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October 2009 ~ Page 2                                                           Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc.

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                                                                               Jordan- “I like camp...
October 2009 ~ Page 4                                                           Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc.

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Summerhill Community Ministries - Newsletter Oct09


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Summerhill Community Ministries - Newsletter Oct09

  1. 1. We now have PayPal available for people to make on-line donations! You can access it anytime through our website Summerhill Community Ministries SERVING INNER-CITY YOUTH & FAMILIES IN Newsletter ~ October 2009 THE DOWNTOWN ATLANTA AREA After School Program The after school program is in full Operation Frontline Comes to Summerhill swing. We have 30 children This summer I had the pleasure of The two programs that would fit at enrolled. We have new children visiting Summerhill Ministries Summerhill would be our Kids Up that are well below grade level. We during their summer camp Front series (for elementary school are asking for volunteers that could program. Stepping out of my car, children) and the Power of Eating work with a child one on one. If you the first thing I noticed was the Right series (for middle school cannot commit to one day a week, sound coming from the yard. It was children). we will be glad to take you when a chorus of children’s voices ever you have a free day. If you In class, the children learn safe singing to the tune of summertime would like to volunteer, please food handling and proper cooking and happiness. A sound that I had contact our ASP volunteer techniques. They have a lesson not heard in quite some time – so coordinator, Anne Buchanan at each week that relates to healthy much so, that the smile I felt on the annebuchanan@bellsouth.net eating by using the food pyramid. inside made it to my lips. During this time, they prepare a The after school program is in need I remember walking through the recipe as a class and enjoy eating of snacks, and paper and cleaning front door, held open for me by a the food together. They learn to products. young man of maybe 16 years. At work together as a team and are Flag Football that moment, I should have braced encouraged to try new foods. myself for being continually Our 15 under Flag football team is The middle school children will get impressed for the next hour. undefeated so far. This rookie team to take their lessons a step further, plays with a lot of heart on dry I had the pleasure of meeting by receiving a bag of groceries at Saturdays. Thanks to Desire Street Justina Dix, and hearing briefly of the end of the class. They are Ministries for new cleats and her personal mission for this facility encouraged to use these groceries jerseys for our teams! and for the young people who to prepare the same recipe they Unfortunately, our 18-under team come here. Every child, every made in class at home for their has not been able to play, as no teenager, and every adult, were family. The next week, they will other teams in this age group friendly, respectful, and full of talk to the chef and nutritionist signed up to play this year. happiness. I should have asked about how it went, what worked, myself, how did this happen – but and any stumbling blocks they ran Justina somehow I knew. This truly was a across. Pray for Justina’s heart condition. place full of love and admiration for She has had a few allergic reactions At Operation Frontline, we believe all who enter; and is taken outside to heart medications and had a that we learn by doing; we believe the walls of this building and into short stay in the hospital in in sharing our strength; we believe the community. September. Please pray for in cultivating relationships; and we wisdom for the doctors, no more It took me about 10 minutes to believe in the strength of allergic reactions, complete realize that this was a perfect fit for community. healing, and rest. our Operation Frontline program. We are thrilled to be invited to A program to help build on the Summerhill, and look forward to SCM Ministry Assistant foundation of success that was what we will learn from this SCM is praying for an assistant for created and cultivated by exceptional community, and the Justina! This is a part-time (15-20 Summerhill. wonderful children who reside hours) paid position. Duties would Operation Frontline is a chef-led here. include cooking and nutrition class that is run by volunteers. The program Karen Kierath Assist with follow up phone calls and emails; Perform minor has several different curricula, Director of Operations administrative duties that involve geared for different audiences. Operation Frontline (Continued on page 4)
  2. 2. October 2009 ~ Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Here are a few young folks that Summer Thanks! were able to work hard and Thanks to the groups and churches earn money in a that helped this summer: legal and East Cobb PCA respectful way Redemption Fellowship PCA this summer. Christ Church PCA We were also The Rock PCA able to offer life Westminster PCA skill classes to Desire Street Ministries help them as they The Shannons move forward in their lives to become productive citizens in their The Fisher Corporation community. Thank you again for your continued support! Thanks also to the church coordinators, that worked with Justina Summerhill’s Trip to Disney directly this summer organizing volunteers and planning for smooth transitions, activities and meals: Beverly Black, Molly Blass, Anne Burlas, Sue Schnarr, Susan Parker, and John Buchanan Hi, Summerhill is doing to revitalize its neighborhood through spiritual This is Danny Wuerffel, Executive and community development, and Director of Desire Street Ministries. it is an honor to walk alongside First of all, let me express what a Justina as she seeks to do the Lord’s privilege it is to be a friend of work. Justina Dix and Summerhill Community Ministries. It is a In late August, we were able to use that will last a lifetime. blessing to see the work that Desire Street’s partnership with As you may know, Disney often AirTran Airlines to provide 24 calls itself “The Place Where youth from Summerhill with Dreams Come True.” During our the opportunity to spend a day at the Magic Kingdom, Disney day at Disney’s Magic lived up to its billing, making Kingdom in Orlando. We dreams come true for a number of experienced the screaming Atlanta youth. As we further our thrill of Thunder Mountain, the relationship with Summerhill spooky horror of the Haunted Community Ministries, we aim to Mansion, the soaking-wet see the dreams, hopes, and adventure of Splash Mountain, prayers of the young men and and the magical wonder of the women in this neighborhood Disney character parade. It continue to come true. was a great day, filled with joyful smiles and memories (Continued on page 4) P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • justinascm@juno.com • http:www.summerhillcm.com
  3. 3. October 2009 ~ Page 3 Jordan- “I like camp because we Summer Camp - Camper Thoughts can go outside and play and we go on field trips to the skating rink. I liked when we played football. It Briana- Loves to spend her free that came out came out this year was the Gators against the Falcons. time in the dress up center. “I like and I also want to give respect to The Gators won. Barbeque chicken camp because it is fun and my everyone even if I don’t know was one of the best lunches and I teachers are nice. When I dress up, them. My 3 favorite lunches were really enjoyed drama class” I am pretty. I also like my hair. My pizza, hot wings and nachos. favorite lunch was pizza and I like Dixieland was my favorite field trip! going to Stone Mountain.” I really liked when we made a tornado in science class.” Donta- “I like field trip day at summer camp. I like going to God’s Farm. I like eating chili dogs for lunch. I learn about God and Jesus.” Jordan Donta Jordan Lakesha- “I like this camp and my Briana teachers. I made some new friends. Destiny- “I like camp because of all I love my family and I love God the field trips and I get to meet new Tamaria- “I like camp because you mostly. I learned about the fruit of people. I love the taco salad and get to go in the dressing room and the spirit, some math and how to lasagna for lunch. I like bible study dress up. I like my teachers and I behave out in public. I really liked and painting. My favorite fieldtrip like everything I made at camp. I the chicken tenders for lunch and was when we went to God’s Farm.” like all of the East Cobb volunteers swimming was one of my favorite field trips. My favorite enrichments was when we made t-shirts, purses and sand art.” Destiny Lakesha Tamaria
  4. 4. October 2009 ~ Page 4 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Drama Class (Continued from page 1) typing, filing, and basic computer skills; Minor accounting and book keeping; Run local errands; Assist This summer the kids took a great to the drama lesson, but soon after Justina on home visits and home interest in Drama class. Jennie several of the kids really got into deliveries; Assist in coordinating Ortega from Christ Church taught this drama presentation. the after school program and our class this year. summer camp; Attend some of the Jennie held an audition for the kids Jennie is the director of a traveling to have the opportunity to perform speaking engagements kid’s drama play called Pilgrim’s the next day with the actual actors Holidays Progress, a very beautiful musical of Pilgrim’s Progress. A few of the The holidays are coming soon. We presentation about Christian’s kids, a teacher and one of our youth are taking donations of gift cards adventures as he journeys from the workers were chosen to perform. and sponsorships for children and city of destruction, to the celestial They were very excited! families. If you would like to donate city. Along the way he escapes The performance was wonderful for Thanksgiving or Christmas, from prison, encounters lions, the and one that the entire camp will please send donations directly to shining ones, the worldly wise remember. We all have a new our P.O. Box address. Our men, and others and finds found interest and an appreciation “Sponsor a Christmas Star” forgiveness. for Drama. program will go out in November. At the beginning of the class, many Look for the newsletter! Thank you Jennie! of the kids were hesitate to respond This summer I was blessed to spend a day in Disney World with the children and leadership of Summerhill Community Ministries. Never have I witnessed more love, kindness, better behavior, or sheer joy than with this group. Justina embodies the fruits of the Spirit and God is infusing these into the lives of all under her care. When I think back on the day, I see smiles, hear laughter, and feel gratitude that I was allowed to accompany them and be a part of creating wonderful memories for such a special group. Sara Pace Executive Assistant to Danny Wuerffel (Continued from page 2) Thank you for your continued prayers and support as Justina and her staff seek a magical, God-inspired transformation of the Summerhill community. P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • justinascm@juno.com • http:www.summerhillcm.com