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Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc.
                                                 Serving Inner-City Youth and Famili...
Page 2 ~Newsletter ~ October 2005                                                Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc.

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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Oct05


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology, Education
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Oct05

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Serving Inner-City Youth and Families Mixed Feelings Our country has certainly been this number, you can no longer Department of Housing & Urban through a lot during these past few look at just the statistic. A large Development (HUD) freezing their months. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita number of people are on long stock of affordable Section 8 made a lasting impression on waiting lists for housing and jobs. housing. HUD is now only renting to countless Americans. Our hearts Some spend their wait in shelters or Hurricane evacuees leaving many were touched by the tragedy of the with friends or family often time in in our city on the wait list to feel aftermath. We stood united, without overcrowded apartments and they have been put on the back regard to race, cultural differences, houses. Others try to make it on the burner. HUD’s decision affects or economic status to give money, streets, hoping each day just to many of the families we work with resources and prayers for the make it through. Many of our in the ministry. Both those who hurricane victims. What brought us neighbors who find themselves in have been displaced by the together? The thought of knowing this dire situation are not lazy hurricanes and those who are so many families were uprooted moochers looking for hand outs, without a home in our city need our from the place they called “home”. but rather need a “hand up” to get help. I’m sure we have all responded in back on their feet. Lay offs and job Now, hopefully you can see why I our own way to aid the hurricane loss have affected a large number have mixed emotions. It’s a touchy victims. However, I must confess, I of Atlantans. Furthermore, the issue without any easy answers. do have mixed feelings. I’ll try to shelters are full of women & The one thing we all can do is to explain... children escaping an abusive remember those that have been situation who need help rebuilding The news reported this month that displaced and are facing poverty their lives and a place to call home. Atlanta ranks #5 on the list of and housing issues in our prayers. However, Atlanta is facing a crisis having the highest poverty rate in in being able to place people on Justina Dix the nation. This is a number we the long housing list into read, but when you actually meet apartments or homes due to The some of the people who make up No Money - No Problem SCM has contributed to the relief effort for the hurricane victims by donating cash, food, and clothing items both to relief organizations and directly affected families. However, if you don’t have money or items to give, you can do something similar to what our ASP children did. They made a quilt out of squares with personal messages, scriptures, and drawings of hope. One of our new volunteers, Anna Winter, from Tyrone, GA led the children in this meaningful project of love for a family of 35 from Louisiana who now lives in the metro area. (Anna is an art major and will be our arts & crafts teacher this school year.) Our children learned that even when you don’t have much money, you can always give that priceless homemade gift of encouragement.
  2. 2. Page 2 ~Newsletter ~ October 2005 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. After-School Program Twenty-one children are now return to the ASP. Joining our team enrolled in our After-School are also Anna Winter (arts & crafts Program. Our teachers and teacher), Paulette Jackson, Mary volunteers are doing an excellent Lamont and Tracy and Michael job assisting students with their Bunch who will be with us twice a homework and emphasizing math month. A special thanks also to our and reading skills. Miss Wanda returning faithful volunteers Sally Jones, a long time Summerhill Doster & Anne Burlas. resident and former educator Your talents are needed to provide joined our staff this year. special enrichment activities for the Furthermore, we welcome our new kids such as cooking, music, sports, Mission Year volunteers Caleb academic games, or educational Starr from Ohio and Rebecca fieldtrips. Other opportunities are Niederfringer originally from New available as well to assist in the England, as well as rejoice that program. Please feel free to contact former Mission Year volunteers, us for more information. Anna Winter & Wanda Jones Katie Weber & Phil Yarborough Ministry Needs Prayer Request • Prayer • Office Depot or Staples gift cards Please keep Justina & her family in • Van your prayers. She’s facing a family • Stamps & Envelopes • BP gas cards situation that involve adding a five • Financial Contributions & year old boy to her immediate • Snacks and juice for the After Tithes of Time household. Please pray for wisdom, School Program & sports grace, and a resolution. programs • Handymen & Mechanics Flag Football Update GO TEAMS!! After 5 weeks into the high school diploma, as many season, we are proud to report that African-American males are both of our 18-under & 14 -under becoming discouraged and flag football teams are undefeated! dropping out. Feel free to come out More importantly all our guys are and support a game. All games are enrolled in school knowing that we being played at South Bend Park in are following their academic South Atlanta. For game times call progress. SCM offers private Justina @ 404.964.4604. Donations tutoring for our high school players of Gatorade and snacks are always and works with their teachers for needed and appreciated by the after school tutorials. Our volunteer players. coaches from last year, Phil Yarberough & Emanuel Dix have returned and continue to Praise God! We finally emphasize teamwork and have our official 501c3 sportsmanship. One of our goals is tax exempt number!!!!! to see all of these guys receive a P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •