Case Study on Business Communication


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Case Study on Business Communication

  1. 1. A case study on Effective Communication should be developed through Trust BENCHMARK-2011PSG Institute Of Management, Coimbatore Authors: Sunam Pal Kiran Varghese Jacob Alliance University School of Business Business Communication 1 Friday, 25th January 2011
  2. 2. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Transparency, credibility and sticking to the commitments isvery important while communicating. Effective Communication BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 is driven through loyalty and trust of the people. Purpose of this case • Importance of communication in business • Understanding unethical practices in business • Transparency, Credibility & accountability are a • major concern for managers • Trust is must in an employee driven company • Commitment is a worth of company’s values • Effective management is won through loyalty 2 Fri 25 Feb
  3. 3. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Case Overview 3 Fri 25 Feb
  4. 4. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Characters in Case BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Business Head Mr. Shantanu Bannerjee,Punjab University Designation: Project Trainee Internship: 6 months Domain Lead Project Manager Mr. Ravi Sharma Designation: Project Manager Experience: 9 years Team Lead Mr. Shyam Kumar Trainee, Engineers 4 Designation: Domain Lead Experience: 13 years Fri 25 Feb
  5. 5. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Case Overview BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Work Profile: • Simulating and mending circuits • Development & validation Strengths • Very good at performing taskMr. Shantanu Bannerjee • Committed to all deadlines • Mend and verify circuit better than anyone else in the team al though being a fresher Achievements 1. He was given the in charge of entire procurement team & reviewing electronic items 2. He found flaws in inventory system .optimized it using software and reduced the whole project life cycle time by 23% 5 3. His inventory model was accepted & implemented by other teams 4. His manager rewarded him for his innovation Fri 25 Feb
  6. 6. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Case Overview BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 “Shantanu was very talented and technically expert. Once you provide him with the objective, he does that before the stipulated time with perfection. There is no need of any mentor or supervisor to guide him. He knewMr. Shantanu Bannerjee his work, deadlines and how to make it done”• Shantanu got more priority over other trainees• He interacted with client overseas• He was in the lime light for a while• Some senior team members were not Opinion happy• His dynamism & progress were taken Mr. Satyajit Khurana 6 as a threat to prestige & position of Designation: Senior Engineer Fri other team members Experience: 3 years 25 Feb
  7. 7. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Case Overview BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1Ms. Sheela,Project Manager Mr. Shantanu BannerjeeSheela: “Hi! Am I speaking to Mr. ShantanuShantanu: “Yes, Shantanu Speaking”Sheela: “We have an urgent opening for project trainee. Your CV has beenshortlisted. You would be hired after undergoing 2 rounds of technical PI.Kindlylet me know if you are interested. But the condition apply only when you are notbeing hired by the current team or any other team” 7Shantanu: “Thanks sheela. I would talk to my manager regarding the same and Frirevert back in case they are not hiring me”. 25 Feb
  8. 8. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Case Overview BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Mr. Shantanu Bannerjee Mr. Ravi Sharma• So he had a talk with his current manager, Mr. Ravi who asked his manager Mr. Shyam Kumar about the vacancy• Within 2 days he got a reply that Mr. Ravi & his manager are very satisfied with his performance• Mr. Ravi informed him that Shantanu’s training period will be extended to 3 months & will take him as a permanent employee• They were ready to hire him at any cost 8• They said that there will be an interview as a formality and Fri either of them will be there 25 Feb
  9. 9. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Statements by Mr. Ravi BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 “ No need to worry. You can decline your proposal from Sheela & also from other teams if coming to you. Interview is just a formality. You are in. Now don’t think about your interviews much & concentrate on your projects. We have lot of expectation from you. One of our team 9 members will be in the panel to take care. Fri 25 Feb
  10. 10. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Shantanu in Interview BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Mr. Shantanu Bannerjee • Shantanu rejected Miss Sheela’s offer • Shantanu waited for the day to come… • During the interview, none of his managers were present • Shantanu was fired in the interview • He was asked out of context questions which were not related to his work. Neither he had worked nor did it match with the profile of the work he was about to be assigned. 10 • Shantanu managed the out of box questions as he was resolving partly the technical disputes of other team Fri 25 Feb
  11. 11. “Shantanu,we cannot hire you because you couldn’t perform well in the interview BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1Mr. Ravi “Why Ravi, I performed well till date. I am having a very good track record for last 5 months & feedbacks were very good as given by you only. I kept to all my deadlines. You people awarded me. Because of you only I denied sheela’s offer. You only assured me that the interview was just a formality & I need to concentrate on my work. Mr. Shantanu Our Company’s policy says that while recruitment it is the interviewer who decides the final selection. The panel of your interviewer is not ready to hire you. They have an opinion that the task to which you were going to be assigned is different from your current profile & does not meet their expectation. So you can apply for your 11 resignation latest by next 5 days so that it gets updated to the database before your tenure of training ends by FriMr. Ravi default 25 Feb
  12. 12. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Case Overview BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Mr. Shantanu Bannerjee Ms. Sheela,Project ManagerShanrtunu: “Hi Sheela, Shantanu speaking. Earlier you called meregarding a opening in your team. Is it still there”Sheela: “Shantanu there is no vacancy in our team expected probably tillnext 6 months”Shantanu: “Thanks sheela.” 12 Fri 25 Feb
  13. 13. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Shantanu’s Perception BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 • Shantanu did not ask for the feedback after interview as he was assured that it’s not going to impact anyway. • He knew that as per company’s policy “Interns are hired temporarily for projects & thus have no assurance about confirmation of their job after completion of the projectMr. Shantanu even if they had performed well. • He also didn’t have any documentary proof as everything was intended to him orally. HR • He could have talked to HR’s, But in his company he Cannot help knew that HR will only say that if the line managers are not ready then no one can do anything as the entire decision is based on managers. • Shantanu was helpless. • Finally he resigned 13 Fri 25 Feb
  14. 14. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Teaching Notes 14 Fri 25 Feb
  15. 15. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Prior action to overcome BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 the situation • When the feedback was delayed, Shantanu should have thought about the other odd situations. • Shantuna should have been very alert for his interview • He should have talked to HR regarding other vacancies. • He should have intelligently managed to use the written documents like mail about the assurance given by the manager , so that his claims to HR would have been strong • He should have talked to his manager’s manager about the issue • He should have given a trial, to freely convey the same to his domain HR 15 Fri 25 Feb
  16. 16. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective CommunicationMajor Communication Barrier BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 • Lack of transparency in communication • Lack of trust • Lack of fulfillment of commitment by the manager • Perception: He believed that HR’s cannot solve his problem in any way • Improper organizational structure :Lack of autonomy & privileges to bottom employees to discuss & resolve their personal issues. 16 Fri 25 Feb
  17. 17. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective CommunicationMistakes committed by the BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1management• Project manager should have kept control on his emotions and waited till the results of the interview came out• He shouldn’t have assured Shantanu, rather should have told him to prepare well without giving any guarantee before hand• Project manager should have justified Shantanu stating him the actual reasons for not selecting him & should have cleared all his doubts• He should have conveyed the message with the motive to convince him, till he found that Shantanu was with his statement & was in a position to agree to what he was saying• Shantanu should have been given with adequate time to make 17 necessary arrangement in the meantime & to make up himself for the cause Fri 25 Feb
  18. 18. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Conflicting statements BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 “ No need to worry. You “ Our Company’s policy can decline your proposal says that while from Sheela & also from recruitment it’s the other teams if coming to interviewer who decides you. Interview is just a the final selection. The formality. You are in. Now panel of your interviewers don’t think about your is not ready to hire you. interviews much & They have an opinion that concentrate on your the task to which you were projects. We have lot of going to be assigned is expectation from you ” different from your current profile & does not meet their expectation ” 18 Fri 25 Feb
  19. 19. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Role of HR & its policy BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1• Open door policy should be implemented• They should have a well expertise team to carry out employee counseling & manage stress• HR department should train their managers about of maintaining transparency, accountability, credibility & autonomy within employees• Feedback should be collected from employee when they are leaving about the reason for leaving• HR Dept. should train managers without MBA about communication barriers• All employees who are undergoing resignation process should be examined well. They should track their details & come up with report & analyze all types of circumstances to encounter such problems 19 before hand & optimize them. Fri 25 Feb
  20. 20. PSGIM, Coimbatore Effective Communication Conclusion BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1• Maintaining effective communication, transparency& sticking to commitment plays an important role• Doubts of the bottom line employees should be clarified• Employee should have faith in organization• Organizational structure should be simplified so that the employees can sort out the problems with HR easily 20 Fri 25 Feb
  21. 21. PSGIM, Coimbatore E-procurement system of Honeywell & Vedanta BENCHMARK – 2 0 1 1 Questions Please ???? 21 Fri 25 Feb