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  • SoT profile guide for companies

    1. 1. Guide to Candidate Selection This presentation is a guide for employers seeking smart students for internships via Summer of Tech 2010.
    2. 2. Summer of Tech non-profit internship programme connecting smart students with Wellington technology companies (was Summer of Code, now bigger and better)
    3. 3. Step one – SIGN UP! We’re about to take you through setting up your Company Profile, Projects and Browsing Candidates. You MUST complete the Company Registration process before you can gain access to this part of the SoT website! Sign up at Any questions, please email
    4. 4. First, create your account on the Summer of Tech Website, here:
    5. 5. Activation email You’ll get a confirmation email sent through with an “activation code”, click on this link and you’ll be able to create your Company Profile on the Summer of Tech website.
    6. 6. 1. Company Profile Now, complete your Company Profile
    7. 7. Company Details… Create & edit your Company Details, including uploading your logo and a brief slogan/description of what you do.
    8. 8. Company Profile… Add some more information about what your organisation does, to help give Candidates a feel for who you are & what its like to work for you. They will be doing their homework about you, via your website etc. Read & accept SoT terms & conditions, and your profile is complete.
    9. 9. 2. Projects Set up Project(s)
    10. 10. Add a Project Projects are the roles that interns will undertake during Summer of Tech. This is like a job description. You’ll get to pick 1 Intern for each project, so if you’re seeking multiple interns, make sure you add projects for each role you have available. If you’re applying for TechNZ funding, make sure the projects are aligned with TechNZ eligibility criteria. You can create a project here…
    11. 11. Project Info Your project needs a name, a Stream, and a Description. You must choose a single stream for each project (Code, BA, Engineering or Design). If you’re not sure which stream to go for, please contact Remember the “Description” needs to clearly communicate what the intern’s role will be. If you are using Summer of Tech as a trial for a permanent position, please include that information in the Project Description.
    12. 12. Required Skills For each project, please outline the Skills you require (or desire) from Candidates. Candidates may have gained skills & experience via Academic (theoretical), Practical (hands-on as a school project or hobby/interest) or Working (being paid to do it). Indicate the level of experience you prefer for each relevant skill area. If the Skill Matrix does not include a skill that you require, please outline this clearly in the “Project Description” section.
    13. 13. That’s it! Your project & Profile are now viewable by Candidates. You can start browsing Candidates now!
    14. 14. 3. Browse Candidates Check out the talent…
    15. 15. Browsing & Filtering Here are the streams that you’ve created projects in, these are tabs that will show you the selection of candidates in each stream These are search filters, to help you narrow down the field. Pick a skill and/or level and/or proficiency and/or year of study. Then click “filter” and your results will display below.
    16. 16. Viewing Candidate Profiles When you find an interesting Candidate, click on their name to find out more about them
    17. 17. Meet SoT Candidates Candidates are asked to upload a clear photograph of themselves, passport-photo-style (this is optional but HIGHLY recommended)
    18. 18. Student Details Contact info, phone & email are provided so employers can contact if follow-up interviews are required, AFTER the SoT Speed Interviews that occur in September. Year of Study & University & Degree Programme (this is all compulsory information)
    19. 19. Candidate web-links Website/Portfolio URL – link to personal blog OR online digital portfolio (for Design students) & LinkedIn Profile URL (web-links are optional)
    20. 20. CV & Grades Click on “view” to download pdf’s of Candidate CV and Academic Record (these are compulsory)
    21. 21. Cover Letter Candidates complete 2 paragraphs outlining “relevant interests” and “why you should hire me”. This is the information you’d usually find in a cover letter. Look here for Candidates’ special interests and passions. (these are optional but HIGHLY recommended)
    22. 22. Skills Matrix At the bottom of the Candidate profile, you will see the Skills Matrices relevant to the Streams that you have Projects in (Business Analysis, Code, Design or Engineering) Candidates self-assess their skills across 3 areas: Academic (studied it) Practical (practiced it) and Working (been paid to do it) Candidates can also indicate that they’re “Interested in” skill areas, whether they have experience in it or not. Candidates are limited to a maximum of 10 “Interests” for Code, BA and Design, and 15 for Engineering. They will also emphasise their interests & passions in their CV and in the text paragraphs in their profile. (Skills Matrices are compulsory for each stream Candidates register for)
    23. 23. Shortlisting Candidates You manage your shortlist(s) here. This is how you select candidates for interview, and after interviews, rank candidates in order of preference. You can shortlist from the “Browse Candidates” screen, or from within the Candidate Profile.
    24. 24. Managing Your Shortlist When you shortlist multiple candidates for a project, you can drag & drop them by their picture into your preferred order. Delete them by clicking on the “X” When a Candidate expresses an interest in your project, their name will appear highlighted on your shortlist, like this
    25. 25. Annotations You can make notes about candidates here (Candidates cannot see your Annotations about them, nor can you see theirs about you!)
    26. 26. Happy Browsing! If you have any questions about finding Candidates or understanding the information on their Profiles, please contact
    27. 27. What’s next? In early September, your shortlisted Candidates will be allocated SoT Interview times. After SoT interviews, Companies may choose to arrange follow-up meetings or testing with candidates.
    28. 28. Final matches . In late Sept, Companies & Candidates do a final ranking of each other via the website. SoT will notify everyone of the resulting Internship matches. Both Company and Candidate preferences are taken into account, and the system is designed to MAXIMISE the number of students placed in an internship.
    29. 29. Hot Tip for SoT Companies . The SoT system is designed to MAXIMISE the number of students placed in an internship. This means you need to tell Candidates that you’re interested in them!
    30. 30. SoT is like online dating… …if Candidates rank you number 1, and you rank them number 1, it’s a match. If not, SoT will find the BEST possible match for ALL parties. So remember to SELL your Company & Project to Candidates; they’re interviewing you as much as you’re interviewing them 
    31. 31. Thank you & happy browsing