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Best Mgmt Practice


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Best Mgmt Practice

  1. 1. For Project, Programme, Risk and Service Management For Project, Programme, Risk and Service Management Supporting Best Management Practice Introducing the Best Management Practice Partnership TSO OGC The APM Group Ltd Official Publisher The Office of Government Commerce Official Accreditor
  2. 2. Introduction OGC and its Increasingly, the use of standards and best practices is being driven by business The huge growth in the market for OGC’s Best Practice guidance is evidence of official partners requirements for better performance how highly it is valued – proving that In 2006, OGC completed an open and improved control over activities. The it offers not just theory but workable competitive procurement to appoint UK Government recognised very early business solutions. ITIL is now the most an official publisher and an official on the significance of best practice and widely accepted approach to Service accreditor to support its Best Practice created initiatives to identify efficient, Management in the world, while PRINCE2 guidance. The Stationery Office (TSO) successful and reliable approaches to has established itself as a global leader and The APM Group Ltd (APMG) were various management disciplines. as a project management methodology. awarded those contracts and are now Some of the largest organisations working together with OGC to deliver Over the years, the Office of Government in the world are acknowledged and maintain its products and services. Commerce (OGC), as an office of users, including: BP, Microsoft, IBM, HM Treasury, has played a vital role in Barclays Bank, UNDP and the NHS. The three organisations each play developing methodologies, processes a vital role in providing users and and frameworks and establishing these It is worth remembering, however, that the stakeholders with a reliable and official as best practice. Consultation with guidance itself is not the total solution. source of information available at all experts around the world, in both public Implementation should be tailored, prioritised times. Through the provision of official and private sectors brings together a and planned to achieve effective use, and accreditation and publishing services, wealth of experience, knowledge and this may require help. the partners can ensure that quality skills. Put simply, the aim is to identify assured products and services are readily processes that are reliable, predictable Through an innovative and successful available and easily identified in the and repeatable; document them, and then partnering arrangement, OGC is able to ever-expanding marketplace. Together share this information as best practice. ensure that users are supported by high they have created Best Management quality publications, training, qualification Practice, as the official home of OGC’s This means that we can all benefit from schemes and consultancy services. Best Practice guidance. The partners are the experiences of others. We do not have committed to delivering and supporting to tackle every task or activity as if it has Over the next few pages you will find the very best products and services in never been done before. Through effective details of how this partnership works and the marketplace, giving users the greatest use of best practice we can benefit from how you can get support for your best opportunity to successfully introduce improving quality, capability and trust from practice activities. OGC’s guidance into their organisations. management, partners and our customers. PRINCE® is a Registered Trade Mark and a Registered Community Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce, and is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. PRINCE2™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce. ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark and a Registered Community Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce, and is Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. M_o_R® is a Registered Trade Mark and a Registered Community Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce. MSP™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce. The swirl logo™ is a Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce.
  3. 3. M_o_R for risk management This guidance provides a framework for assessing risk accurately, helping managers to make well-informed business Official Publisher decisions. Improved service delivery, more efficient use of resources, greater TSO draws upon over 200 years of print success of achieving change initiatives and publishing services experience. and improved innovation have all been The company has a long history of identifed as benefits of using a proven working with OGC and is the only official risk management approach. Ultimately, publisher for its best practice guidance. this can lead to the organisation achieving a greater competitive advantage. TSO also manages the various refresh projects on OGC’s behalf and is committed to ensuring that the quality ITIL for service management of the guidance is maintained at the Based on expert advice and input highest possible level. A dedicated team from users, ITIL is both current and serves the Best Management Practice practical, combining the latest thinking community, providing newsletters, with sound, common sense guidance. updates and latest information on Effective use of ITIL within an organisation the products and current projects. potentially provides a huge range of For further information What is Best benefits, such as reducing costs while improving productivity through better visit Management use of skills and experience. Ultimately this leads to the high performing service provision and happy customers! Practice? Each of these products presents a clear and effective way to tackle a given activity. Best Management Practice is the official They have been developed over the home of OGC’s Best Practice guidance. Official Accreditor years by the UK Government, working The portfolio consists of four products: in partnership with organisations able APMG is a global business providing to provide the expertise and skills to accreditation and certification services. PRINCE2 for project deliver them to users. This entire process Through its international network of management has been driven by the need to improve Accredited Consultancy and Training efficiency, rather than a commercial desire Organisations APMG helps end users PRINCE2 provides a defined set of to make money. This vendor-neutral develop their professional skills and processes for successful management of status has added to the appeal of the organisations improve their processes projects and can be tailored to suit a guidance. New versions are only produced through the adoption of best practice. variety of organisations, large or small. It to meet user demands – and it is these takes you through the essentials for users that help to shape and develop it. Having worked with OGC since 1996, running a project, from planning to APMG has been instrumental in helping to implementation, and delivery to measuring For further information about the Best establish PRINCE2 as an international outcomes. Effective use of PRINCE2 can Management products available visit: standard and they now provide global minimize risk of project failure. It can also accreditation schemes in ITIL, PRINCE2, lead to increased productivity and MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) ultimately will help you to achieve higher Or request the OGC Product Portfolio and M_o_R (Management of Risk). levels of customer satisfaction. Brochure from APMG is one of the first medium sized MSP for programme companies to establish an independent Ethics and Standards Board to monitor its management business practice and help ensure it supports MSP provides a robust and flexible the industries it serves in a transparent and framework to help co-ordinate and responsible way. For further information plan related projects so that they visit support each other and are allocated the necessary resources. It shows how to organise projects so that they deliver individually and contribute to your organisation’s business objectives. It complements the approaches and methodologies laid out in PRINCE2.
  4. 4. Supporting Best Training for ITIL official products and often this results in There is only one ITIL qualification scheme confusion in the market place. Of course, that is sanctioned by OGC and this is unofficial publications are not all bad and Management administered by APMG. You can access the official scheme through Training many provide additional information that works well alongside the OGC range. Practice Organisations that have been accredited either directly by APMG or through an APMG-approved Examination Institute. Official publications APMG, EXIN, ISEB and Loyalist College are TSO is the only official publisher for all approved Examination Institutes. For the range of Best Management Practice further information about their services publications, working closely with OGC to please visit: produce high quality, reliable products. n By understanding and responding n to customer requirements, TSO has n created a range of books, electronic n content and services to suit all levels of knowledge, and all sizes of organisation. To find an APMG accredited trainer in your area, please visit Please visit QualificationsAssessments/ITIL/ ITILATOs.asp for the complete OGC portfolio. Further information about the official ITIL Official accredited services qualification scheme can be found at: As OGC’s official accreditor, APMG is QualificationScheme.asp responsible for accrediting training and consultancy organisations that meet strict By exercising its Intellectual Property technical and management standards. Rights (IPR) through copyright and As you would expect, the accreditation Trade Marking, OGC has the ability to process itself is rigorous and thorough. gain control over the material that is produced, while protecting its brands. By using an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) you can be assured that it reaches OGC has introduced the swirl symbol as the high standards set for running a a mark of quality. It can only be used training company. All course materials that by OGC’s official partners (TSO and delegates receive, including presentation APMG) and it is used to identify official slides, lecturer notes, student notes and publications, accredited training providers classroom exercises, are assessed to ensure and examination institutes, which have that they conform to both the syllabus and all been through a rigorous review APMG’s own exacting requirements. process. The swirl symbol is also used by the partners working in association with The same quality standards apply to recognised user groups and forums. Accredited Consultancy Organisations (ACOs). If you are looking for consultancy support for your best practice activities, d by A P M choosing an organisation accredited se Gr r Endo by APMG will help you to ensure oup that you work with suitably qualified and experienced consultants. compatible OGC itor product sO Marks of quality ed Training for Programme and ff ici a l Accr ’ Project Management APMG certify ATOs and Approved Trainers for PRINCE2, MSP and M_o_R. There are Inevitably, almost any product that is ‘in You should also look for this endorsement over 480 Approved Trainers worldwide, demand’ may be targeted by others keen mark. This may feature on various products providing high quality training as far afield to cash in on its mass appeal. ITIL and and services that have been endorsed by as Singapore, Australia and South Africa. PRINCE have grown significantly in appeal a partner on behalf of OGC – who have and value since they were first launched. successfully met a strict criteria for quality. To find a trainer in your area or for further Just one search of PRINCE2, for example, information about the accreditation service returns over 180,000 results, many for Further information about OGC’s policy please visit APMG at www.prince- companies claiming to be authoritative and position on Intellectual Property matters sources of project management material. can be found at ATOs/ATOListing.asp Some information may contradict the intellectual-property.asp
  5. 5. Keep up-to-date with Best Management Practice The Best Management Practice Knowledge Centre brings together the official partners and recognised user groups to create a comprehensive source of information. Here you will find articles, white papers, book reviews, upcoming events and the latest news on OGC’s best practice guidance. You can also access the official bookshop from these pages. Visit To keep up-to-date with new titles, translations, or to register for a free newsletter visit Product websites Each OGC best practice product has its own dedicated website, which provides detailed information on the guidance such User Groups as how it works and the benefits it could potentially deliver. There is also information about training and the various qualification schemes available. These sites offer the latest details on the products and associated services: Best Practice User Group itSMF The itSMF is the only truly independent This is the forum for people within the international not-for-profit recognised programme and project management forum, set-up for all IT Service Management community, helping its members maximise worldwide. Established since 1991, the the benefits of using PRINCE2 , M_o_R itSMF is a prominent player in the ongoing and MSP as standards for managing risks, development and promotion of best projects and programmes. Members are practice IT Service Management standards invited to attend the annual conference and qualifications. It offers many benefits and monthly regional workshops, to its members including the ability providing a valuable opportunity to to exchange experiences, interaction network, share experiences and hear via web-based discussion forums, free from industry experts. Recognising the regional discussion groups, discounted important part Best Practice User Group prices for seminars, publications, and plays in bringing people together to conferences held around the world. The discuss project, programme and risk itSMF provides a network of industry management issues, OGC regularly experts, information sources and events to contributes and attends workshops address IT Service Management issues and and conferences, whilst actively help delivery of high quality, consistent supporting membership growth. IT services through the adoption of Best Practice. Many members are responsible For further information or to join for and make active contributions to visit the progress and development of Best Practice, including the authoring and Quality Assurance (QA) of core material. For details visit
  6. 6. The Best Management Practice Partnership TSO (The Stationery Office) Office of Government Commerce The APM Group Limited OGC’s Official Publisher Trevelyan House OGC’s Official Accreditor St Crispins 26-30 Great Peter Street Sword House Duke Street London SW1P 2BY Totteridge Road Norwich NR3 1PD United Kingdom High Wycombe United Kingdom OGC ServiceDesk: +44 (0)845 000 4999 Buckinghamshire HP13 6DG Telephone: +44 (0)870 600 5522 Email: United Kingdom Email: Website: Telephone: +44 (0)1494 452450 Website: Email: Website: Website: The Stationery Office Ltd, Company registered number 3049649. Registered Office: St Crispins, Duke Street, Norwich NR3 1PD 5008 11/07 3000