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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Oct07


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Oct07

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Newsletter ~ October 2007 Serving Inner-City Youth and Families Summer Camp - 60+ Children! A HUGE “Thanks!” goes out to ALL of our summer camp supporters. Because of you, we were able to serve 60 children and hire 8 teen job trainees. Our teen workers were juniors and seniors from local high schools. We have particularly partnered with the Southside High School work force ASP Expands program to receive students that are serious about learning good job skills. As a part of our summer job The After School Program has training program, several of our started. We are serving 40 children teens attended life skill meetings, this school year. We have almost obtained their Georgia ID, and doubled our role. After receiving opened a checking account for the special requests from teachers and grounds of God’s Farm. The kids first time. came face to face with animals that parents for several of the students to attend our program, we are trusting Our summer camp kids chose God’s they had only read about or seen God to provide all we need to have a Farm as their a favorite field trip. We on TV. They were able to hold and successful school year. traveled each day for a week, to pet these animals and some took on Temple, GA to attend God’s Farm. the challenge of chasing goats and We have a true challenge ahead as a baby pig. A few made friends many of the kids are below grade These inner city kids were amazed with a llama. level. In the past, we have seen the and excited as we stepped onto the (Continued on page 3) kids we have worked with dramatically improve their academics over the years, especially in reading and math; so we are very hopeful for the students Dix Family Update we will work with this year. What a busy, but productive as usual, this summer. One thing We so appreciate the faithful summer it has been - so busy that that I thank God for, although it has volunteers who are with us again to my communication fell off a good taken a good bit of my time, is the help tutor and encourage the bit. Guilt set in because I did not relationships that have grown with children in their academics. There communicate with the ones that are many of the kid’s parents. are also several new volunteers who most dear to me as I would have will be joining our effort of helping We have parents reaching out and liked to. Then the Lord brought the these kids. literally crying out for a better life, reality to my mind that I am a and to be better parents to their If you would like to help in any way, missionary in inner city Atlanta and children. God is allowing me to please, send an e-mail to His grace is sufficient. share His Word, some hard truths, Our website Along with the every week running has a volunteer needs list as well. (Continued on page 2) of summer camp, I had a house full, P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •
  2. 2. October 2007 ~ Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. (Continued from page 1) summer camp and stay out of mercy, and parenting skills to some parents who are very open to trouble. Mom works a lot and relates a bit We Will Miss You hearing. Our prayer is that that they differently to the boys than will accept and receive these life- grandmother did. There are some changing principles and in turn resentment issues and relational change their family lives. God is problems between mom and the already moving and doing great boys. things. The high school the boys had ~ Ashley’s Knee attended was rezoned over the summer. The boys would now have to go to a different school 30 Right after camp, my daughter, minutes away. Courtney’s brother, Ashley, tore her ACL and some Anna Winter, who’s been working Eric is a senior so the school cartilage playing soccer with the with SCM for 3 years, lost her allowed him to stay, but Courtney, boy’s team and had knee surgery. grandfather, John Hart, in August. a junior, would have to go to this On the first day of school, they had He volunteered his time and came other school. to go into her knee again. She to Summerhill to perform magic missed the first week of school. It Mom did not want him to be so far shows for the after school program was a busy 2 weeks, being with her away as Eric has a history of kids. at the hospital and getting seizures and she works from everyone else ready for the school 2:30pm to 12:00am. If something This Christian granddad made the year. Ashley is doing fine and will happened with Eric it would be kids laugh as he made ropes grow do rehab for the next month and a hard to get to him quickly. Mom longer and shorter and made half. It was hard to keep in touch or and Courtney asked if he could live things seem to disappear and respond to e-mails. with me for the school year and go reappear. The kids tried their best to Southside with Ashley. After to figure out his secrets, but could Emanuel Jr. and Joel are still in not. The kids loved him! much thought, consideration, and college. Jeremy is in the 7th grade talk with my family, we agreed. He passed away with his family at this year, and Myleondre and Dreleon are in 2nd and Of course Courtney is thrilled his side. Anna shared, “We are so kindergarten . Justin is trying to get about being in school with the kids sheltered from death. I feel a job for a security company. Until he grew up with since elementary. honored to have been able to be he gets all of the details and starts He goes home on the weekends to there for my Grandad's last few work, he will be helping me at the be with mom and Eric. Please pray hours and accept that death is part After School Program. for this family. of life.” “My friend Minnie V and my ~ New Houseguest Grandad left this life with no ill ~ House Expansion News feelings, with no grudges, with no Courtney Simpson is our new anger.... I want to live like these houseguest for the school year. I’ve Anna and Justin have just received two lived... each day to the fullest. I known him and his older brother the survey on our house expansion. want to love with all my heart. You Eric, since they were born. They They have the plans drawn up from can't take "stuff" with you. Pastor lived next door to my family here in the architect and will now submit Weber also said, “I've never heard Summerhill for about 13 years until papers for the permit. I’m told it anyone on their death bed say that the grandmother, who basically could a couple of months until the they wish they had done more raised them, passed away from actual work begins. work!" Amen to that.” cancer. Let's focus on loving one another I thank God for all that He is doing They lost the house and had to in our lives and in this ministry. I and serving our Lord however we move into an apartment. Their also thank Him for you and your are called to do that. I miss these mother took over the complete ongoing support and prayers for two so much, but I rejoice that their care of them, but sent them to stay my family and me. hope was set in the Lord and that with me each summer for the last 5 they were such examples of years, so that they could attend Justina Dix following Christ.
  3. 3. October 2007 ~ Page 3 (Continued from page 1) Other activities they participated in were scavenger hunts, trampolines, archery, paint balls, and swimming. One of the highlights of each day was when the Director, Larry Team, shared a wonderful Bible message. He had the kids’ full attention as he talked about walking with God in the city. He encouraged the kids to make good decisions, as their choices will definitely affect their lives forever. We ended the week with a trip to Lake Lanier. The kids rode a ferry, a speedboat, a Sea-doo sport boat and went water skiing. It would be a Miller. Khamirah shared her story week long remembered. The kids of how she survived being are already begging to go to God’s homeless during her 4 years of Farm and Lake Lanier again next high school with both parents being year! in jail. ”We rejoiced and celebrated the great works of God!.” She went through a lot during this time including being raped and mistreated. She trusted God for her Summer Camp healing and for her life. She managed to keep her academic focus and graduated with a 3.9 Ending Program average. She has come to know the Lord in a very real way and is now Our ending program was a night to in her 2nd year at Georgia State remember. Each class presented University. their own version of what they learned through skits, songs, dance Some of us already knew her story. and sign language. The entire Most were hearing it for the first camp also presented songs and time. We all cried and rejoiced with dance as they worshiped the Lord. her. We rejoiced and celebrated Justina’s son, Justin surprised the the greats works of God! crowd as he broke out into a solo. After this program, some of the He was overwhelmed as he sang to parents came forth to say that they the kids that “Yes they can!” They want to “live a better life and start could do anything through Christ going to church”. Some went to who strengthens them. Redemption Fellowship with Justina The program ended with the entire and some went to local churches. camp singing “Imagine Me” and a Please pray for God’s word to special testimony by Khamirah penetrate their hearts and change their lives! P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •
  4. 4. October 2007 ~ Page 4 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. “Don’t Beat Yourself Up” Flag Football We went into this season thinking, “... Christmas Bucks not much we can do with this rookie 14- The children at Summerhill under team- so as long they have clean, Community’s ASP have been safe fun, it would be good enough.” I’m learning about loving and giving glad people’s lives are not left up to us. to others. The two greatest Much more than just fun flag football, commandments have been the however, would happen with this rookie team. motto: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, This year we had a mix of boys ages 7 to and love your neighbor as 14 . Most had never played with a team yourself.” It is exciting that the before. We had a couple of quiet kids, children get to live out what they honor students, kids with learning have been learning through ASP’s disabilities, behavior problems and a Christmas program. Each child couple of kids with low self- esteem and has made a list of gifts they would During the fourth week, the referee motivation. asked one of our players to lead the like to give and receive. prayer before the game. Montel volunteered and in his prayer, he said As we approach the “wrapping “…and God help us not to beat party” on 12/20/07, the kids will ourselves up…” Coach D. D. had be doing extra chores around the instilled these words along with many house, at school, and throughout more into the players. They latched on the community in order to earn to them and began to support each other “Christmas bucks.” An adult will like never before. They played hard and sign a form to show that the child strong. has completed a task, and then those Christmas bucks will be It was a great surprise when they won their first game. It was as if they’d won exchanged for the gift they want to the championship! This was the give to a loved one, and they will beginning of a winning streak. Well, receive 2 for themselves. It is Coach Emanuel Dix, also known to the encouraging to see a group of they did end up at the championship, players as Coach D.D. had his hands full. young people excited about tied the first game, went into overtime Most came to practice eager to learn the serving and giving to others and won. game of football. Coach D.D. taught during a season in which they are them the game, focusing mainly on During the final games again they tied generally focused on just having a positive mindset, making good the game, went into overtime and themselves. choices, and good sportsmanship. scored! The team won the Championship and shocked not only the league, but We would love to have your During the loss of their first game, a few themselves as well. They hugged and help! of the players made several mistakes cheered and shook the hands of the and each time they did, they would If you choose to sponsor a child, other team. They held great attitudes almost hit themselves. They acted as if you will receive an card written by throughout the season and are looking the world would come to an end, so to one of the children with three gift forward to playing with each other speak, because of their mistake. Coach wishes. We ask that you purchase during basketball season in January. D.D. would reassure them and the gifts and turn them in to a SCM encourage them to keep going, but it representative by Friday, was hard for them to forgive themselves. 12/17/07. Please put the gifts in a This started the season on a losing streak, but they would give it all they bag with the child’s name on it. If had until the end of the game. you don’t have time to shop, feel free to send a donation to cover Prayer was a part of each practice and the cost of the gifts for a child. every game. As they made mistakes on Remember that all donations are the field, you heard another player yell tax deductible. out, “Remember- don’t beat your self up!” The player that made the mistake, changed his continence, gathered himself together, and went on to play the game. P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •