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The Essence of what Makes Us Great


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Bio: Part alchemist, part sherpa, part director and part producer, Jim is a trusted advisor and accomplished business leader. He brings a diverse set of lenses and perspectives to his work; focused on the union of brand offering and experience design.

Jim has a depth of real-world experience as an architectural and graphic designer, musician, artist, chef and passionate student of the remarkableness of life. This empowers him to bring a holistic, authentic and innovative flavor and tone to the development, evolution and revolution of brands and their expression. Paired with his design thinking, his ability to inspire people, to collaborate with organizations and to navigate the complexity of markets and business, Jim is able to dig deep into a company’s soul, galvanize its essence and communicate its true potential.

For over 30 years, Jim has helped businesses uncover their authenticity, generate the courage, create bold ideas and sustain the commitment to new, truly differentiating products, experiences and environments. His clients include Starbucks, the Tennis Corporation of America, Sears, Getty, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, AT&T, JDL Development Corporation, the Frank Russell Company, the Buona Companies, Florsheim, Exxon, Kraft, Tishman, Wendy’s, among many others.

About Spark: Spark helps businesses get at the essense of what makes them great.

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The Essence of what Makes Us Great

  1. 1. hello jim cohen spark
  2. 2. the essence of greatness
  3. 3. some background
  4. 4. inside Text
  5. 5. essence dna mojo authentic humanreal core truth
  6. 6. soul
  7. 7. Text
  8. 8. essence
  9. 9. the soft stuff is the hard stuff
  10. 10. stuff great stuff Text
  11. 11. in Text
  12. 12. values, beliefs
  13. 13. what if we let the simple, human ideas rule used soul as our beacon
  14. 14. ...and by doing so acknowledge authenticity, Text create differentiation
  15. 15. getting there ๏ consider it the first step ๏ get the team in on it ๏ observe, inquire then create ๏ be sherpa-like ๏ establish that it’s the main driver
  16. 16. out Text
  17. 17. tell Text
  18. 18. experience design media graphics communications Text environments products organization behaviors
  19. 19. real story aimed at opportunities
  20. 20. now why is this important now?
  21. 21. a compelling crossroad desire to implement immediately vs. Text desire to be consistent, holistic
  22. 22. why now? ๏ need for real differentiation ๏ appreciation of the long view ๏ fear of a finite planet ๏ return to an authentic life
  23. 23. us
  24. 24. what’s expected of us? ๏ lead by example ๏ stretch the boundaries ๏ have vision, humor, understanding, humility ๏ be an inspiration
  25. 25. the times demand it
  26. 26. dig deep tell the truth createText commit
  27. 27. be great, be soul miners, have courage
  28. 28. thanks