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Thurs,june26 440-yhc case-study

  1. 1. A Presentation by
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  6. 6. 7 a) A fire occurred at the home of Spyro and Roula Kallivrousis in Cheshire, Connecticut at around 1pm on July 13, 2003. b) While Spyro was at work, his wife, Roula attempted to mow the lawn using their John Deere LX 178 lawn tractor. i) However, the engine was running poorly and Roula could not finish mowing the lawn. ii) The couple had owned the lawn tractor for nearly five years without issues up until the spring of 2003, when Roula reported that the tractor had been backfiring and running roughly after a tune-up and maintenance at a John Deere dealer.
  7. 7. 8 c) Roula stopped mowing and parked the tractor in the west-most bay of the attached three-bay garage. d) Later that morning, Roula reportedly noticed a “different kind of smell” in the garage, which she described as being like the smell of antifreeze. e) She reportedly inspected the interior of the garage, but seeing nothing unusual, left in her car with her children. f) Around an hour and a half later, witnesses reported a fire, which the Cheshire fire department responded to and extinguished. i) No one was injured, but the fire damaged a substantial portion of the residence.  
  8. 8. 9 g) Fire marshals determined the fire originated in the west bay of the garage but could not pinpoint an exact cause or specific location. i) However, the marshals identified the lawn tractor as a “significant factor” in the cause of the fire. h) After the homeowners filed a claim for the loss with plaintiff, plaintiff hired an investigator who concluded that the lawn tractor was the source of the fire.
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  10. 10. 11 a) Defendant argues that the trial court jury must have speculated to find liability because of a lack of evidence that the tractor, or the electrical system within the tractor, caused the fire. i) Defendant also argued that even if the electrical system did cause the fire it may not have been because of a defect attributable to defendant. b) Plaintiff maintains their case for liability was sufficient under the “Malfunction Theory”, allowing the inference of a product defect through circumstantial evidence when direct evidence is unavailable.
  11. 11. 12 Also Known As   Indeterminate Defect Theory   General Defect Theory   A Principle of Circumstantial Evidence   Strict Liability on Steroids
  12. 12. 13   May Allow Inference of Defect without Defect   May Allow Inference of Causation   Or Both (Defect + Causation)   Metropolitan Case CT Supreme Court 2011 Decision Cited by Many Courts,Treatises and Commentators
  13. 13. 14 i) Direct evidence of a defect is usually the basis of most products liability cases, but after a crash or explosion sometimes direct evidence is unavailable.
  14. 14. 15 i) Direct evidence of a defect is usually the basis of most products liability cases, but after a crash or explosion sometimes direct evidence is unavailable. ii) A plaintiff only has to present evidence of an unspecified “dangerous condition” and not evidence of a specific defect.
  15. 15. 16 i) Direct evidence of a defect is usually the basis of most products liability cases, but after a crash or explosion sometimes direct evidence is unavailable. ii) A plaintiff only has to present evidence of an unspecified “dangerous condition” and not evidence of a specific defect. iii) The plaintiff still must prove all the elements of a product liability claim, but permits a jury to infer the existence of a defect and causation.
  16. 16. 17 (1) the history and use of the particular product, (2) the manner in which the product malfunctioned, (3) similar malfunctions in similar products that may negate the possibility of other causes, (4) the age of the product in relation to its life expectancy, and (5) the most likely causes of the malfunction.
  17. 17. 18 The theory has similar principles to res ipsa loquitur, which allows inference of negligence from circumstances of an accident without direct evidence. (1) Proof of an accident alone does not establish manufacturer liability. (2) Unlike res ipsa loquitur, product liability case defendants rarely have control of whatever causes plaintiff’s injury when it happens and product accidents occur for many reasons outside of defects.
  18. 18. 19 Application of the theory raises questions of fairness to product manufacturers because of the speculative evidence involved. (1) While losing a piece of key evidence due to a fire or explosion damages plaintiff’s argument, the lack of direct evidence also prevents the defendant from being able to argue that a defect did not exist. (2) The missing evidence lightens the plaintiff’s burden, when in reality the missing evidence could have been decisive for either party.
  19. 19. 20 Court’s conclusion on the Malfunction Theory i) A plaintiff can rely on circumstantial evidence to infer a product defect by establishing that the incident does not normally occur without a product defect and any defect existed when the product left the defendant’s control, and not the result of other causes. ii) Circumstantial evidence allowed to establish these factors includes history and use of the product, the manner in which it malfunctioned, the age of the product in relation to its life expectancy, and the most likely causes of the malfunction.
  20. 20. 21 Court’s analysis of Malfunction Theory to the present case i) Plaintiff presented insufficient evidence to eliminate other reasonable and possible causes of the defect and failed to establish that a defect in the tractor was attributable to the defendant. (1) Plaintiff’s own expert testified that electrical failure could have occurred due to improper maintenance and use.  
  21. 21. 22 a) Plaintiff presented insufficient evidence to satisfy malfunction theory requirements.The trial court should not have allowed the jury to infer the defect attributable to the defendant. b) With no other evidence, plaintiff had no other theory to maintain a product liability claim. c) Judgment reversed, case remanded with direction to grant defendant’s motion for a directed verdict for the defendant.
  22. 22. 23  Peanut butter jar  Television  Electric blanket  Clothes dryer  Aircraft  Lawn tractor  Coffee carafe  Automobile
  23. 23. 24  The malfunction theory stinks to high heaven  Go for Daubert or Frye challenge  Fight applicability of Malfunction Doctrine before trial  Look for spoliation angles  Stay tuned as law is developing  Do your part if you can
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  25. 25. Brian  Bornstein     AIG Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   Brian  Bornstein  is  Claims  Regional  Vice  President   for  AIG  Mid-­‐Atlan:c  Region  and  is  based  in  Philadelphia.  In  this   posi:on  Brian  acts  as  the  senior  claims  execu:ve  in  the  region   and  makes  sure  that  claims  handled  in  the  mid-­‐atlan:c  region  are   serviced  appropriately.  Prior  to  joining  AIG  in  1995,  Brian  worked   as  in  house  counsel  with  Long  Island  Ligh:ng  Company  and   prac:ced  law  with  Lowenstein  Sandler  and  Bingham  Englar.  He   holds  a  B.A.  degree  from  Cornell  University  and  Law  (JD)  and   MBA  degrees  from  the  University  of  Buffalo.      
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  31. 31. A Presentation by