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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Jan05


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Published in: Spiritual
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Jan05

  1. 1. Sunmerhill Community Ministries, fnc. .. 2005) ~ Y I C o a # w m i t y ~ Jrtrtina & (404)909-3110 JaAifcp P.O. Box 160294 Atlatifa, 6 A 30316 E m u i l : j ~ j u n o . c o mor - c n .a m-- - Another teen boy snaps again & hurts another teen. He is now fac- ast time). Each holiday ing time in jail. i year. Then there is Joel, who is the strong silent type, but has a real sense of humor. He is staying f e year! This remember our loved ones A young high school student vis- cused as he gears up for the position mermsmw have lost, as I'm sure you its my house to t l . She informs ak of starting Quarterback at Southside also. This year my chil- me that she was molested when next year. (Weaskfor your prclyers she was younger and after losing for him as he wm recently held up her mother last year7she began to at gunpoint walking to school. He hang around a certain group of managed to h k the gun from his girls. These ese a*d l- ottacke~ get awq- Wepraise and her to explore a homosexual life God that he 3 s0fe-I) Ashley is en- style. Even thougb she engaged in joying her first year in H.S. She this exploration, she says, this is starts for the girl's basketball team . not the way she wants to live her She is so sincere about her walk wl life. She's ready to make changes, God that I get encauragement h m but is having a hard time trying to her. Jeremy, my youngest is laid talk to her guardian and family back, but speaks unexpected words members about this issue. of truth & wisdom. He's adjusting Another high school girl tells my to his new school. son, Justin that she doesn't feel My kids deal w/extreme peer pres- Ihademrisioned s p x d b g e s sure in school & m our community. loved by her adoptive family and p s~ - * o d a t m~ g o doesn't want to live anymore. He In addition, they have a mom who's timeswithmy~rmd~ involved m inner-city ministry, able t get lots of r s + the o e t At tells her 'you need to t l to my ak mom". The list of calls and dire which means watching mom work samethneIwasSeekhganan- long hours' receiving phone calls at s w e r t o a v e r y ~ t ~ ASAP. I started get- situations can go on. all hours, having to adjust when my trymc;hoiceqnestian. Idid income drops or stops,& bemg will- baveawonderfioltimewithmy As I said, I was seeking an answer and children. These are fiom God as to whether to con- ing to share their home wl others in ~.Itfllrrstb~timein need. As God molds and shapes my yearsmy~hadallofher few of the events that tinue to do ministry in the city, which means being on call more children, I have great joy to know -%wh=-MYgifttow that my kids h o w where their help fillmilywasro~dirmer than I'm off and receiving a fluxuating salary, or getting a 9-5 and hope come from. In the midst andmakesmethatdlmysis- of their own pain, they reach out & and being home at a set time Z -? ' " a e w~ - $" X a g - ~ whfienxeivkga stablepay- aUow God to use them tsspeak w a s ~ ~ . W e s p e g l t truth & hope into the lives of others. time m&c€hg and eatjoying check? I needed to talk to a few of onemother-MycMdremandI er daughter had taken 15 my biggest supporters, my chil- My children gave me the answer. also did some refhthg Christ- dren. There is James, who is still They told me that I needed to con- naas:week. Dming'rhdsgk- protecting the streets of Atlanta tinue to do minisby. They reminded ingweekof2o00,my~ and continues to pursue his love me that the kids learned about Jesus lost bath of their gramid& m of music. The hint of wedding and & that the ASP, sports program, thesameweek,MyiwEr--in- bells may be in the air for him summer camp, and youth nights (I'll keep you posted). Next is give kids something positive to do hI#rssedmfkom- Emanuel. who is the life of any maTnesdayatuilqlrdad & something to look forward to. me back to tell me party & who is eagerly building "Mom, you are called to do what P=daw--faihne, fivedaysh.My*and would he set with his barbering business. Justin is you are doing" was the final word. I haajllst visited him the day next. He's big 62 strong, but has a In my heart I h e w this, but it is a befcffedhadnoideahe teddy bear heart. He's working blessing to confirm 62 obey your amnidbeganethernextdary. hard in school as he prepares to calling. The need for inner-city (oveMGodforbe'mg.&ie graduate next year. Look for "Big ministry is great & we are ready Justin" on the football field next to BEGIN AGAIN!
  2. 2. SUMMERHILL COMMUNITY MINISTRIES, INC. - --* - SERVING INNER-CITY YOUTH AND FAMILIES MAILING A O E S P.O. Box 160294 Atlanta, 6A 30316 O RS: * Email: (phone) 404.964.4604 or jenbrumf 404.909.3110 INTRODUCINGJUSTlNA DIX &JENNIFER BRUMFIELD - 1 want to introduce lustina Dixto everyone on my mailing list that doesn't already know q. :! her, and maybe shate some infirmation that even some of her own ministry pattners didn't t- already know. lustina and I have known each other and have been working together f i r over 4 years. Being apatt ofthis ministry is mote like being in a fimily. Four years of talking iust about evety day, ptaying together, having m a l s together, crying together, sharing, working, believing, and hoping tends to make people close, and weate definitely very close. 1 consider lustina to be not only my boss, but also a dear h e n 6 a sister, a role model and mentor, a confidant, and one ofthe best teachers I have ever had. Though lustina would never say this herself, she is most definitely the right leader f i r Summerhill Community Ministn'es. She has been living in ~ummerh~f$ra~un4?_9 yeats,zrn&kmwthe community and people v e " f - w d W d o v e s the brttao+ -. about evetyone who meets her, says something about how she tadiates Christ's love. I hope that each of you reading this will get to know her better, and that youll remember to ptay fbr her. She needs your ptayers f i r wisdom, strength, and encoutagement, s that she a n keep pressing o n towards the prize! o I would like t o introduce Jennifer Brumfield t o supporters that do not know her. Jennifer has been with SCM for 4 years now. She is the Director of the After School Program and my right hand assistant. She made the conscious decision t o move into the community and to commit herself t o inner-city youth and families. Besides being on staff she also has become a very good friend and big sister t o my kids. The Summerhill Community has embraced Jennifer because she has shown kindness and concern f o r so many of the children and families. My family and I are blessed t o know her and have her be a part of our lives. Jennifer also coaches soccer and is on call when I need her f o r other things in between. Introducing Mission Year Courtney, Phil, Zac, &Mark - -- I Juliet, Katie, & Rose Announcements SCM wiH now be sending a newsletterthat will consist of artides that come from all of our program directors and staff. A special Thank You to an w r supporters who sponsored a child &donated presents, time. wrapping paper & materials to ensure our ASP kids & families had a Meny Christmas. We are Messed to have a Christian Law Firm now partnering with us to complete w r 501@3 application. Donations are still taxdeductible during this process. Basketball Season has begun. We praise God for our volunteer Coaches and g r e w appreciate their commitment. New uniforms were graciously donated this year so our guys look & feel great! If you want a game schedule, please email or call Justina or Jennifer.