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  1. 1. LIFE  GROUP  STUDY  GUIDE   October  24,2010   David  Clayton   1  Peter  1:13-­21     The  first  section  of  chapter  1  deals  with  the  living  hope  we  have  in  Christ  that   we  will  receive  the  goal  of  our  faith-­  the  salvation  of  our  soul.    The  verses  for   tonight’s  Life  Group  focus  on  holiness.       Read  1  Peter  1:13     DIG    Summarize  how  the  “therefore  connects  the  first  part  of  chapter  1  with  the   text  for  tonight.    What  does  Peter  mean  when  he  says  to  “prepare  your  minds  for  action?”     What  are  the  implications  of  that  statement?    How  does  being  self-­‐controlled  (sober-­‐minded)  contribute  to  Christian   conduct  and  maturity?    How  is  hope  and  grace  connected  in  verse  13?    How  much  does  the  future   hope  of  Christ’s  return  affect  your  everyday  life  and  decisions?   Read  1  Peter  1:14-­16    Explain  the  importance  of  obedience  in  overcoming  evil  desires.    Connect  obedience  back  to  the  mindset  and  self-­‐control  in  verse  13.        Are  we  children  of  God  because  we  obey  or  are  we  children  of  God  who  obey?   Explain  the  difference.    What  does  holiness  mean  to  you?    What  is  our  standard  for  holiness?    Is  it   really  possible  for  Christians  to  live  a  holy  life?   Read  1  Peter  1:17-­21    What  do  you  think  Peter  means  by  a  life  of  “reverent  fear?”    Back  in  verse  13,  we  saw  the  connection  between  hope  and  grace.    Now  look   at  verse  17  and  how  does  grace  connect  to  a  “Father  who  judges?”    Read  1  Peter  1:7  and  contrast  it  to  the  lifestyle  of  a  non-­‐Christian  in  verse  18.    Contrast  the  unfolding  redemptive  plan  of  God  "chosen  before  the  foundation   of  the  world"  with  the  empty  ways  of  life  handed  down  from  generation  to   generation.    How  does  this  connect  back  to  verse  13  “prepare  your  minds  for   action?”     APPLICATION    What  are  some  areas  where  Christians  need  to  be  on  guard  in  order  to  be   fully  surrendered  and  dedicated  to  being  holy  before  God?    How  can  we  help  one  another  grow  in  these  areas?    What  is  revealed  in  these  scriptures  about  the  heart  of  God  and  his  desire  for   us  to  be  holy?    Practically,  what  steps  do  I  need  to  take  right  now  to  be  more  holy  in  my   conduct  before  God?    What  do  you  imagine  heaven  being  like  and  what  do  you  imagine  yourself   doing  there?