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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Jun05


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Jun05

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Serving Inner-City Youth and Families Building Character Like Jesus We are into our 4th week of camp! Our theme is “Building Character Like Jesus.” The kids are learning how to build their character through exciting Bible lessons. We’ve also had arts & crafts, track & field, community service projects, delicious lunches, and fun-filled field trips! Although camp is going well, we have some kids facing a few challenging situations. Please keep us in your prayers. Justina Dix Seeds, Weeds & Needs Dear Brothers & Sisters, happen to their friends and relatives. I’m not generalizing these I can’t believe that it’s been 7 years problems, these horrible things since Richard & I moved into the have all happened. inner city. Time flies and creeps along at the same time. The kids that I think it really hit me this summer I taught as 5 & 6 year olds are how important having productive Through your prayers, financial getting ready to start middle school. activities and caring adult gifts, and volunteer efforts, you The young guys are now teens that supervision is to the young people. have helped make a positive tower over me now. Some of our Without anything to do, they wander difference. “kids” are now college students or up and down the streets where they beginning their careers. If ever I encounter drug pushers, addicts, WEEDS questioned if I could make a prostitutes, gamblers, and speeders. Urban Ministry is tough. Results difference, all I have to do is look at I see them daily, and my heart cries. aren’t immediately evident. Seeds these young people. Having Sorry for painting such a bleak are planted which need to be someone to care, encourage, picture, but it is a daily reality in the watered, fertilized, cultivated, and admonish, challenge, and pray for city. However, through the After pruned in order to grow up strong, them has been important. I can tell a School Program, Sports Ministry, healthy, and beautiful. Weeds have distinct difference in the kids who Summer Camp, and Job Training come along to choke, kill, and have had people invest in their lives Program some stability and supports prevent growth of many in our and those who have been left to their exists in their lives. community. It’s a battle that is not own devices. Life is tough for young won overnight, but rather through people here. They live in a world of SEEDS fortitude, servitude, and attitude broken families, drugs, violence, For example, I had a parent stop me with the knowledge and faith that crime, under-performing schools, the other day to tell me “we had God is in control. It’s a job the apathy, and little opportunity. We done a good job with her kids”. This redeemed must undertake. God have had some of our kids commit is a household where both the calls us as believers to take care of crimes, run away, or fall prey to the parents have drug problems. The the poor, orphaned, foreigner, lure of drugs and premarital sex. oldest two daughters have widowed, and the “least of these”. Families have faced eviction, teens graduated high school and are have become pregnant, utilities holding down jobs. The youngest NEEDS have been turned off, kids have daughter is enrolled in our camp. I To this end, I’d like to give you a witnessed gun battles that took away praise God as I think about all the specific opportunity to be involved their parent, and have seen people that have been involved in Summerhill Community horrendous pedestrian accidents directly and indirectly in their lives. (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. Page 2 ~Newsletter ~ June 2005 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Summer Camp Prayer Requests (Continued from page 1) Ministries, Inc. Summer Camp has started in the community. This is Jalen and Jaden are twin 6 year olds in her life. She connects with my our 5th year of ministering to the - a boy and a girl. A week after daughter, Ashley, and has begun to children through this avenue. In the camp, their aunt came to the church share openly about her family life. past, we’ve received a significant to ask me if I could possibly find She shares that she is the only one in grant from GE Consumer Finance space for them. Mom has decided her family who is not doing drugs or that allows us to serve 50-60 she does not want to take care of drinking. She is trying to be strong, campers and provide our them any more. Dad is trying to but gets very frustrated with her teenagers the opportunity to be bounce back after making some surroundings. She is not allowed to involved in a job-training program. bad choices, and recently got a job go out much, so she often has to stay Many children and teens have and is working towards getting inside and inhale the drug filled come to know Christ through our custody of the twins. rooms. She wishes to spend time Summer Camp. Due to us applying Despite the mother’s choice, it is with good friends in a positive for our own 501c-3, we were not hard for the twins to be away from environment. She has also eligible to receive the grant. We their mother. Please remember expressed a desire to attend church are operating on faith, with the them in your prayers. with my family. teachers and job trainers knowing Pray for her and her family in this that they may not get a pay check. A 12 year old girl who attended situation, and that she will be able to However, that has not deterred summer camp for the first time last attend church. ~ Justina their desire to serve the children. It year has made a huge positive turn would be a blessing to us if you would pray for SCM & the camp. Thank You! Announcements Pray for God to touch the lives of the children, for the teachers to have wisdom and patience in • We are still in need of your support as we try to meet our leading their classes, and for July budget. (All donations are adequate funding. God has Mark and Phillip Wu - for provided for us in so many ways. coaching our 2005 Soccer Team. tax deductible.) Our t-shirts and many of our We placed third in the league. The • Look for 1st and 2nd quarter lunches have been donated and enthusiasm and teamwork of our giving receipts in July. volunteers come daily to serve and almost all-new rookie team was encourage the children. However, priceless. • It’s not too late to volunteer. we still have plenty of opportunities Please call or e-mail. Anderson Carswell from to serve. Redemption Fellowship - designing SCM’s new logo. Update on the Lindsey’s Coming soon! Please pray for us as we Members of Redemption have opened our home to a Fellowship PCA, East Cobb PCA, 17 year old young man. and Christ Church PCA for Specifically pray that we can preparing delicious, nutritious get him back into a normal lunches in the month of June. high school setting instead of him attending night All of our great supporters of SCM classes at an open campus summer camp! high school. Also pray for wisdom and discernment for Richard & myself as we adjust to having a teenager as well as for being mindful of the advice and example we set. In gratitude, Nancy & Richard Lindsey P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •