Social Media proposal for Seattle International Film Festival


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Student proposal for social media use by the Seattle International Film Festival - written by Rebekah Petersen, Peter Luyckx and Suna Gurol

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  • The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is the largest audience-driven film festival in North America. In addition to the spring festival, SIFF showcases films year-round at Seattle theaters. SIFF’s principle objectives are to promote film as a medium that fosters cross–cultural communication, education, and international understanding.
  • According to SIFF, 35% of people claim they hear about SIFF through word-of-mouth. Social media is an ideal medium to amplify word-of-mouth marketing.  
  • SIFF provides the material - Put the user in charge of spreading the word.
  • Build awareness about the festival and generate momentum for launch—create buzz . Increase ticket sales. Reach out to a younger audience (Millennium/Gen-Y/Gen-X) and empty nesters. Increase attendance by Asian/Pacific Islander, African-American, and Hispanic viewers, Position SIFF as the authority on all things film-related. Build a community of film-lovers in Seattle. Partner with community organizations.
  • Even though SIFF uses many social media tools, they provide general, one-way broadcast about events and happenings at the festival, and no two-way dialog about upcoming SIFF activities.   Social media challenges:   SIFF has been unsure of its overall social media strategy—as a result, it does not have a roadmap for implementation. Multiple tools available for social media engagement, without clear direction, appear to have overwhelmed staff. No dedicated social media staffing, generally limited human resources. Web development isn’t in-house but provided by third-party vendor and indications of difficulties in that area. The large volume of films and participating theaters has overwhelmed some audiences Positive Opportunity: Moderate to strong support from upper-management for implement social media strategies Already doing a lot: -- SIFF Twitter feed up on the home page -- SIFFtv videos and blog -- Share button on every film detail page -- Reviews of the films on the detail page and linked from the home page as well -- Links to other media (film website)
  • Shirky notes: “ [The good use of social tools] relies on a successful fusion of a plausible promise, an effective tool, and an acceptable bargain with the users. The promise is the basic "why" for anyone to join or contribute to a group. The tool helps with the "how"... And the bargain sets the rule of the road: if you are interested in the promise and adopt the tools, what can you expect and what will be expected of you?" Using Twitter you can: Create hashtags (e.g., “#passingstrange”) for many films, as well as hashtags for special events (“#spikelee” or “#dinnermovie”) and general festival discussions (#siff). Re-tweet interesting tweets from audience members. Tweet interesting facts about films SIFF is showing or tweet condensed plotlines. Follow directors and evangelists and followers and engage in the community with replies and direct messages. Retweet interesting tweets. Using Facebook you can: Post film clips, pictures from film screenings, event info for public Send updates to fans of schedule each day Website: Link to SIFF Facebook, blog, MySpace, and YouTube options on the home page of their website.  
  • A good example of what they could do. Can access the tweets from the crowd.... and then put them on your website and comment on them. Also respond to tweets as appropriate. Don't let the conversation exist in a vacuum. Some comments from Twitter crowd. Twitter Search: BogdanGheorghe: if SIFF was in the winter they'd have way better chances of getting me indoors and watching a movie. brentdw: @dalanmiller Are you going to SIFF this year? I have good intentions every year but have yet to see anything. jaydeflix: best part of # siff so far? the movies. the worst? the one way stream of communications from @siffnews. # siff needs a cmty manager imho. equenin: went to SIFF & saw Melodrama Habibi, a lovely French film TroyHeerwagen: Trying to figure out what movie I want to see at SIFF . Too many options, it's too difficult to choose. bethmv: Just realized I'm dropping my friend off at airport early enough that I can go to a 9pm-ish # SIFF screening tonight. Any recommendations? kateler: I've been in a SIFF -induced fog all weekend and haven't been keeping up with the internets. Did I miss anything? omniyuletide: Death by homework. $9.99 was great. I recommend it. Some asshole gave it a terrible review on siff .net, so I pointed out his misconceptions. posiegirl: I'm Gonna Explode had a strong beginning & ending, but the middle dragged. Sadly, smallest audience EVER. Too sunny out! # SIFF borisjabes: Anyone want to watch SIFF movie at 7 (black comedy called Terribly Happy) pmarckworth: @theanniej How was the French Open today? We might go to SIFF today but the weather's so beautiful it's hard to stay inside. dnwillingham: SIFF -Dead Snow, NO, 09 4 star IMDb 6.9/2364 Nazi zombies! Hilarious, if you like comedy-horror at all, see this. gear02: @ericat13 @JiunweiC dude...has your entire weekend been # SIFF ?
  • Season ticket holders, SIFF’s most ardent fans, are an untapped resource that could prove to be powerful evangelists for SIFF. SIFF's main role in this process will be to support and nurture the conversation and provide the tools that enable community members to spread the word. Ideas for engaging evangelists include: Host a pre-screening for season ticket holders. Ask them to write a review of the film for the website Offer interested people the chance to be bloggers for the film festival. They can blog about films they have seen, line culture, give further detail about a particular film or director Engage the line culture by encouraging people to tweet or post their responses on facebook. Check out film blogs, such as
  • At (pre-) festival film screenings, ask audience members to participate by posting film reviews on the SIFF website. Their reviews will be authentic and will provide viral word-of-mouth marketing for the second screening of the film. To encourage participation in reviewing films offer an Audience Film Critic award at the end of the festival with festival passes for next season.
  • Another option is to promote audience participation by encouraging aspiring filmmakers to create their own video reviews of films. Allow for posting on SIFF’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Ensure comments are enabled on the videos. Tweet and link to the most interesting ones.
  • By partnering with other organizations or at least letting them know about relevant films, encourage them to broadcast SIFF schedule. Asian Art Museum – Facebook & Twitter feed Northwest African-American Museum – Facebook Wing Luke Asian Museum – Facebook Casa Latina – blog ColorsNW magazine – MySpace, Facebook **How exactly are you thinking that they would partner using MyFace, Twitter, and Blogs?
  • This is the unsexy, but ultimately fascinating, part of social media marketing. Metz’ ROP (return on participation) is what your brand gets in exchange for participating in social media. Several ways to measure ROP include: - Set up a monitoring system on SIFF’s Twitter, Website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Notice both positive and negative comments. - Track data for your website using Google analytics. Determine if there is a correlation between social media engagement and audience participation. - Adjust your strategy as you find out more.
  • SIFF has the right ingredients to engage its current audience more fully and reach its target audiences—younger generations, hispanic, and asian populations, and families. Embracing the tools of social media will prove to be a powerful force in connecting with its audience in new ways. Providing opportunities for ardent fans, as well as casual attendees, to share and dialog about the films that resonate with them is one of the keys to generating and sustaining immediate enthusiasm about the upcoming film festival.
  • Social Media proposal for Seattle International Film Festival

    1. 1. Seattle International Film Festival Opportunities for Social Media Rebekah Peterson, Peter Luyckx, Suna Gurol University of Washington Master in Communication in Digital Media May 28, 2009 – Social Production COM581
    2. 2. About SIFF <ul><li>SIFF’s Mission: Create experiences that bring people together to discover extraordinary films from around the world. </li></ul>
    3. 3. SIFF and Social Media: A Perfect Mix <ul><li>35% of people claim they hear about SIFF through word-of-mouth. </li></ul>
    4. 4. Opportunity <ul><li>But less than 1% come directly from a social media click, indicating there’s lots of room for growth in social media referrals. </li></ul>
    5. 5. SIFF’s goals for social media use
    6. 6. But… there are some challenges
    7. 7. What to do? <ul><li>Lots of great ideas </li></ul>
    8. 8. Talk with the public and with younger audiences
    9. 9. And go the next step
    10. 10. Empower your evangelists
    11. 11. Everyone’s a critic
    12. 12. But what I really want to do is direct…
    13. 13. Reach out across the aisle <ul><li>Partner with local ethnic museums & organizations, who already have a presence in social media to help with outreach to those audiences. </li></ul>
    14. 14. Measure what’s working and what’s not
    15. 15. Conclusion
    16. 16. Photo Credits <ul><li>Slide 2: “Marilyn on the screen” by Stepale, Flickr. </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 3: “Word of Mouth” by Alx, Flickr. </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 4: 08.08.25. Day number one.” bycdedbdme. Flickr </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 5: “A lively after-movie crowd” by Vincent Chan, Flickr. </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 6: “1/365 [dazed & confused]” by PhotoJonny, Flickr </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 7: &quot;Just Full Of Ideas&quot; by Cayusa, Flickr </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 8: &quot;making &quot;Dontcha Wish Your Cell Phone Was Hot Like Me?&quot; by Steve Rhodes, Flickr </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 10: “Thumbs up for the Union” by Old Sarge (Doug Geisler), Flickr </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 11: Roger Ebert, Leaonard Maltin (Disney Corporation), and Statler and Waldor (Henson/Disney) </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 12: Quentin Tarantino </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 14: “Measurement” by HeyThereSpaceman, Flickr </li></ul><ul><li>Slide 15: “(texture) Film” by Magicada, Flickr; “Film Projector” by pedrosimoes7, Flickr </li></ul>