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สรุปสื่อสังคมออนไลน์ที่สำคัญ 2013


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สื่อสังคมออนไลน์มีหลากหลาย นักการตลาดอาจจะสับสนและไม่สามารถนำสื่อสังคมออนไลน์มาใช้ให้เหมาะสมกับธุรกิจของตนเอง

เอกสารนี้เป็นการสรุปเว็บไซต์สือสังคมออนไลน์สำคัญ ประโยชน์ที่ได้รับ การนำไปใช้และสุดท้ายการวัดผลลัพธ์ความสำเร็จ

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สรุปสื่อสังคมออนไลน์ที่สำคัญ 2013

  1. 1. Channel Overview Benefits Considerations Sample MetricsFacebook•  Social network for sharing textposts, images, videos•  >1 billion users (>600 millionactive users)•  Instagram integration grewuser base, image sharing•  Increasing B2B applicationsand lead generation•  Brand pages provide strongercustomer/partner experience•  Ad platform increasinglyeffective for B2B lead gen•  High user engagement andcontent sharing activity•  Interactions are relationship-driven, needing regularengagement•  Limited control over contentsharing or commentary•  Likes (Posts/Pages)•  Comments•  Shares•  URL Clicks•  Referral TrafficLinkedIn•  Professional social networkwith >200 million users•  60% of members live outsidethe U.S. in >200 countries•  Users can interact with otherprofessionals, companies andtopic-specific groups•  Generates more B2B leadsthan Facebook or Twitter•  Effective for branding andrecruitment•  Employee interaction can aidreputation and recruitment•  Referral traffic limited, buttargeted with potentialcustomers or recruits•  Employee interaction requiresclear guidelines for behavior•  Trend toward more engagingdesign for brand pages•  Job Applications•  Brand Page Followers•  Group Members•  Comments•  SharesTwitter•  Microblogging platform with140-character text-post limit•  Share (tweet) text updates,links, images and videos•  >200 million active users•  Vine service shares six-second video clips•  Can allow for quick customer/partner communications•  Strong use among journalistsand investors•  Highly trafficked: 6 millionmonthly uniques•  Increasingly indexed in Googlesearch results•  Short form content canprovide challenges for keymessage communications•  Requires consistent contentsyndication and monitoring•  Followers•  Retweets•  Mentions•  URL Clicks•  Referral TrafficYouTube•  Video sharing site with >800million monthly uniques•  #2 search engine in the world(behind Google)•  70% of traffic comes fromoutside the US•  Localized in 53 countries•  Strong for product and serviceeducation, featuring partners/customers•  Integrated into other socialmedia channel experiences(esp. Facebook, Twitter)•  Videos highly integrated intosearch results•  Video creation can beexpensive – find a balance ofvalue, exposure and cost•  Allows for comments to beturned off to limit negativeexposure•  Video Views•  Average Drop-off•  Shares•  Subscribers
  2. 2. Channel Overview Benefits Considerations Sample MetricsGoogle+•  Social network sharing statusupdates, images, videos, etc.•  >235 million active users•  Lower overall engagementthan Facebook•  Users “+1” content/pages theylike•  Highly integrated in Googlesearch results•  Connect with partners andcustomers using Circles,Communities or Hangouts•  Can be integrated into otherGoogle applications•  More limited adoption/activeusers than Facebook•  Administration can be difficult•  Audience skews male•  Limited ability to controlcontent sharing orcommentary•  Followers•  +1s (Posts/Pages)•  Comments•  Shares•  URL Clicks•  Referral TrafficSlideShare•  Presentation sharing site foruploading slide decks•  >60 million monthly visitors•  >130 million monthlypageviews•  Strong sales force use•  Branded channels host multipleelements (slides, videos,documents, etc.)•  Embed audio tracks for a moreengaging experience•  Presentations can beembedded on other sites•  Limited referral traffic or SEObenefit•  Free accounts limit uploads,tracking and display settings•  Paid accounts provide moreuploads, analytics and leadcapture•  Followers•  Presentation Views•  Shares•  CommentsStumbleUpon•  Social bookmarking site andbrowser application•  >25 million users•  Paid Discovery (ad platform)pushes brand content to usersin an organic format•  Strong platform for syndicatingweb pages across variousconsumer interests•  Paid Discovery can drivesignificant, cost-effective traffic•  Audience targeting is accurateto interest categories•  B2B community adoption hasbeen limited•  Brand presence emerging,with positive effect on search•  Visual content (images, video,experiential demos) performbest•  Followers•  Referral Traffic•  Paid Stumbles•  Organic Stumbles•  Cost Per View•  Effective Cost Per ViewFlickr•  Image sharing site creatingsocial networks around visualcontent•  Upload images/videos, creategalleries/groups•  Recently added video sharingcapabilities•  >50 million members•  >80 million monthly uniques•  Heavily indexed by searchengines, with image searchassisting brand exposure•  Helps organize and syndicateimages from events, productlaunches, etc.•  This channel does not requiresignificant time or resourcecommitment•  Integrated with Yahoo (owner)•  Provides little referral traffic•  Image licensing options canbe selected, though Legaldepartment may requiremonitoring to assureappropriate third-party usage•  In-depth metrics availableonly through paid accounts•  Views•  Group Members•  Top Images (paid)•  Visitor Behavior (paid)
  3. 3. Channel Overview Benefits Considerations Sample MetricsPinterest•  Community site for sharing(“pinning”) web content,primarily in image collections•  >48 million users•  >25 million monthly uniques•  Has shown ability to providenoticeable referral traffic•  Business pages create aunique, image-based brandexperience•  Business accounts haveaccess to a free analytics tool•  Does not facilitate directconsumer engagement•  Users skew heavily female•  Emerging B2B businesspresence and content•  Copyright holders can requestcontent be removed•  Sites can opt-out of ability forimages to be shared•  Followers•  Clicks/Most Clicked•  Repins/Most Repinned•  Reach•  VisitorsReddit•  Bulletin board-style socialnews and entertainment site•  Users submit links and text forcommunity commentary•  >43 million users•  >33 million monthly uniques•  Perhaps the most active user-driven community online today•  If content resonates, referraltraffic can be extremely high•  Interesting subject-matterexperts with captivating imagescan gain strong exposure•  Other reputable sites pick up“front page” content•  Content perceived as “spam”will receive strong negativeattention•  Content must be seen as non-promotional•  Community can ban userspushing branded content•  Users skew heavily male andinterested in technology•  Comments•  Points•  Up Votes•  Down Votes•  KarmaQuora•  User-generated Q&A site•  Login required to see allanswers•  Tags categorize questions•  Top answers (as voted byother users) appear at the top•  >1.5 million monthly uniques•  Q&A format follows searchbehavior, providing strongposition in search results•  Q&A threads can providevaluable insights for messagingand content creation•  Direct brand communications(answering questions) isdifficult, but not unheard-of•  Approved employees wouldhave the best engagementopportunities•  Referral traffic is limited, withlittle SEO benefit•  People ViewingQuestions•  People FollowingQuestions•  Relevant Questions•  Relevant AnswersInstagram•  Photo sharing andmanipulation site•  Strong mobile usage•  Integrated into Facebook•  >100 million users•  Strong user base andFacebook integration forhighlighting images of productsand/or services•  API allows images to bedisplayed on websites•  Little precedent for B2Busage•  Among the more progressivecontent syndication andaudience engagement tactics•  Little SEO benefit•  Followers•  Likes•  Comments
  4. 4. Channel Overview Benefits Considerations Sample MetricsDelicious•  Social bookmarking site•  Users interact with each otheraround similar content andinterests•  >5 million users•  >180 million bookmarks•  Stacks feature allow users tofollow brands or subjects theylike•  Highly bookmarked links willappear on the site’s front pagefor added visibility•  There is no directcommunication betweenbrands and customers•  Site experience is gearedtoward individuals, not overallbrands•  Traffic (and referrals) hastrended downward recently•  Bookmarks•  Referral TrafficDigg•  Social news/bookmarking site•  Users up vote (digg) or downvote (bury) posted content•  Content can be categorizedinto Reading Lists for easierconsumption•  >3.5 million monthly uniques•  Community of users can stillgenerate strong referral traffic•  Image•  Traffic to Digg (and from Diggto other sites) is on a decline•  No brand presence, but newad platform allows for contentto be pushed to users•  Little control over userinteraction with content•  Diggs•  Referral TrafficFoursquare•  Location-based social network•  Users check-in to locations,share images and text posts•  Foursquare Explore (searchengine) provides localizedresults•  >25 million users•  Work spaces and events canbe leveraged for greateremployee/customer interaction•  Branded check-ins syndicatesocially for greater reach(especially Facebook, Twitter)•  Does not allow comments onstories (yet)•  Greater consumer-productand entertainment usage•  Special offers and badgeshaven’t made a relevanttransition into B2B•  Check-ins•  Favorites•  Brand Mentions