Resume 2013, prof.olwor


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Resume 2013, prof.olwor

  1. 1. 1 RESUME/ CV Name: Olwor Sunday Nicholas Address: Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Farmers House, 3rd Floor, Parliamentary Avenue, P.O Box, 7103, Kampala, Uganda Telephone: 256703208190/ +256782960495 Email: As part of the administrative professionals in the government, he handles matters pertaining to Policy Analysis and Implementation of policy activities. Also as a professor, he is engaged in academic and operational researches, conducts public policy and analysis matters. His main areas of expertise are in understanding and analyzing public policy matters in areas of food security, public sector reform and public financial management. He has lectured for nine years in the universities and supervised a number of postgraduate students undertaking masters degrees and PhDs especially in his areas of interests and expertise, and belongs to international research bodies in the USA and published a number of books and scholarly work in international publishing houses. He holds PhD in Jurisprudence Law from William Howard Taft University, Master in International Law and Public Policy from Cyprus Institute of Marketing Premier Business School Nicosia, Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration and Management from Uganda Management Institute and BA (SS) Political Science and Public Administration from Makerere University Kampala. His Main areas of interests are in Macro Economic Policy Analysis. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in Public Policy and Administration at Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA with specialization in Public Policy Analysis. Tasks Accomplished as Administrative Officer (PAS) My achievements have been the following:  Coordinated the distribution of resources and ensured their accountabilities;  Compiled Departmental Report and Work Plans  Compilation of Accountability Reports and Responses to Audit Queries;  Coordinated interdepartmental projects, programs and activities;  Organized departmental and national functions;  Ensured maintenance of up to date inventory of Government Property;
  2. 2. 2  Compiled Budget estimates and Budget Performance Reports for the Ministry;  Drafted cabinet and policy papers;  Produced Minutes to high level meetings and follow up of agreed tasks;  Assisted in drafting answers to parliamentary queries; and responses to audit queries;  Prepared briefs and speeches for Ministers;  Supervised and appraised subordinate staff;  Prepared Reports for the ICT sector for State of Nations Address by H.E. The President  Supervised the training of administrative officers;  Properly maintained and equipped offices;  Monitored and evaluated various development projects implemented by the Government;  Maintaining of links and good relations with other stakeholders as spokesman for the Ministry;  Handled grievances of inappropriate graduated tax assessment and their exemptions in Lower Local Governments;  Participated as Task Force member in the drafting of Telecom Policy, Broadcasting Policy, ICT Policy Review and National Broadband Strategy;  Chair to the Contracts Committee of the Ministry;  Spokesperson for the Ministry and handles all media and public relations;  Spearheaded a number of community based programs to address plights of the marginalized in the environments in as far as socio- economic and political issues are concerned;  Handled Administrator General Matters in Nebbi District in issues related to divorce and wills and Administration of Estates, emanating from the public As Professor/Lecturer my achievements are as follows:  Published good number of books in the areas of Policy Analysis and supervised many postgraduate students, both locally and internationally, and rated as one of the best lecturers in the universities served at.  Participated in the curriculum reviews for postgraduate schools in Universities taught at;  Active panelist for student dissertations and theses for Post Graduate Courses;  Online Professor for William Howard Taft University in California and country lead person for Africa Region. Skills  Supervisory skills  Team building skills  Accounting and book-keeping skills  Analytical and research problem solving skills  Communication skills
  3. 3. 3  Computer skills  Time and stress management skills  Facilitation skills Personal Attributes  Honesty and Trustworthiness  Respectful  Flexibility  Sound work ethics Current subjects of Teaching Global Capitalism; Theories and Practices of economic development; Public Expenditure Management; and Public Financial Management and Budgeting; Labor Legislations and Conflict Resolutions; and Comparative Industrial Relations Administrative Positions Held  2014+ Principal Assistant Secretary, Finance and Administration, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Cooperatives.  2011-13 Principal Assistant Secretary, Finance and Administration, Ministry of Information and Communications  2008-2011 – Senior Assistant Secretary/Personal Assistant to Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology.  2003-2008 – Secretary, District Land Tribunals, Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment, Gulu District Land Tribunal Circuit  1995-2003 – Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Nebbi District Local Government.  1993-1995 – Community Facilitator/Trainer, CAP/SNV West Nile Academic Positions Held  2008+ Visiting Professor Islamic University in Uganda and St. Lawrence University and Bugema University. Instructor for online PhD students, William Howard Taft University, Law School, California, Santa Ana, USA  2005-2011 Lecturer, Kampala International University, School of Postgraduate Studies and Research and Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi Areas of Research Expertise (The Politics of FDI; Public Sector Reform and Critical Approaches to International Law) Education Qualifications
  4. 4. 4  PhD Candidate PhD Public Policy and Administration, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA,2013+  LLM International Law and Public Policy, Cyprus Institute of Marketing,2010  PhD in Jurisprudence Law, William Howard Taft University, Taft Law School, 2011;  DPGDPAM (Uganda Management Institute); 2001  Certificate Administrative Officers Law( Law Development Center); 1996  BA (SS) Political Science and Public Administration (Makerere University, Kampala) 1992 Membership to Professional Organizations  Fellow, American Academy of Financial Management  Social Science Research Network, USA  American Political Science Association  American Association of Public Administration  Association of Public Policy Analysis and Management  Teaching Professors’ Association Selected Publications Olwor, S.N.2012. Organizational Theory and Practice: Management Made Simple. GRIN Publishing, Zenettistr 20, 80337, Munich, Germany. ISBN 9783656300076 Olwor S.N., 2012 Intermediate Accounting: Accounting For Non-Financial Managers, GRIN Publishing, and Zenettistr 20, 80337 Munich, Germany, and ISBN 978356300083 Olwor, S.N (2012) Relationship Marketing and Customer Satisfaction, Scholarly Essay. GRIN Publishing, Zenettistr 20, Munich, Germany. ISBN 978356300885 Olwor, S.N., (2013) Law and Public Policy, GRIN Publishing, Zenettistr 20, Munich, Germany. ISBN 9783656369301 Olwor, S.N., (2013) Economic Activities and the State. GRIN Publishing, Zenettistr 20, Munich, Germany. ISBN 9783656369318 Olwor, S.N (2013) Principles of International Finance. GRIN Publishing Zenettistr 20, Munich, Germany. ISBN 9783656368519 Olwor, S.N (2013) Fundamental Principles of Rights, Law and Democracy. GRIN Publishing, Zenettistr 20, Munich, Germany, ISBN 9783656371472 Olwor, S.N.,(2013) Outsourcing of Security to Private Military Contractors: State Responsibilities. GRIN Publishing, Zenettistr 20, Munich, Germany, ISBN 9783656377528
  5. 5. 5 Constitutional Law, Constitutionalism and Democracy, GRIN Publishing, Zenettistr 20, Munich, Germany. ISBN 9783656424086 Settlement of International Disputes, GRIN Publications, Zenettistr 20, Munich Germany. ISBN References: 1) Professor Kepha Natolooka Principal College of Arts and Humanities, Kampala International University, Tel: +256752838522 2) Dr. Alex Ijjo, Former Dean, Faculty of Business and Management, Uganda Martyrs University,Nkoz1, Tel:+256700201945 3) 4) Anthony Green, Registrar/Secretary to Board of Directors, Taft Law School, CA USA, Email: 5) 6) Professor Theofansia H, Director General, Cyprus Institute of Marketing, Nicosia, Cyprus, Email: I the undersigned, certify to the best of my knowledge and belief, that these data best describe me, my qualifications, experiences and other issues spelt out. Name:………………………………………….Sign:………………………..Date:……………