHve  impact  on  typical  community/region  –   interacHons  with  volunteers,  school  groups   •  Sustainable  business  model  –  economic/employment   opportuniHes  –  providing  independence  
  14. 14. We  believe  this  can   be  a  new  model  for   special  needs  living   Our  name,  Sunflower  Hill,  was   specifically  chosen  for  its  meaning.   Sunflowers  originated  in  the   Americas  in  1000  B.C.    They  are   considered  gi^s  of  radiant  warmth   and  the  happiest  of  flowers.  Their   meanings  include  loyalty  and   longevity,  nourishment  and  vibrancy.     This  is  the  vision  we  have  for  the   Sunflower  Hill  community  –  a  place   where  all  individuals  can  thrive.