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Summiters adventures - Roopkund Trek


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Roopkund, the Himalayan mystery lake. Nestled in the valley of the northern lofty Himalayas, this trek is simply divine. Come and soak yourself in the mysticism of the Himalayas, come experience it on foot.

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Summiters adventures - Roopkund Trek

  1. 1. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryRoopkundA trek to the Himalayan mysterylake
  2. 2. Summiters Escape from the ordinary R oopkund is situated in Chamoli district of Garhwal at a height of 5029m and is set beneath the towering summit on the lap of Trishul massif (7120m). Here you can find over 300 mysterious human skeletons and remains of horses which are more than 500 years old, hence this area is usually referred to as the ‘mystery lake’. Various theories have been proposed about the skeletons. One of them goes as a group of pilgrims en route to Hemkund to worship Nanda Devi, lost their footing and tumbled down to the icy depths of the lake. The trek of Roopkund passes through lush green grassy lands and coniferous forests clinging onto the slopes of hills. The trek thereafter winds its way along the Pindar River. The highest Point is 4620m (Roop Kund). Come to witness the mystery unfolds before your eyes. Departing - May 19, May 26, June 01, June 08 and June 15 Level: Moderate
  3. 3. Summiters Escape from the ordinary
  4. 4. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 01: Arrive at Delhi. Proceed to Kathgodam ~ overnight by train Ranikhet Express - Train #15013 Delhi to Kathgodham Departure time: 22:40 Hrs.
  5. 5. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 02: Arrive at Kathgodam. Drive to Lohajung.Halt.
  6. 6. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 03: Reach Didana. 5 hrs.
  7. 7. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 04: Trek to Bedni Bugyal.6hrs. Camp in Tents
  8. 8. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 05: Trek to Bhagubasa.5 hrs. Camp in tents.
  9. 9. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 06: Trek to Roopkund - Junargali Col. at 17,700ft -Reach Bednibugyal. Camp intents.
  10. 10. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 07: Trek to Wan. Drive to Lohajhung. 5hrs.
  11. 11. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryDay 08: Drive to Kathgodham. Overnight journey to Delhi. Ranikhet Express - Train #15014 Kathgodham to Delhi Departure time: 20:40 Hrs.
  12. 12. Summiters Escape from the ordinary Summiters Adventures `8,500* per head (ex.Delhi & min. 10 member group) +91-974.036.0365
  13. 13. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryFAQQ: Who can do this trek? The other things you need to carry are : gloves, a skull cap, a sun hat/cap, yourA: If you can walk on an average of 5 personal clothes and toiletry kit, ato 6km without a problem, then you good pair of sun glasses, a water bottlecan! If you have specific health issues and your personal medicines (iflike asthma, heart issues or the likes, necessary).consult your doctor. Your sleeping bag, a mat and aQ: How cold does it get? personal rucksack will be provided to you by us.A: It depends on where you comefrom, but from an Indian context – it Q: What food do you provide?can get quite cold. The temperature inthe higher regions can touch -2 degrees A: We provide simple vegetarian foodat night. So be prepared and carry that is light and suitable for trekking.warm clothing. Although multiple Don’t expect pizza hut or an Anandlayers will serve the purpose, it can get Bhavan - nor will you have to goquite heavy and uncomfortable. Your hunting. You will have enough andbest bet would be to buy a professional when you are tired – anything servedhigh altitude jacket. will taste superb!Q: What should we carry? Q: Is the mountain water safe to drink?A: The following items are a must-carry: A: Yes. It’s as pure as it can be. But if you are finicky – you can buy mineralShoes: A good pair of shoes is a must - water for yourself.a good pair does not mean your Adidas/Nike/ Reebok/ Puma sport shoe. You Q: Can I charge by phone on the trek?need a pair that can withstand thewear and tear of walking for many A: The last point where you candays. A bad shoe can ruin your trek by charge it is at Lohajhung.causing blisters. Ask us, we can helpyou in choosing the right one for your Q: How can I prepare myself?budget. A: Take daily long walks or jogs.
  14. 14. Summiters Escape from the ordinaryTerms and Conditions*All about the illusive star*Here are our conditions:  Booking must be confirmed 30 days prior to date of departure – It takes lot of effort, time and money in planning the trek in remote locations. So please give us enough time to make your journey a lifetime’s journey.  Cancellation policy – We plan everything for you well in advance, so that your trip is hassle-free and as smooth as possible. This means that porter fees, permits, accommodation expenses are all paid in advance. Any cancellation will mean inconvenience and loss to all the people involved in making your journey successful. Therefore, it is only fair to pass on the accrued costs to you. Our policy is: o Cancellation prior to 7 days from date of departure – `2,500 o Cancellation between 7 days and 24 hrs. – `4,250 o Cancellation after 24 hours – No refund