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The Talk: Convergence isn’t all about technology. It’s also about the blurring of business models. It’s about the merging of content and distribution. It’s about connecting the for-profit world to social causes.

All these categories that we’ve come to recognize as being distinct are becoming inseparable. And the people who are going to win in this new world of convergence are the people who understand why this matters. Being successful in the media and technology world means more than having just the tools and the code—it means crafting real relationships based on give and take, and understanding the motivations of socially-conscious viewers.

We’ll talk about this emerging paradigm of online media and about the new art of distribution. In a world where businesses can do as much good as a nonprofit, we’ll show you how connecting to good causes can extend your reach online.

Bio: Michael Hoffman is the CEO of See3 Communications, a Chicago-based company specializing in video, web development, and internet marketing for nonprofits, associations and social causes. Hoffman is an entrepreneur who has developed international internet companies as Managing Director of a venture capital investment group. Hoffman, an expert in online business development and marketing, is frequently asked to consult with organizations about marketing strategies and new media development. His blog was named a must-read by the Nonprofit Times and he is frequently quoted in trade journals, industry blogs and the mainstream press. He is a co-founder of DoGooderTV and EarthFirst.com, and is a nationally sought-after speaker on topics such as online cause marketing, web video, and Web 2.0 for social change.

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Michael Hoffman, See3 Convergence

  1. 1. Causes, Content, & Convergence Michael Hoffman, CEO www.see3.net
  2. 2. My Kind of Town Chicago Is
  3. 3. Convergence Isn’t All About Technology
  4. 4. Convergence Is Also About… 1. Consumer = Producer
  5. 5. Convergence Is Also About… 2. Content = Distribution
  6. 6. Convergence Is Also About… 3. Doing = Doing Business Good
  7. 7. So, What Do You Need for Success in the New Paradigm of Online Media?
  8. 8. Master the 1. Tools & Code
  9. 9. Build 2. Relationships
  10. 10. Think About 3. Viewer Motivations
  11. 11. 4. Escape the Box
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