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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Sep Oct06


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Sep Oct06

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Newsletter ~ September/October 2006 Serving Inner-City Youth and Families A Break Through the rules. Two weeks later, Pastor Mike Higgins from Redemption the front. Justina said, ”It’s time to be your own man and make your This past summer we served 65 Fellowship, came to speak to this own decision.” Three more slowly campers and sponsored 7 teen group of young men. After the walked to the front. Justina gave the workers. Almost half of the session was over, they were asked 3 remaining instructions as to what campers were new to our program. how the class went. They they could do while the others are It was a challenge bringing the old responded by saying how Pastor practicing. The next day, 2 more and new campers together, Mike was “cool” and how he talked decided to participate. The “ring especially since we had a small to them about stuff they were really leader” was by himself. He even neighborhood gang to join us. This interested in and made them think. stayed home for a few days. By the crew of 13, put up a hard, stubborn 5th week of camp, he realized that The following week, the class had exterior, but with the team work of he didn’t have to keep his angry, to make a decision about whether our loving, caring staff and hard exterior up when he was with or not they would participate in a volunteers, along with the good us. We made it known to him that major camp activity which would news of the Gospel, this hard we were not there to judge or cause them to work together and exterior could not stay. This group discourage him, but to encourage present themselves before the that stood together in rebellion and challenge him in a positive, whole camp. Justina asked for all started to break into individual loving way. who wanted to participate to “take people. For example, our 12-14 courage” and walk to the front. A Please pray for these young men. class of 15 boys was mostly led by little over half of the class walked to this one 13 year old young man. If he did not participate, no one participated. Praise God!! We began to teach lessons on “Courage”. Have the courage to 3 kids prayed to receive Christ this summer!! stand alone for what is right and 7 recommitted their walk with Christ!! good. Have the courage to choose what will be beneficial to you, Heaven rejoices when 1 sinner receives Christ and so do we! when others are pressing you to choose what may harm you. Have the courage to be a “Man of Honor and Integrity.” Some of the young An “On Time” God men started pulling away and When the phone rings at 6:30 am she would. I told him that she did began making choices to Sunday morning it must be stop by and we talked, but she did participate in activities and follow important. I stumbled to the living not know where she would be room and answered. An angry staying that night. He began to vent voice of a young man was on the about the events that have been other end. He asked me where his taking place between them and the baby’s mother was. The mother baby. As he talked, he became was recently evicted from her angrier. He went on cursing and apartment and had been over to my swearing about how he has lost his house the day before looking for job because he could not find a help. Before leaving my house, she sitter for the baby. He couldn’t go had called the baby’s dad. She had anywhere or do anything because left the baby with him for over 2 of the baby. He feels the mother weeks and he was furious with her only cares about being with other because she did not pick the child men. He shouted about what he was Justina serves the kids at summer camp. up the evening before, as she said (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. September/October 2006 ~ Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. (Continued from page 1) going to do to her when he sees her again. I took deep breath as I How You Can Help After School Program prayed inwardly for God to give me what to say to this violently, angry It’s time to Learn, Learn, Learn! • Cleaning supplies: big garbage bags, young man. I needed “right mopping & cleaning solutions Yes, class is in and it’s time for SCM guidance!” I began to try to talk him • We welcome snacks and drink boxes, to continue our work with teachers down. I knew that he would not be year round. and parents to help these inner city able to hear anything through the • Gatorade students strive for academic rage he was feeling. • Events that you can plan to be a part of: success. All hands are on deck. Our Finally, he was silent and listening. ⇒ Transportation to the October 2006/2007 ASP fulltime staff are as After I talked a little, he responded Fest at Redemption Fellowship follows: Justina Dix, Anna Winter, calmly, but eventually worked Rebecca Neighfinger, Khamirah ⇒ Thanksgiving Dinner at the ASP Miller, and Nancy Lindsey. We are himself up into another bout of rage. His last words before hanging up ⇒ Sponsor a child for Christmas so excited about our roster of the phone were of how he was weekly volunteers for this school going to hurt her. I didn’t know his ⇒ Christmas Wrapping Party year. Last year we broke our own location, but I had his sister’s ⇒ Valentine’s day Party record of having more new number. She was aware of her volunteers than years past. All of brother’s anger problem. She was ⇒ Easter Celebration them are returning along with our willing to get the baby and meet the beloved faithful Sally Doster, Anne mother for the exchange. But how Burlas, and Katie Weber. could I get in touch with the mother? As my family and I were getting ready to leave for church, the phone rang. It was the mother! She was taking the bus to pick up her baby Dix Family Update and decided to call me to ask for After watching the police bust in took 4 days for us to recover more info. I thanked the Lord! I the door of his home and putting DreLeon. The young lady that had shared with her what had happened his mom in hand cuffs, 4 year him had 6 children of her own. and warned her to make the DreLeon was whisked away by a DreLeon was filthy and hungry. He arrangements to meet the sister. neighbor into hiding. It looks as if was so glad to see us and his She was grateful, because she said my niece will stay in jail for a while, brother. In his sweet little voice, he he would carry out exactly what he this time. 6 year old MyLeondre told us stories of what he had been said he would do to her. would have seen the same thing, through and seen in the last few but my niece called the night days. The young lady assured me She and I will talk more about her before to inform me she would not that she was trying to help by not poor choices and how they affect be able to pick him up for the letting “DFACS get him.” I later her child. weekend. MyLeondre lives with me learned that this family was Justina Dix during the week to attend school involved in drug activity. and spends the weekend with mom I have enrolled DreLeon in the and 2 younger brothers. The same elementary school Pre-K Flag Football youngest was with another family member on the dad’s side. I knew program that his brother goes to in Summerhill. They no longer have a Football season has begun!. The DreLeon would be confused and home to go back to, because they Summerhill Soldiers are off to a shaken up by what he had seen and were evicted a week after the bust. winning start with Phillip was now with strangers. The next Acting in the best interest of these 2 Yarberough coaching our 18- day I questioned neighbors to try to fellows, they will be living with me under team and Emanuel Dix find DreLeon. Everyone was helpful for some time while my niece coaching our first time 15-under except the uncle of the young lady decides whether or not she is ready team. Our 18-under team is 3-1 who had DreLeon. I could tell he to get help and gets it. and our 15-under (mostly rookies) was suspicious of me. He may have are 1-3 so far this season. thought I was a Social Worker. Pray for us all as our family goes After going on a few wild goose through this transition and for the All games are played at South chases, I demanded for this uncle healing of these boys. Bend Park in South Atlanta. to tell me where my nephew was. It
  3. 3. Page 3 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Summer in Summerhill The sounds of summer are a joy to day she was right by my side hear! One of my favorites is kids looking to be steadied and safe. splashing, laughing and playing in Was she ever really in danger? No, the pool. It was wonderful to enjoy there was a lifeguard just a few feet the summer sun with our incredible away. But she called out to me summer camp kids, especially in because she knew she could trust the pool. I realize I’ve taken for me to come to her. What struck me granted the ability to swim and the most is the picture this small play, since I grew up on a river in incident paints of all of our lives. I the country. Many of the girls in know there was a point when I was my class rarely have the drowning in my own sinful life and I opportunity to enjoy a cool dip in had to call out to God to rescue me. the pool, except for with summer He came to lift me up and bring me camp. It’s a joy and privilege to to the safety of His arms. I’m join in the fun at the pool with them encouraged that when things in on a hot summer day! these kids’ lives can be so One moment that sticks out in my overwhelming and difficult that mind from our days at the pool was they have the same awesome God when a little girl in my class (about watching out to rescue them when 5 yrs old) called out to me “Ms. they call. I’m thankful that I have Rebecca Help Me!” She appeared the opportunity to be used as his to be bouncing and splashing in the hands and feet sometimes to be water for fun, and then I saw the there for them when they are in look on her face and realized she need. It is an honor to be a small really needed me to help her part of the lives of the children and because she couldn’t touch. I I thank God that He can save them walked over and picked her up, from the depths of the pool. she clung onto me spitting out By Rebecca Neighfinger water as I walked to the side. She and I sat for awhile on the edge as she caught her breath and regained her nerves to enter Summer Pictures the water. For the rest of the
  4. 4. September/October 2006 ~ Page 4 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Servant Hearts P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •