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Training and Document Control solution for ISO 9001 compliance


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SBS Ground Control is an ISO 9001 compliant program used for Document Control and Employee Training Management. Manage the complete document lifecycle of any electronic file with electronic signatures and a simple workflow. Reset training requirements for new document revisions. Track employee roles and responsibilities, position training requirements, certification, re-certification, and training classes or events. Simple reports show when recertification is due or nearly due. Reports employee training history for periodic evaluations or reviews. Scan and link class rosters, certification checklists, and test results to create an efficient paperless system. Measure training effectiveness with a click of a button. Great for small companies competing in an ISO 9000 world.

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Training and Document Control solution for ISO 9001 compliance

  1. 1. Sunday Business Systems Ground Control™ Document Control and Training Manager Features and Benefits Basic Set-up Use
  2. 2. Sunday Business Document Control and Training Documents and training are inter-related  Standard operating procedures provide the basis for training  New documents often require training in order to be effective  Very often, document changes require additional training for effected personnel  Documenting the training for regulatory compliance can be challenging For this reason, SBS has bundled  Document Control and  Training management The Product  Easy to use, Menu driven  Intuitive Process flow  Requires very little training to begin using  Built using Microsoft Access  Runtime version of Access is included  No need to purchase Microsoft Access separately
  3. 3. Sunday Business Training Module - features and benefits Tracks training classes and class rosters Defines employee Positions  Prerequisites, Previous qualifications  Roles and Responsibilities  Required Training for the position Tracks training requirements  By department  By manager  By individual employee Tracks re-certification requirements Identifies delinquent training Rich set of reports and analysis  Measures the effectiveness of your training management system A full introductory presentation on the Training Module may be found from our website
  4. 4. Sunday Business Document Control Complete document lifecycle management  Controls any electronic document including  Microsoft office files: Word, Excel, PowerPoint  PDF, AutoCAD, SolidWorks Control document releases  New documents  Revisions to existing documents  Obsolete documents Ensure approvals are documented  Capture electronic signatures Organize Documents  Organize by Type, Department, and Owner  Group related documents for quick reference Simple, effective reports  Measure the effectiveness of your document control system
  5. 5. Sunday Business Systems Document Control Setup
  6. 6. Sunday Business Easy Installation Download the demo database Save or copy the GroundControl.accde or GroundControl.mde file to a designated folder on your Network File Server Once purchased, register the demo database (enter the Product Key) Ensure all Workstations have  Microsoft Access or the free Runtime version of Microsoft Access  Read and write privileges to the designated folder on the Network File Server Note: The above graphic is for stand alone Access databases - SQL configurations are different
  7. 7. Sunday Business Document management set-up Process Overview  Create Departments  Create Document categories  Create Locations  Enter employees  Create approval loops  Choose the desired revision format  Configure automatic e-mail messages
  8. 8. Sunday Business Document management set-up
  9. 9. Sunday Business Add or Edit Departments Documents may be assigned to various departments  This helps organize documents and  Improves search capabilities
  10. 10. Sunday Business Define Employee Types Employee types help organize employees into groups Improves organization and search capabilities
  11. 11. Sunday Business Define Training Class Categories Helps organize or group training classes Improves organization and search capabilities
  12. 12. Sunday Business Define Training Class Types Helps organize or group training classes Improves organization and search capabilities
  13. 13. Sunday Business Define Document Categories Document categories are used to group or organize documents  Improves organization and search capabilities  Find documents faster  Filter forms for appropriate document types
  14. 14. Sunday Business Add or Edit Document Locations Document locations  May refer to electronic copies only  May refer to physical distribution points or “Spec Books”  May refer to documents posted at workstations
  15. 15. Sunday Business Enter your Company Information Used in specific reports
  16. 16. Sunday Business Select the Revision Format Different revision formats may be selected  Lettered revisions  Numbered revisions  Note: Change must be saved before continuing
  17. 17. Sunday Business Enter Employee Information E-mail address is important for e-mail distribution lists Enter general employee information Enter one or more positions (for training management)
  18. 18. Sunday Business Define Employee Training Requirements For Training Management, enter any employee specific training requirements
  19. 19. Sunday Business Set-up User Privileges Defines access levels for users
  20. 20. Sunday Business Add or Edit Document Approval Loops Once employees have been added  Enter the Approval Loop Name  Select employees from the list
  21. 21. Sunday Business Define email distribution lists Enter the list name Provide a description for the list Select one or more employees to define the email list  Employees and e-mail addresses must be previously entered
  22. 22. Sunday Business Systems Managing Documents Create new documents Revise existing documents Obsolete documents Edit documents Approve or reject documents Release documents
  23. 23. Sunday Business Initial Login Password protected Login  Restricts access to the program  Enables or restricts access to sensitive functions within the program Electronic signatures  Users must re-enter their passwords to approve or reject document revisions Select employee name and enter password For the demo version, use Employee: Admin Password: admin
  24. 24. Sunday Business Using the Document Control manager Process flow- style navigation buttons Related reports, forms and functions Quick Links
  25. 25. Sunday Business Document Flow Simple, intuitive document flow  The document has a status  The document revision also has a status
  26. 26. Sunday Business Create a new documentGeneral document information Detailed information split into six tabs Yellow fields are required fields Filters display only desired documents Send Automatic emails Function buttons
  27. 27. Sunday Business Revise an existing document Detailed Revision history Revise a Doc, request a revision, or Obsolete a doc Link to electronic file Enter a Detailed Revision description
  28. 28. Sunday Business Document Approvals Electronic sign off for approvals or rejections The Approval Loop populates the required approvals
  29. 29. Sunday Business Document Group Group related documents together for easy reference
  30. 30. Sunday Business Create a Training Class linked to the document To reset training requirements when a new document is released 1. Create a new document or navigate to an existing document 2. On the Training Requirements tab,  Click the Create Training Class button  This will create a training class linked to the document  Do not create a new training class from the training class form – this will not be linked to the document  Complete the training class set-up  Complete the training class details (type, duration, etc.)  If re-certification is required if the document is not revised, check the re-cert required box and enter the number of days for expiration  If recertification is only required when a document is revised, check the re-cert required box and enter 99999 days for expiration 1. Add the new training class to the position requirements, employee requirements, or skills requirements
  31. 31. Sunday Business Create a Training Class linked to the document Training will be required each time a revision of this document is released Creates a training class linked to this document
  32. 32. Sunday Business Email Lists Choose the email list to notify when all approvers have approved a document revision Choose the email list to notify when a new release is made
  33. 33. Sunday Business Revision Requests Request a new revision, document a problem, or close an open issue
  34. 34. Sunday Business Only designated users may access this form Document data can be viewed, but not edited Only documents with the status of “In progress” or “Rejected" appear on this form Status is changed to “Approved” once all approvers have approved the rev. Approve a Document Click to approve a document Click to reject a document Password verification is required to approve or reject
  35. 35. Sunday Business Only designated users may access this form Document data can be viewed, but not edited Only document revisions with the status of “Approved" appear on this form Release a document
  36. 36. Sunday Business Summary The SBS Ground Control is a cost effective tool to Ensure effective training compliance with  ISO 9001:2015  AS 9100  TS 16949  OHSAS 18001  ISO 14001 Manage Document revisions and releases Manage Employee Training records and schedules Maintain paperless quality records Analyze performance and develop improvement strategies Save time and effort Download a free demo from our website
  37. 37. Sunday Business About SBS Sunday Business Systems is engaged in software sales and consulting services. Applies Lean Manufacturing principles to Quality Management Systems Sells affordable and efficient software solutions to help implement ISO9001:2008 compliant systems  Document Control  Corrective and Preventive Actions  Employee Training  Control of calibrated equipment  Preventive Maintenance  Statistical Process Control  Vendor Management  Communication / Continual improvement Provides Training and instruction Will customize the software for specific Customer needs
  38. 38. Sunday Business Systems © 2012 Sunday Business Systems. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Sunday Business Systems MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Fueling Small Business EfficiencyFueling Small Business Efficiency Visit for: •Additional information •Free product demos •Pricing •Links to purchase software