Class 7 Cbse Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 1


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Cbse Class 7 Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 1 -

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Class 7 Cbse Maths Sample Paper Term 2 Model 1

  1. 1. w w w MATHEMATICS SAMPLE TEST PAPER (SEMSTER II) CLASS VII Class:7 Max Mks:45 Time :2hrs No of pages: 3 General Instructions: Ò All questions are compulsory. Ò Questions 1to 2 carry 1mark each. Ò Questions 3 to 13 carry 2mark each. Ò Questions 14 to 21carry 3mark each. 1. 36% of 450 is _____ 2. draw a line AB parallel to CD using a ruler and the compass 3. Find the center of rotation of given figure 4. Find the congruent triangles 5. Venu gets Rs 500 as his pocket money every month . If this is increased by 10% how much he will get ? 6. If two supplementary angles are in the ratio 2:3 find the angle.
  2. 2. w w w 7. Find the value of the unknown variable 8. Find the missing angle in triangle xyz angle x = 500 , y = 500 find angle z 9. Two poles 20m and 25m high stand upright in a field. If there feet are 18m apart, find the distance between their top. 10. Measure each angle 11. Identify the pair of congruent triangles and denote their congruency in a symbolic form 12. Draw the reflected image of the figure
  3. 3. w w w 13. In triangle ABC BE is perpendicular to AB. BE =CD. Prove that AB= AC 14. If the cost price of 20 books is same as the selling price of 15 books, find the profit or loss percent 15. In given figure, l is parallel to m and p is parallel to q, find the value of a,b,c,d 16. If one angles of a triangle is 650 and the other two angles are in the ratio 2:3, then find the other two angles 17. Construct an isosceles triangle, where the length of its two equal sides is 6.5 cm and the angle between them is 1350 18. One side of triangle and the exterior angles so formed is 1200. If the interior opposite angles be in the ratio 4:6; find the measure of each angle of the triangle. 19. Draw a polygon with exactly 1,3,5 lines of symmetry 20. In the figure l is parallel to m, p is parallel to q. Find the measure of each angles of the quadrilateral ABCD and show that the opposite angles of the quadrilateral are equal.
  4. 4. w w w