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Kanmalai Technologies Private Limited

The slide shows the projects handled by Kanmalai Technologies Private Limited in 2016

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Kanmalai Technologies Private Limited

  1. 1. About Us  Kanmalai Technologies Private Limited was started in the year 2016 and has developed a diverse portfolio handling end to end IT support.  We have got expert governing board members who have more than 15 years experience in all fields of Information Technology.  We bring modernization in our work to deliver and achieve high customer satisfaction.  We provide best strategic IT solutions, services and support to improve the business and industry experience. Our Mission “To deliver excellent, outstanding and quality products to the customer with high customer satisfaction by using best methodologies, Industry standards and modern business practices with a quick turnaround time.” Accomplishments till date…  A Web Ordering Portal integrated with SAP  HR Acquisition Portal and Hybrid Mobile App – Enhancing the Interviewing experience  Digital Signage - which a new phase of the technology.  Logistics Driver App – Feasible mobile app to scan & send documents.  A web portal for the students to manage their search for the top most universities. We also have many ongoing projects as well to our portfolio.
  2. 2. Web Ordering Portal Integrated with SAP  A Web portal is most often a specially designed website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way.  Web portals offer services such as email, news, stock quotes, information from databases and even entertainment content.  Web Ordering Portal is designed and developed using technologies Java with Spring batch and Angular JS The Super admin checks for the orders and bids the right way which is then integrated with SAP The user can place orders either single or in bulk manner. The Super Admin creates and authorizes many users. The web ordering portal consists of a super admin module and user module. The Web Ordering Portal is a Business to Business E- Commerce portal integrated with SAP.
  3. 3. Sample Screenshots
  4. 4.
  5. 5. HR Acquisition Portal Integrated with Mobile Applications  HR Acquisition Portal is a job search portal that enables a candidate to get interviewed and find a job in a single click.  The HR Acquisition Portal has two Mobile Applications and a Web application portal.  The portal is integrated with two hybrid apps namely the Interviewer App and the Candidate App. These apps can be used in any platforms (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows etc.)  The App and web portal is designed using the responsive software languages and technologies like Java and angular JS. Get the App •The Interviewer and the Candidate App would be given to the Interviewers and the Candidate respectively Set , Post Availabilit y •They can access the Application and inside which they can set and post the availability. Schedule Interview •Once the availability is set, the same availability for Interviewer and the candidate would be checked, mapped and then the Interview would be scheduled. Interview, Recruit •Once the interview is completed, the Interviewer would give a feedback and rate the candidate. Based on this the Interviewer would select the candidate and then recruit him.
  6. 6. App Screenshots
  7. 7. Digital Signage K – Flash About Digital Signage  Digital Signage is an innovative app based solution as well as the most cost effective digital signage solution available in the whole market space.  It uses LED, LCD and other projection displays to display contents such as digital images, video, streaming media and information.  Digital Signage can be used in public spaces, transportation systems, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, universities, schools and all corporate offices, to provide way finding, exhibits, fact sheets, announcements, marketing communications and as well as outdoor advertising.  The templates to be displayed are built using front end languages like HTML & CSS and the backend application has been developed using Node JS environment. Sample Template for Restaurant
  8. 8. Sample Template for Education Sector Sample Template for Corporate
  9. 9. Logistics Driver App  Logistics Driver App is a specialized app that is used to scan the documents.  This App is mainly used by the Truck Drivers to scan their load credentials, thereby reducing their effort of taking them to their corresponding truck company.  Using the camera in the phone the drivers can scan the load credentials and send it through air. Screenshots To scan the document the driver simply logs in and chooses what type of document. The camera gets switched on automatically, scans, auto crops and gets uploaded. The document is uploaded, the file gets automatically sent to the respective company.
  10. 10. Our Future Perspective  We are moving forward with a vision to move with the latest trends in technology such as “The New IT Reality, The Digital Mesh” and many more.  As we believe in bringing together the business values and technologies, we are thriving to reflect a positive effect on our future scope.  We see tremendous opportunities to become a billion dollar company in the coming years with our full-fledged involvement. Contact Us Kanmalai Technologies Pvt Ltd, 2/128, Udhaya Nagar, Near Police Quarters, Ganapathy, Coimbatore – 641006. Email : (For general communication) (For sales) Mobile : +91 98948 88644.