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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Feb09


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Feb09

  1. 1. Community Ministries SERVING INNER-CITY YOUTH & FAMILIES IN Newsletter ~ February 2009 THE DOWNTOWN ATLANTA AREA We moved into our new ASP home in January of 2009!!! Testimonials From the Kids Written by James Walton (age 15) would have been walking the I am now a 15 year old freshman streets with my friends and attending Maynard Jackson High My name is James Walton and I everything but there are some School and I am still a part of all of have been a member of Ms. extra curricular activities that are these programs. In two more years Justina’s after school program, keeping me off of streets and I hope to become a Job Trainer at summer camp, basketball leagues, around bad things. summer camp and will always be a and football teams since I was 7 part of it. years old. These programs have I have even been to church with had a great impact on me for so Ms. Justina and her family on some many years because they have Sundays. I think of them as a part of kept me out of trouble, and off of my family as well because I have the streets hanging around bad known and been around them for influences in my community. so long. I have also been trying to keep other kids off of the streets I like this program so much and ask them to join too. My friend because it helps me keep my Russell now helps out and plays on grades up and is a great influence the team because I told him what not just on me but on other kids as we do. well. If I didn’t join this program who “If I didn’t join this program knows what bad influences I would who knows what bad influences have been around. I probably I would have been around.” (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. February 2009 ~ Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Written by Bianca Smith (age 11 ) Hello my name is Bianca Smith and I am 11 years old. I have been going to Summerhill Community Ministry for 6 years and they have been the best years of my life. I have participated in the summer camp, after-school program, soccer and many other activities. This has made a great impact on my life Written by Edrek Brooks (age 14 ) because Ms. Justina has taught me a Hello, my name is Edrek Brooks. I lot about the Bible and God’s word. (Continued from page 1) have been going to Summerhill I have made a lot of friends and After School Program ever since I being around Ms. Justina is like my Written by Markeesha Arnold (age 12 ) was 6. If it wasn’t for Summerhill I mom and I love her for that. All the My name is Markeasha Arnold, and would probably be on the street or teachers here are nice and caring. I have been in Summerhill program in a gang. These are my wonderful ever since I was nine years old. experiences in my life in the Mrs. Justina is like another mother Summerhill Community Ministry. for our after school program. The Written by William Bland (age 13 ) three years I have been here Mrs. Hello, my names is William Bland. I Justina has been nothing but careful have been going to the after school to us. program for two years and I’ve been to the summer camp when I was four years old. At these places I’ve made a lot of friends. One of my best friends here is Ms. Justina. She was my best friend when I was a baby. She took care of me when my mother was at work. She gave me a home, a bed and food. Thank you for donating the funds needed to purchase the wood chips for our playground!
  3. 3. February 2009 ~ Page 3 An Update From Justina Ashley & I had good mother and soon and a written notice from a daughter time on the way to Morris doctor can lessen your wait time. I College in South Carolina before also heard of heart palpitations and Christmas. On my return drive after knew that they felt serious, but were break, about an hour into Georgia, very common and not as life my heart seemed to skip a beat and threatening. I had to be sure I Around midnight my pastor, Mike began to race. Short of breath, a needed the emergency room. Higgins, called on my cell phone. He little light headed, nervous and said that many people were praying After the doctor examined me, he for me and that I was going to be praying I worked my way into the didn’t waist any time. My heart rate alright. I felt at peace and believed slow lane and took some deep was 150 beats per minute even after just that. He told me no one was breaths. Finally on the side of the calmly waiting an hour to see the allowed to come back to where I interstate I called Ashley and asked doctor. Forbidden to drive, he sent was, but he was in the waiting room. her to pray as well. Even after me to the emergency room. James Pastor Mike prayed for me and then several minutes my heart was still stayed with me and I persuaded began to pray for all of the people in pounding. “Ok Lord, I need you Emanuel and Justin to help me by the waiting room, which was pretty right now! I’m out here in the middle carrying out the After School full. I remember thinking how God of what seems like no where, and I Program that day. used him to send up prayers for am asking You to please help me in Jesus’ name.” There were many people at Grady these people who clearly were in Memorial. As I sat there taking small need of prayer. I became full and “You’ve been up since 4am this began to thank God. breathes and trying to stay as quiet morning. You’re just tired and need and still as possible, I saw a mother to rest when you get home. Just calm bring in a very small baby wrapped “Then they labeled me a down and think of calming things.” I in a white sheet that was dripping thought of water fronts, my cardiac patient who had a mild with blood. The mother was covered granddaughter’s smile, my favorite heart attack.” in blood and the dad was almost worship music, and so on. After 20 delirious with grief. I began to pray. more minutes my heart rate was down. I could actually feel when it Another woman came in from Duluth The results were back pretty soon stopped racing and returned to a GA. She was limping and had cuts from the many tests. The blood test normal pace--but feeling also very on her face. She was in a car revealed that I had high cardiac tired as if I had run a mile or two. accident and was taken to a hospital enzymes which only appear when in Duluth, but they told her that her your heart has undergone an attack. Praising God for being alive and His Then they labeled me a cardiac injuries were not life threatening merciful answer to prayer, I made it patient who had a mild heart attack. I and that she would have to go to home in the next hours and went to was on a heart monitor, blood Grady because she did not have the after school program. After thinner, aspirin and a high blood insurance. I quickly learned that going to bed early, I woke up in the pressure medication for the next 4 there were many people in this wee hours of the morning with my days. While in the hospital, other waiting room who were there heart again pounding. I knew that I tests were taken. My EKG, stress because they did not have had to go to the doctor. But by 6:30, test, and chest ex-rays were fine, no insurance. after trying to calm myself, I was so plaque build up, no diabetes, and no tired and out of breathe that I could The stories went on and on. There high cholesterol or glucose levels. barely make it to my nephew’s was another young lady who we all My blood pressure was good, (and room. Justin got the boys dressed watched vomit over 25 times in a that’s because I’ve been taking a low and took them to school for me. pan, while her older sister tried to dose HBP pill). Adding more whole After Jeremy was off to school, I comfort her. I wished I could have grains, veggies, fruits, green tea and called the doctor who said to come given her my place in line. lean meat to my diet in 2008 was right in. paying off! It took about an hour for the intake Why not straight to Grady process. I was finally called back The team of cardiac doctors was Memorial? You must have a real and soon after admitted into the very attentive and explained how emergency for them to take you hospital. (Continued on page 4) P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •
  4. 4. February 2009 ~ Page 4 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. (Continued from page 3) there was no actual damage or lacerations to my heart which “I was reminded of God’s love toward me, thorough His people.” V-Day Celebration usually occur as a result of a heart attack. One of the women in midst I want to sincerely thank all of you said, “That was God!” My response that prayed for my family and me, - “Yes it was!” sent an email or text message, and called. It meant a lot. The doctors told me that although I have made better changes to my Thanks goes out to my sons - diet, I also have to rest and need James, Emanuel, Justin, Joel and exercise regularly. I was sent home Jeremy, who took care of me so with orders to bed rest, daily aspirin well during my recovery, and also and high blood pressure kept all of the ministry programs medication, and follow-up monitor going. visits. To my church family, Redemption Fellowship and to Pastor Mike and “I appreciate God’s gentle first lady Renee Higgins, thank you reminder that I need to take for taking care of my family and me care of this temple He has so with such care. Thank you for all of graciously given me…” the meals, prayers, visits, phone calls and cards. In retrospect, I know that I had been To our faithful after school program wearing myself down for some time. volunteers from Christ Church and My mother reminded me of what East Cobb PCA, Anne Burlas, John I’ve been doing this last year. and Anne Buchanan and family, Besides taking care of my family and Sally Doster, Anna Winter, working in the ministry, I’ve been Rebecca Niederfringer, Elisa primarily taking care of her Bennett, Lisa and Shelby Robinson, household and her physical care Mamie Hite, Bunny and family, since she had surgery in March of Sallie Gustafson and family and 2008. For those that don’t know, this others. You ALL were a real was when she caught staph infection blessing to the kids in the ASP, and and it started a series of surgeries, they were so glad that we did not resulting in the loss of her hip. She have to close our doors during this has to have 24 hour care and has had time! Thank you for helping the to adjust to a different way of life. program to run so smoothly. When it comes to a sick parent, you do what you have to do to make sure Thank you to Danny Wuerffel and they are taken care of. This meant Desire Street Ministries for your often filling in when my siblings prayers and for being ready to could not make their shift. Sleep step in at any given moment with and rest became less and less. more help for this ministry. Nevertheless, I appreciate God’s I did not have to worry about gentle reminder that I need to take anything during my time of care of this temple He has so recovery because God had placed graciously given me, or I’ll be of no dear friends and wonderful people good to anyone. A dear friend told in my life. I was reminded of God’s me the other day that “life is love toward me, through His precious”. May we never forget this people. Thank you all for this gift. and try to live it as well as we can - spiritually, mentally, and physically. Justina Dix P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •