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Summiters - Devikund


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One of the most beautiful treks in the Himalayas. Devikund or 'Abode of the Devi' is a pristine, unspoiled lake nestled deep in the Kumaon Himalayas. This lake reflects the entire range of mountains (14,000+ ft) surrounding it on all sides.
Devikund is moderate trek and is physically demanding to the novice. Mythology says that one must be fortunate to visit the lake.
Come to Devikund. Come with Summiters.

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Summiters - Devikund

  1. 1. Summiters Escape from the ordinary Devikund In the abode of the Devi
  2. 2. Summiters Escape from the ordinary he picturesque Valley of T Sunderdhunga, is a less trodden trail in the western Kumaon region of Uttaranchal Himalaya. In Kumaoni dialect, the word Sunderdhunga means “Valley of beautiful stones”. One glance at this valley brings out the sheer appropriateness of this descriptive name. Perched at an altitude of 14,500ft, surrounded by snow capped peaks, scattered in a semi circle is the crystal clear lake of Devi Kund (the abode of the Goddess). The crystal clear lake with its azure shade is a spectacular sight to behold! The path to the abode is in itself a kaleidioscopic journey through a variety of wild flowers, alluring waterfalls and enigmatic mountains. It is said that one must be fortunate to visit Devikund. On reaching there, one realizes why. Come to the Goddess. Come to Devikund Level: Moderate - Hard
  3. 3. Summiters Escape from the ordinary Day 1: Reach Delhi  Ovenight journey by train to Kathgodham Day 2: Reach Kathgodham  Drive via Almora to reach Loharkhet  Halt Day 3: Early start to Dhakuri  7hrs  Halt  Panoramic view of all peaks of Sunderdhunga Day 4: Trek to Jatoli  Halt  8hrs Day 5: Trek to Kathelia via Dudhiadhong  8hrs  Halt Day 6: Trek from Kathelia-Devikund via Baluni top to Kathelia  8hrs Day 7: Kathelia  Jatoli  6hrs  Halt Day 8: Jatoli  Dhakuri  6hrs  Halt Day 9: Dhakuri  Loharkhet  Drive to Kathgodham  Overnight journey by train Day 10: Reach Delhi
  4. 4. Summiters Escape from the ordinarySummiters ` 10,000 per head (Ex.Delhi & min. 10 member group)Adventures +91-974.036.0365
  5. 5. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryFAQQ: What does the price include? Q: What NOT to do?A: The price includes: A: Our treks are of course fun, but we  Transportation have fun responsibly. We are sensitive  Vegetarian Food (Breakfast, to the environment – no littering. We Lunch, Dinner) also enjoy the silence and therefore we  Guide charges do not shout and scare away the birds  Equipment – Sleeping bags and and animals. Remember, this is not mats tourism – we are passionate trekkers  Permits and we want to keep coming back.  Porter charges Q: What food do you provide?Q: Who can do this trek? A: Simple vegetarian food. NothingA: This is a moderate trek. Ideally, one extravagant, nor will you sleep withneeds to have done a few treks prior to empty stomachs. You will be hungryattempting this trek. Be prepared for and anything served will taste gourmet.lots of physical exertion! Make sure youdrink lots of water to avoid Q: How can I prepare myself?dehydration. A: Take daily jogs or walks. Hit the gym or even better do some smallerQ: What should I carry? Western Ghats treks with us.A: The following items are a must: Q: How cold does it get?  2 liter water bottle (with water) A: It depends on where you come from,  A sun hat and sun shades but from an Indian context – it can get  Good trekking shoes – Not your quite cold. The temperature in the regular Nike, Puma, Adidas, higher regions can touch -2 degrees at Reebok. You don’t want to be night. So be prepared and carry warm trekking with blisters on your clothing. Although multiple layers will feet. Ouch! Ask us, we can help serve the purpose, it can get quite you pick a good pair. heavy and uncomfortable. Your best  A toilet kit bet would be to buy a professional high  1 Torch with spare batteries altitude jacket.  Loads of enthusiasm  A good rucksack
  6. 6. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryTerms and Conditions*All about the illusive star*Here are our conditions:  Booking must be confirmed 30 days prior to date of departure by paying the full amount – It takes lot of effort, time and money in planning the trek in remote locations. So please give us enough time to make your journey a lifetime’s journey.  Cancellation policy – We plan everything for you well in advance, so that your trip is hassle-free and as smooth as possible. This means that porter fees, permits, accommodation expenses are all paid in advance. Any cancellation will mean inconvenience and loss to all the people involved in making your journey successful. Therefore, it is only fair to pass on the accrued costs to you. Our policy is: o Cancellation prior to 7 days from date of departure – `5,000 o Cancellation between 7 days and 0 hrs. – `8,500