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Canada experience


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Published in: Education
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Canada experience

  2. 2. On July the 11 th a group of 21 Galician teachers arrived in Vancouver. They are called Pale Group
  3. 3. Everyday from 9:00 to 2:30 they attend their classes of methodology in Tsawwassen, a strange native name that caught their attention as many other things
  4. 4. The barbecues on the beach, with the mushmallows
  5. 5. Great fruit and vegetables: blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries... Incredibly for us they used to eat raw vegetables: green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and so
  6. 6. Amazing aromatic plants as lavender
  7. 7. Different animal species: grizzly bears, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and so.
  8. 8. Their habits are different too: canedian people don´t wear shoes in their houses
  9. 9. In Delta , we comtenplated the most flowery gardens we´ve ever seen
  10. 10. The neighbourhood look after their security
  11. 11. They are proud and civic, so they adopt streets
  12. 12. Delta neighbourhood is clean and well-organized as you can see in the picture
  13. 13. As time went by we learned that Vancouver was called also Honcouver for the huge Chinese comunity that live there. As well as Korean, Indian, Japanese and Mexican comunities.
  14. 14. Of course, we came to get to know a new country, but the main reason to come here was to learn English. So we shared our time sat down in this library and we tried to do our best.
  15. 15. In spite of the fact that we wanted to be inmersed in a new culture, Donna and Steve managed to refresh some strategies that we use in our lessons
  16. 16. Steve taught us to sing beautiful Canadian songs. We only have to add our British accent
  17. 17. Some smart students learned other difficult tasks. So Francisco knows how to build a scaffolding with his own hands
  18. 18. And of course, all of us know how to telll a story with a simple draw.
  19. 19. Beside this, another new concept was assessment for learning, it provides an opportuniy for teachers to review what students are learning and what areas may need further attention
  20. 20. Futhermore, assessment is also usefull to obtain feedback on students achievements
  21. 21. In South Delta Secondary School we could see the differences between Spain and Canada in some areas like: laboratories and workshops
  22. 22. Also, we could check some books and resources
  23. 23. We must say that we are friendly, motivated and grateful people. So thank you so much for this stunning three weeks!. We don´t want to say bye, but see you!