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Section 4


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Section 4

  1. 1. Section 4<br />Spain & Portugal<br />
  2. 2. History<br />16,000 B.C.<br />Cave paintings in Northern Spain<br />Give exciting clues about the early people<br />Ancient Times<br />Important part of Mediterranean trade<br />Greeks & Phoenicians built towns on coasts<br />200 B.C.<br />Iberia became part of Roman Empire<br />A.D. 700s<br />Moors (Muslim North Africans) conquered Iberian Peninsula<br />Architecture from Moors still present in Spain today<br />
  3. 3. Great Empires<br />900s to 1400s Christian rulers fought to get peninsula back<br />1492<br />King Ferdinand & Queen Isabella conquered last Moorish outpost<br />Also sponsored Christopher Columbus trip to the Americas<br />Portugal also sent out explorers<br />1490s <br />Pope divide the world between Spain & Portugal<br />Western lands, except Brazil, given to Spain<br />Eastern lands given to Portugal<br />Spain & Portugal grew rich from gold & agriculture from the American colonies, as well as from spices & silk from Asia<br />1588<br />King Philip II sent an armada to attack England<br />Spanish were defeated & power began to decline<br />Most colonies in America did not gain independence until early 1800s<br />
  4. 4. Government<br />1930s<br />King of Spain lost power<br />Became workers’ republic<br />Tried to reduce role of church & give nobles’ lands to farmers<br />Military leaders resisted & civil war followed<br />Today Spain is a democracy w/ a national assembly & prime minister<br />King plays modest role as head of state<br />Portugal was ruled by a monarch<br />1900s monarchy was overthrown<br />Became a democracy<br />Later overthrown by a dictator<br />Revolution in the 1970s took place<br />Today Portugal is a democracy w/ a president & prime minister<br />
  5. 5. Culture<br />Spanish is most common dialect<br />Basque people<br />Have been given limited self-rule by the gov’t<br />Small group still uses violence to protest Spanish control<br />Food & Festivals<br />Foods typical of Mediterranean (olives, olive oil, lemons, wheat, wine, & fish)<br />Spain & Portugal are strong Roman Catholic countries<br />
  6. 6. The Arts<br />Reflective of the people who have lived in the region<br />Islamic influences in porcelain<br />African influences in music & dance<br />Pablo Picasso most famous painter of this region<br />
  7. 7. Spain & Portugal Today<br />Both belong to European Union<br />Allows free trade, travel, & exchange of workers among its members<br />Economies are growing rapidly<br />Ag. Products: wine, fruit, olives, olive oil, & cork<br />Cars/trucks, Oranges, beef, & lamb are also exported<br />Portugal exports clothing & timber products<br />Tourism is also important<br />