Chapter 16 section 1


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Chapter 16 section 1

  1. 1. Reconstruction and the New South
  2. 2. Rebuilding the Nation
  3. 3.  Huge problems after Civil War ended  Vast parts of the South were ruined  Homeless refugees scattered across the South  Both African American & Whites  Needed: food, shelter, & work  Biggest problem  Suppressing the hard feelings between the North & South
  4. 4.  Lincoln’s plan for reconstruction  December 1863  10% of voters need to take loyalty oath to U.S.  New gov’t could then be formed  Declare an end to slavery  Members of state could be sent to Congress to take part in national gov’t  Plan included amnesty for former Confederates  Not for Confederate gov’t leaders or military leaders
  5. 5.  Stricter than 10% plan  50% of voters to swear loyalty oath  Voluntary Confederate soldiers not allowed to vote for delegates meeting to form new state constitution  Lincoln refused the bill & it never became law  Lincoln thought his lenient plan would promote a strong Republican party in the South  Radical Republicans opposed lenient plan & wanted strict plan  Thought strict plan would keep Confederates who led the secession from regaining power
  6. 6.  Developed to deal with the needs of freed African Americans & war refugees after the war  1st Duty: provide emergency relief  2nd: set up schools to teach freed slaves to read & write  African American communities also set up their own schools & paid for teachers by pooling money  Many white northern women were teachers as well as black northern women  Continue education centers were also started  Public Education system to education whites & blacks in most southern states
  7. 7.  Bureau also helped freedmen find jobs & resolve disputes between whites & blacks  Bureau also set up its own court system to deal with cheaters
  8. 8.  April 14, 1865  5 DAYS after the war  John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln at the Ford’s Theater in Washington  Shot Lincoln in the head with a single bullet  Booth later shot & killed after the barn he was hiding in was set on fire  8 others convicted & 4 were hung for their part in the plot to kill Lincoln  Nation shocked by death  Huge crowds paid their last respects & Lincoln’s body was transported back to Illinois for burial  Vice President Andrew Johnson, southern Democrat, became President  Showed bitterness toward the Confederacy before & during the war, many expected him to take a strict approach to Reconstruction