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An alternative blog post on the MMAF Forum event. Tweets, Facts, Case Studies, Quotes!

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#MMAF2010 Singapore: Mobile Marketing Association Forum - www.dorothypoon.com

  1. 1. #MMAF(Tweets from) Mobile Marketing Association Forum, April 2010<br />AN ALTERNATIVE “BLOG” POST<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  2. 2. @MMA_APAC: If u're not real-time, u don't exist.- @johnkerrnz of @edelmandigital at #MMAF2010 <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  3. 3. @summerisque: Mobile folk: Do not offer plain vanilla exposure, unless you want to compete with...television.... <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  4. 4. Mobile Related<br />MadanRao: Balsara: Mobile ad industry should not benchmark itself with Internet.<br />@MadanRao: Callow: Clients in local services want ads to lead to phone calls. "From click to call" - Yext #MMAF2010 <br />MadanRao: Balsara: Advertising is a big boy's game. But many customers are not accounted for by many agencies. Mobile is that medium. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  5. 5. Mobile Marketing<br />pamelayap: 3Cs of Mobile Marketing: Choice, Control, Consideration & 3Ps - Privacy, Permission, Preference - Raja Peter (United) RT@MadanRao<br />@MadanRao: Thadani: Mobile marketer must talk the language of the brand manager, and include terms of mass media. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  6. 6. Mobile <br />MMA_APAC: Mobile means different things to everyone. RT @PaulBMMAMayankPareek says for him mobile is abt brand building, CRM & engagement.<br />MMA_APAC: Major trends reshaping the mobile landscape in S/SEA - pre&post-paid mobile data plans, mobile broadband, mobile applications. <br />papadimitriou: @AtulMadan evangelizes mobile as win-win for subscribers (discovery), operators (revenue) & advertisers (channel)<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  7. 7. @NAVTEQmedia's Sandy Agarwal - 2 billion people in Asia bring their mobile phones with them everywhere they go! via @MMA_APAC<br />@daphnemaia"Mobile is not a Technology, it is a Behaviour." - SN Bhaduri, @ReutersIndia<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  8. 8. Opinion<br />myentrepreneurs: It is a scary world with so many ads in mobile space<br />papadimitriou: I'm really not convinced about ads during wait time for call connection. No call to action, no permission.<br />papadimitriou: Opt-in, opt-out, permission, give value for users, understand the users. These come a lot today. Finally. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  9. 9. It’s all about the CONSUMER & RELEVANCE<br />pamelayap: "2011 m-mkt: It's not about technology/metrics - It will be about THE CONSUMER." @RohitDadwal<br />@myentrepreneurs: there is a saying in P&G, the customer is boss<br />MMA_APAC: What drives relevance? Deeper understanding of consumer - behaviour, wants, interests, etc. #MMAF2010 - Consumer is king, to P&G. RELEVANCE.<br />MadanRao: Andreas Vogiatzakis, Omnicom: Focus on relevance and customer. Examples from this year's conference are better than last year<br /> MMA_APAC: If u're relevant, consumers MAY accept u. if u aren't, they won't forgive u! -Agrawalfrm P&G, reminding us of imptce of relevance <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  10. 10. Tweeps♥ Stats <br />@daphnemaia: 4.2 bil out of 6 bilppl in the world own toothbrushes, 4.5 bil own mobile phones.Hmmmm. <br />@MadanRaoBerney: 19% of divorce cases in the US mentioned Facebook!<br />@MadanRao: Welde: Good numbers worldwide: Phones 1.3B, Cars 800M, TV 1.5B, Credit cards 1.4B, PCs 850M, Internet 1.1B<br />MadanRao: Dunne: $21.3 milion in sales generated; 14,243 individual customer registrations, 23,500 mobile views<br />belindaang: Fun facts : 850+M mobile payment transactions in 2009. 2billion mobile apps downloaded to date. 400MmCommerce users worldwide<br />Some of the most re-tweeted during the conference were stats, stats and more stats…People love facts and figures!<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  11. 11. Glocalization<br /> @belindaang: Concepts can be international but execution should always be localised. - Rule of all marketing strategy / via Eric Kip, Dir, BLYK<br />MadanRao: Agrawal: Insights can be universal, execution has to be local, eg. Gillette games: cricket (India), football (Korea)<br />Industry Support is paramount. Standardized, Independently rated metrics help.<br />MadanRao: Balsara:Nielsen showed how TV really took off in the US after industry-sponsored ratings were adopted. Same applies to mobile.<br />VicZDNetAsia: Industry voices at the #mmaf2010 call for standardized metrics for mobile advertising. http://bit.ly/aOmxty <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  12. 12. Facts: Indonesia<br /> @summerisque: In regions like Indonesia, Google is getting more queries out of mobile than desktops. <br />papadimitriou: @JoeGaol mobile SMS spamming is totally wrong, but still the mentality from agencies in Indonesia.<br />@MadanRaoShinta: 90% of GSM handsets in Indonesia support GPRS/MMS. 170M mobile users, 30M Internet users<br />@summerisque: Indonesia social media stats..very social, very active. #Mmaf2010 http://twitpic.com/1fobvz<br />ID Carriers & Telcos : What is their role? <br />MadanRao: Ouch! Gaol: Indonesian content providers are spoiled by paid service business model. Not into ad-supported models.<br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 @JoeGaol "mobile is a new kid on the block". Overpowering mentality of Indonesia's telcos is still present though.<br />MadanRao: Hear hear! Gaol: Carriers are still the dictating stakeholders. But have yet to impress ad agencies and brand owners<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  13. 13. Facts : Japan<br />MadanRao: Callow: Location search in Japan - location makes search more actionable <br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 @kei_shimadafuture will be about speed. LTE is around the corner. Blazing fast. 8x times as current Jpn speed.<br /> @victortan: From what I understand from @jriqq, iPhone users in Japan usually hold another Japanese Standard Mobile Phone. <br />MMA_APAC: No single handset in Japan has had the success iPhone has had in Japan? Now, that's new! iPhone holds 3% of mobile market in JP. <br />@MadanRao: Lunchtime chatter: Japan's unique consensus/standards based culture for the mobile ecosystem is difficult to replicate elsewhere<br />@papadimitriou#mmaf2010 Derek Callow top 5 mobile search in Japan: MacDonald's, combini, hotel, post office, noodles. It's abt location. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  14. 14. Facts: India<br />ricecomms: We've jus heard at #MMAF2010 abt mobile industry in India - How important, how big, really, is mobile in India? Read: http://bit.ly/9STSq5 <br />@mhisham: From 2007 to 2009, India's mobile users grew from 150 million to 500 million! VinodThadani #MMAF2010<br />MadanRao: Balsara: Mobile (564M) has overtaken TV (470M) in India, also newspapers (172M), radio (168M) and Internet (60M) #MMAF2010<br />amrishj: User behavior is diff on the #mobile 185,000 apps on iPhone, 2 get U every corner of the internet. They don’t exist on PCs #india<br />RT @MadanRaoVInay: Many new mobile subscribers in India are not literate, #SMS marketing won't be effective for them. Voice is it<br />@MadanRaoVinay: Mobile can be better than radio; reaches remote part of India. Impulse-driven, high-reach with high retention<br />@MadanRao: Sam Balsara, Madison World, "Father of advertising in India" - My wishlist for an ideal medium years ago matches mobile today <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  15. 15. Facts: Other Countries<br />Philippines<br />papadimitriou: Philippines mobile cashing system via SMS I mentioned is now talked about by @SyBaseTarik Husain on stage. Amazingly useful.<br />@papadimitriou: @jojitalcazar lots of multi-SIM users in Phils. Free SMS plans intra-network explains it. SMS driven nation. <br />China<br />belindaang: Over 750+ million mobile unique users in China by 2009. No of mobile internet users doubled frm 2008 to 2009. ~ Joshua, Madhouse<br />@MadanRao: Loehnis: Taobao accounts for 50% of China's e-commerce. Lots of developments/impacts in rural China also<br />Malaysia<br />@MadanRao Husain: Malaysia's Celcom made $1 million in 6 months from Indonesian workers sending money home<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  16. 16. Quotables<br />mhisham: Good advertising moves people, Great Advertising Moves with them - Sandy Agarwal<br />summerisque: On visual v.s text " i am not sure how to make beauty come alive on SMS...Tt's really stretching it"-Rahul, Unilever Asia LOL! <br />JoeGaol: Its all about REACH, TRANSPARENCY, METRICS, PERSONAL RELEVANCE, LOCATION, says Kerstin Trikalitis, CEO-Out There Media<br /> @daphnemaia: Mobile Journalism is more than just citizen journalism. It is "immediacy" for journalists from publications. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  17. 17. “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Competitor…”<br />MadanRao: AalokAgrawal, P&G:I do agree with my competitor from Unilever w.r.t. relevance of mobile as a medium! <br />MadanRao: Kerstin: SonyEricsson wanted to target Nokia users in one of our campaigns! <br />MadanRao: Kerstin: Operators should not fight each other -- this is TV v/s mobile v/s print<br />MadanRao: Kerwick: An operator told me the way they are competing with Skype is by dropping every third packet! @christonge<br />Iphone Mentions: <br />@papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 even the Microsoft guy mentions the iPhone. LOL (I guess Apple has mind control science perfected) <br />ismantanuri: @victortan I have seen a similar app to Google Googles for the iPhone. Though not using Google's engine #MMAF2010<br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 (Google’s) Derek Callow also talks iPhone, iPhone, iPhone. It's all about Apple. Hey, I'm the fanboy. LOL<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  18. 18. “….He said what? ”<br />MadanRao: Sandy Agarwal, Navteq: We are owned by Nokia; maps used by 100 million users every day #MMAF2010 <br /> moments later…. <br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 Sandy Agarwal of Nokia fully-owned @navteq showing an ...iPhone as test case LOL<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  19. 19. Ha.Ha.HA<br />belindaang: LOL! Men (usually) want to engage with women with (a certain) end goal... - via AalokAgrawal from P&G <br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 Raja R. Peter: "most people engage more with their phone than with spouse". LOL #yourphoneisyourlover<br />@MadanRaoBerney: 19% of divorce cases in the US mentioned Facebook! <br />Top Crowd Teaser Pleaser<br />CreativPromoter: Men in India r shy to use the word Condom. Mobile ads as a Ringtone to help ppl say condom. See ad here http://ow.ly/1yFuP <br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 here's the "Condom, Condom" Ringtone story Sam Balsara just spoke about http://ide.st/9sISVD<br />MadanRao: Balsara: 400,000 responses in 20 days for the contest. Reached 139 million adult men nationally<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  20. 20. Strategy: Consolidation<br />summerisque: Having a consolidated overall strategy across digital & tradtionnalcrucial for synergyv.sisolated mobile strategy backed by a brilliant idea? <br />@mhisham: There is no exclusivity when it comes to marketing, mobile, digital, print. It is all integrated marketing strategy. Welde #MMAF2010<br />MadanRao: Welde: Many good mobile case studies are actually part of a larger integrated campaign, yet are presented as purely mobile #MMAF2010<br />MadanRao: Pareek: Mobile ad campaign helped us to get insights for bigger mass media ad campaign later #MMAF2010<br />@MadanRao: Thadani: Don't ask brand managers to experiment with mobile campaigns. Go with full media plan<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  21. 21. Strategy: Put your $ where Mobile is…<br />papadimitriou: VinodThadani mobile has targeted reach, we can prove it to brands. Start experimenting with mobile, test, refine, repeat.<br />victortan: My thoughts - Choose a channel that can deliver your message to your target audience. <br />MadanRao: Balsara: Don't put balance too heavily on advertiser; English newspapers paid a heavy price for that last year. Keep it at 50-50<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  22. 22. Strategy: Telcos, Carriers & Phone Features<br />papadimitriou: Kerwick: operators should ease process of replacing phone, more features in newer phones mean more revenue potential<br />@papadimitriou: @maislosAsia is 95% prepaid, ad in top ups SMS makes sense. Also in missed calls texts.<br />MadanRao: Atul: don't forget voice; ads can help subsidise voice services. Also voice portals, pre-call inserts #MMAF2010<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  23. 23. Strategy : Content<br /> MMA_APAC: RT @papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 Matthias Kunze: publish either w/ mobile apps or mobile web. Latter is much much bigger. User engagement larger on app though.<br />@belindaang: Funnel analysis : Consumers should be able to reach your content in a maximum of 3 clicks, or you'll lose their eyeballs. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  24. 24. Challenges v.s. Opportunities<br />MadanRao: Welde: Mobile not yet seen as a must have or integral channel for marketing of big brands #MMAF2010<br />@MadanRao: SN Bhaduri, ThomsonReuters: In mobile, we should avoid the mistakes we made selling the Web as a medium #MMAF2010<br />MadanRao: Stephen Kerwick, Neuralitics: Mobile traffic is increasing at 300X per month, but revenues are increasing at only 3X<br />MadanRao: Raja: Mobile marketing must avoid distaste of spam as in Internet age #MMAF2010<br />MadanRao: Balsara: Why can't mobile operators share data more aggressively with advertisers to grow the medium?! <br />MadanRao: Husain: There is unused message space in #SMS transaction alerts (egCiti bank) - this can be used to insert text ads<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  25. 25. Challenges v.s. Opportunities<br />@summerisque: Audience Poll: Everyone owns a mobile..No one's received "an exciting mobile advertising message in the last 10 days". <br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 SN Bhaduri thinks lines between business & personal use are blurring. Very true, opportunities & pitfalls there, imo.<br />MadanRao: Welde: Challenges: development v/s deployment, Changover cost v/s Fatigue factor #MMAF2010<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  26. 26. Challenges vs. Opportunities<br />summerisque: Traffic projected to increase 300x, but revenue only 3x increase... data volume vs. revenues. <br />papadimitriou: Kerwick: operators should customize data plans according to user profile (from light to heavy data user)<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  27. 27. Strategy: Customer Segmentation<br />“Conversion is the magic word”….<br />@MMA_APAC: Subscribers is not audience @JoeGaol. Subscribers r jus ur database. U need to connect, to convert into an audience. <br />@belindaang: Segment subscribers into smaller groups for better effectiveness and higher conversion rates. #MMAF2010 <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  28. 28. Issues : Emerging vs. Advanced Markets<br />@MadanRaoVinay: Power situation is bad in smaller towns; TV is often off! At least phone is on<br />@MadanRaoVinay Kumar, StratosHear - audio ads on mobile have a huge potential in emerging economies<br />RT @MadanRaoVInay: Many new mobile subscribers in India are not literate, #SMS marketing won't be effective for them. Voice is it<br />@MadanRao: Loehnis: Taobao accounts for 50% of China's e-commerce. Lots of developments/impacts in rural China also<br />@MadanRaoVinay: Mobile can be better than radio; reaches remote part of India. Impulse-driven, high-reach with high retention<br />belindaang: Audio marketing effective for emerging markets as many mobile subscribers are not literate, SMS marketing won't be as effective. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />Emerging markets face infrastructure issues….. <br />
  29. 29. Issues : Emerging vs. Advanced Markets<br />PaulBMMA: Mobile advertising revenues in Japan are $1B<br />@MadanRao: Kei: Ecosystem + value chain pieces of the puzzle are all in place in Japan<br />@victortan: Standardization is Key #MMAF2010 - Can the mobile handsets makers just standardise to 1 OS, just like what the Japanese did?<br />@MadanRao: Husain: Since 2007, Austria has NFC-enabled mobile payment for train tickets, parking, vending machines<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />While in Advanced markets, usage is highly widespread; fighting constant spam, etc…. <br />
  30. 30. summerisque: Mobile's many quotable descriptions so far: <br /> "Mass yet Personal", <br />"Always on", <br /> "3rd screen"..<br /> "Only Screen".. anymore I've missed? <br />…… probably #wallet?<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  31. 31. Inspirational! <br />JoeGaol: RahulWalde, VP Media, Unilever: to grow Mobile Ads Industry, we need Cruscaders instead of Evangelist. I like this spirit. Yeah! <br />@MMA_APAC: "U have got to be the crusader of change!" - @RahulWelde's message to mobile evangelists #MMAF2010<br /> MMA_APAC: Allow yourself to fail, early and often! - SN Bhaduri's advice to all mobile entrepreneurs, marketers, advertisers, developers. #MMAF2010<br />aaspire: RT @MMA_APAC: develop content tt's relevant to mobile, integrate mobile into overall mktg campaign, keep it simple, embrace MOBILE. <br /> MMA_APAC: Know ur role in the ecosystem, Be ready to evangelize n educate the market, and Expedite the experimentation phase, says @JoeGaol<br />victortan: "Mobile connects us to the pple & things we care abt the web & in the world wherever we are."<br />@myentrepreneurs: The best way to predict your future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  32. 32. Case Studies<br />FMCG<br />MadanRao: Agrawal: Case study: Pampers Club - promoted via shortcodes on packets. Also Payday alerts. Good mCRM impacts. #MMAF2010<br />@papadimitriou The girl in thsAXE ad http://ide.st/adDCCF gets 2m calls a day in Indonesia! @shintabubu<br />@myentrepreneurs: Here is the sexy AXE Ads and mobile campaign http://ow.ly/1ybFm <br />Fashion<br />papadimitriou: @kei_shimadaTokyo Girls Walkers, 7m subs. Extension into fashion show, clothes can be bought on the spot via mobile.<br />MadanRao: Altun: We launched LBS coupons for mobile subscribers at Carrefour<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  33. 33. Case Studies<br />Sports<br />MadanRao: Lunchtime chatter: Colin Miles, iPop: FIFA World Cup won't be shown on TV in Singapore but you can get mobile content from us!<br />tomiahonen: So true RT @MadanRao Kei Shimada Infinita: Mobile is a "lead" medium. Examples: enlist football supporters (Adidas Nakama) <br />@papadimitriouMayankPareek on mobile brand building. Showcases SMS 2.0 cricket campaign. Cricket is a religion in India<br />MadanRao: Pareek: CTR of 10% - very high. It worked for brand building. Cricket contest (CRM) - CTR 11.94% <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  34. 34. Case Studies<br />Airlines / Transport<br />MadanRao: Kunze: Case study: AirAsia's campaign - 7 markets, 28 days, 6 million impressions. CTR 1.78% <br />@MadanRao Wow! Chiu: Journey planner, done by Dentsu. AR browser in the form of a butterfly - you have to catch them! #MMAF2010 <br />MMA_APAC: Jason Chiu, Cherrypicks, shares a mobile AR case study based on geo-location : the Hong Kong MTR iPhone app campaign.<br />Misc<br />@sonyamadeira: SG Navy mobile campaign on Raffles Link. http://twitpic.com/1fpf0l<br />Pareek: #SMS GupShup social messaging service. Created community for EECO car owners. 9 million customers. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  35. 35. Case Studies<br />Food & Beverage<br />@papadimitriou: Raja R. Peter talks about alcohol clients. Mobile is key, data for demographics legal constraints. <br />amrishj: Raja: Alochol industry cannot use other media - so digital, mobile are all the more important for us RT @MadanRao<br />Rohitdadwal: Raj Peter says united spirits has mandated all their 140 brands to use mobile marketing <br />MadanRao: Kerstin: Case study: Nescafe in Austria, spends more on mobile because our inventory is bigger and can reach more people better <br />@MMA_APAC: 6 million people use McDonald's mobile coupons in Japan! wow. - @Kei_shimada<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  36. 36. Case Studies<br />Tech <br />@papadimitriou: @kei_shimada says outlook is bright. Let's make money. Check www.infinita.tv for great video series. I recommend it.<br />papadimitriou: @kei_shimada talks @sekaicamera. This is so cool to use. Layers of augmented reality. API will be released. <br />papadimitriou: Adam Dunne, CEO Aura Interactive, showcases mobile video clue game, QR code, for Sony campaign<br />PaulBMMA: @ where Microsoft just shared a great multi-screen case study on Discovery Channel show "the deadliest catch”<br /> MMA_APAC: @YahooMobileintegrates ad campaigns on web, mobile for amazing results for their clients <br />perugini: RT @MadanRao: Kei: Another trend: mobile augmented reality: SekarCameraiPhone app. Find coupons dangling above the building! #MMAF2010<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  37. 37. Case Studies 2<br />Ticketing <br />papadimitriou: Switzerlandalso has mobile train ticketing, vending machine were not very successful although launched long time ago.<br />@papadimitriou: buy movie ticket in India showcase. Choose seat. Show QR Code at entrance. @SyBase's Husain (COOL!)<br />MadanRao: Chiu: Arts Festival of HK used AR to drive tickets. Theme parks - you can play a game on a marker while waiting in line <br />Mobile<br />MMA_APAC: @Maislos of @puddingmedia speaks about their work with @maxiscomms and the Malaysian mobile market. (27.1mil mobile subscribers)<br />MadanRao: FYI: Microsoft's Kin phones designed for sharing through #SocialMedia http://bit.ly/bcJ2CL (expand) (SF Chronicle)<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  38. 38. #Measure<br />@The7thMM: What to measure in your mobile marketing campaign? Impressions, Responses, Interactions, Viral - Rahul of Unilever<br />MadanRao: Andreas: When I was born there was no Net, no mobile. Need of the hour: relevance through rigorous datamining<br />@myentrepreneurs: "if you cannot measure it you cannot improve it" - Lord Kelvin same u can say about mobile advertising<br />MadanRao: Thadani - MMA is coming up with a white paper for metrics<br />summerisque: Conversion pattern tracking-how long are they browsing? what features are they converging when migratg to a newer device? <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  39. 39. For Discussion<br />MadanRao: Lunchtime chatter: Some of the big brands do "get" mobile, but how do we get access to the managers at the other brands? <br />MadanRao: Q: How to whittle mobile metrics into existing marketing metrics like TV? Is quality of reach as important as amount of reach? <br /> @MadanRao: My Q to panel: how well does mobile marketing work for Indian languages? A: depends on handset; voice works well <br />@AngeliBeltran: brands want reach and scale. But how much of that promise can be realized unless we go across operators? - Sandy Agarwal<br />Papadimitriou: mmh... @AdMob Merkel talks about the rise of data plans as factor of success, yet most of Asia is on prepaid. Any numbers anyone?<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  40. 40. daphnemaia: @Kei_shimada concluded his talk with the truth that is on everybody's mind but which nobody has said so far. "Let's Make Money."<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  41. 41. @summerisqueBrands coming to mobile #mmaf2010 <br />http://twitpic.com/1fo048<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  42. 42. Future<br />Mcommerce<br />papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 @Sybase Global Director mCommerce, Tarik Husain, says mobile can replace wallet. It's stored value.<br />MadanRao: Tarik Husain, Sybase365: There are 400 million m-commerce users worldwide. In 2009 there were 850 million m-payment transactions<br />@MadanRao Barney Loehnis, Ogilvy One: Social media currency will impact mobile+Internet. Mobile banking has the potential<br />@papadimitriou: #mmaf2010 Facebook currency might lead the way to mobile currency in APAC, put it in hands of younger audience, discusses panel. <br />@MMA_APAC: Lots of talk about mobile payments n mobile commerce at #MMAF2010 - Bookmark this article by @RohitDadwal of @MMA_APAC: http://bit.ly/bKUXpW<br /> @MadanRao: Husain: Mobile is the future banking; there R so many unbanked people. Poorest people pay the largest bank txn fees #MMAF2010<br />@MadanRao: Husain: We have 20,000 merchants signed up. 10,000 were signed up by operators, not banks!#banking @afi_finanzas<br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  43. 43. Future #2<br />@papadimitriou : Derek Callow talks Google goggles, goes beyond bar code. Take a pic, get a relevant search result<br />summerisque: Search Caveats: All the world's infomation is not just text. It's video, images, voice as well. - Google's Derek Callow<br />Location<br /> MMA_APAC: Location Drives Action, says Derek Callow of @Google SEA<br />MadanRao: Jim Manis, MobileGiving: We raised $41 million for Haiti earthquake by #SMS. By Day 10, funds raised were being used in Haiti <br />shaunstanislaus: Mobile operator's subscription will evolve to become a more service-oriented model instead of standard packages. <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />
  44. 44. AdMob’s (Ipad winning) pitch …..<br />“even if you don’t go with us….try mobile, I think you’ll like it….” <br />www.dorothypoon.com<br />