Personal Branding for Undergraduates


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The Internet is not your BFF; the Internet is your Mom. Advice for undergraduates to create their online presence and clean up digital dirt.

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Personal Branding for Undergraduates

  1. 1. PERSONAL BRANDING FORUNDERGRADUATES:HOW TO MARKETYOURSELF ONLINESuna GurolFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterJune 12, 2012
  2. 2. IntroductionSuna Gurol•MA in Communication in Digital Media, University ofWashington, 2011•Lead Web Producer, Fred Hutchinson CancerResearch Center since 2003•Social media at Center since 2008
  3. 3. Outline• What is online personal branding?• Social media channels• Tips on what not to do• Dumb tales of woe• Do this!• Questions?
  4. 4. THE INTERNET IS NOT YOUR BFF.The internet is your Mom.
  5. 5. So, what do you want your Mom tosay about you?• What makes you stand out from others (besides your general awesomeness)?• What do people say about you when you aren’t around?
  6. 6. Personal branding – what is it?• Think of how you want to present yourself.• Tell your own story.• Think of yourself as a brand.• Market yourself.• Realization - You control your own image.• Realization – You need to have an online presence.
  7. 7. Old days of networking• Curriculum Vitae• Professors• Friends and colleagues• Alumni• Friends and relatives of colleagues
  8. 8. But now…• Majority of careers recruiters are using the internet to review job candidates. New survey from Jobvite reports that this year 92% of U.S. companies are using social networks and media to find new job candidates.• Many admissions committees are Googling applicants. Or if they aren’t then alumni interviewers may.
  9. 9. Social networks
  10. 10. Each online socialchannel has a different flavor• Facebook – For friends/family.• LinkedIn – Professional network. Very important to have.• Twitter – Builds a voice. But needs to be maintained.• Wordpress / Blogger – Creating a blog. Use it to keep a record of your important papers, projects. Can be a sort of capstone project.• Others – Slideshare, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr
  11. 11. Don’t!• Don’t use a cutesy nickname for your social profiles or email address. “@WaterSkiNut” or “” doesn’t say ‘I’m a serious person.”• Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Don’t join every social network or start a blog if you can’t maintain it. (How many abandoned 8th grade diaries are there out there?)• Don’t post or allow yourself to be tagged in photos in compromising situations. (Remember Mom).• Don’t lie. Really. You will get caught. Or caught in the cover up of the lie. Which is worse.
  12. 12. Don’t!• #1 Don’t – Don’t complain about your job/co-workers/BOSS online! Stick to safe subjects to complain about – (weather, traffic, the Mariners)
  13. 13. Dumb
  14. 14. Dumber
  15. 15. Dumbest
  16. 16. Yes, do!• Do have a professional online presence – At the very least: • LinkedIn profile • A blog/website with links to publications, papers • Facebook profile that is semi-professional• Do use your real name.• Do develop your online network – connect with professors, colleagues. • Ask for recommendations • Reciprocate! Follow people back on Twitter, comment on other blogs, recommend each other on LinkedIn.• Follow your interests! They will follow you back.
  17. 17. More things to do• Do develop your online network – connect with professors, colleagues. • Ask for recommendations • Reciprocate! Follow people back on Twitter, comment on other blogs0 , recommend each other on LinkedIn.• Follow your interests! Follow interesting people. They may follow you back.
  18. 18. Still more do’s• Do set boundaries.• Do Google yourself … and• Do clean up any digital dirt before you apply to jobs, schools.• Do remember that everything on the Internet can live forever.• Do (try) to think before you post!• Do be relevant, timely.• Do make non-professional networks (Facebook) somewhat professional.• Do show your leadership.
  19. 19. Exercise• Review my online personal branding• Let’s Google/Bing someone! Volunteerplease!
  20. 20. Good job! Questions?
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  22. 22. Suna GurolFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterE 1: sgurol@fhcrc.orgE 2: sunagurol@gmail.comW: http://sunagurol.comL: @SunaGThank you Harry Hayward!