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65th independence day


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Travel, Sports
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65th independence day

  1. 2. This is the view of my Lovable cycle while I am going to college
  2. 3. Health Means? <ul><li>Not only Physical Fitness </li></ul><ul><li>Good thinking </li></ul><ul><li>Without Corruption, Crime </li></ul><ul><li>Obey rules and regulations </li></ul><ul><li>Stop Fighting ourselves </li></ul><ul><li>Give Way to People , who are troubling to live </li></ul>With Regards: B.Sundara Pandian, Perambalur, Tamilnadu, South India, Ph: +918056532853
  3. 4. In Ambattur my home Morning at 12.05 AM I am Preparing for my journey, My cycle is look awesome after Our flag decorates.
  4. 5. After few hours sleep, I had woke up a 5.30 AM & I am preparing for journey Like water, some snacks , glucose etc.,
  5. 6. I Locked my home and this is full things for my travel. In front of my bike 3 water bottles, Small bag contains ( glucose, towel, tools for bike, money, some waste cloth ) . In backside Bag contains Snacks ( corn, Channa, Peas, Dates, Groundnut, Torchlight, Big carry bags ( to cover the bag in case of rain ) ), Cycle pump , Camera with tripod.
  6. 8. On the way to Koyembudu bus stand , surprisingly I visited my brother( from right 1 st ), who is doing For his IAS coaching .
  7. 9. I had started my journey in Koyembedu bus stand at 7.30 am. This is the photo I have reached the ambatur-tambaram byebass through anna nagar.
  8. 11. I have reached the end of tambaram byepass
  9. 12. Just small Break
  10. 13. Just small Break
  11. 14. I have reached mel maruvathur
  12. 15. From mel maruvathur lightly rain started, so I am packing all the things with carry bag.
  13. 16. After full night driving I had reached avati cross road.
  14. 17. I had reached Perambalur District boundary
  15. 18. This is Thanthai Hans Roever College, I had studied my B.Sc Physics , It is on this way.
  16. 19. Finally I reached Perambalur, my parents don’t know about my travel. Now only I informed to my parents, I told to come out of the home and see the shocking surprise.
  17. 20. I heartly thank my bike ( I lovee too ) For the around 300 kms it didn’t gave any problem.
  18. 23. I planned to return by my cycle, but my parents didn’t allowed me to do. Really I was born in lucky family. My parents and 2 sisters always be a hand to me , so totally I have 4 legs ( parents ) and 4 hand ( sisters ) to me.