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April 2009 ~ Page 2                                                               Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc.

April 2009 ~ Page 3

House Addition Thank You
We all have dreams and desires in        project through.
life. One of my d...
April 2009 ~ Page 4                                                                    Summerhill Community Ministries, In...
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Apr09


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Published in: Spiritual, Travel
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Apr09

  1. 1. Announcement: We now have PayPal available for people to make on-line donations! You can access it anytime through our website Summerhill Community Ministries SERVING INNER-CITY YOUTH & FAMILIES IN Newsletter ~ April 2009 THE DOWNTOWN ATLANTA AREA Senseless Shootings Out of the Mouth of Children Leading up to our Spring Break, we all looked forward to rest and fun free time! But for some of our after- school- program kids, this spring break will be remembered for it’s tragic outcome. On April the 7th, 3 teens were shot in our community. 2 of them were brothers, and the 3rd was a player on our 15-under basketball team. He was shot in the leg and is recovering at home. The older brother, a 10th grader at Carver High school was killed. His brother is in critical condition at Grady Memorial From left to right the AB Honor Roll “AB” students & Principals List hospital. “P” students are (back row) Antavious(AB), Marquell(AB), Tallion (P), Myleondre(P), Asia(P), Jermaine(P), Bianca(P), Adrieanna(AB), Several of our elementary students, (front row) Niqua(AB), Joshua(P) were at the scene right after the shooting. They looked on as this teen’s body lay bleeding, while paramedics As I look back over my life , tried to revive him. This mother buried her son this past Saturday, and I’ve had accomplishments. I’ve Music has always been my first hopes her younger son will pull done good deeds. I’ve done bad love. As I grew older I through. deeds. I’ve made people laugh. traveled playing the drums in I personally know many of the family I’ve made love ones cry. I have a group called ‘Divine members of these 2 boys. They truly done all these things. Vibrations”. We performed in need prayer. different states like Florida, In the process of trying to figure out North Carolina, Chicago, New The kids needed to talk about what who I am, I can remember back York. We even had the happened when I picked them up from when I didn’t have a worry in the opportunity to perform in school. They were still in a bit of shock world - care free with no problems. Toronto, Canada. It was fun as they reenacted their accounts of I was a honor roll student and I while it lasted. Having the that night. Not being able to hear so loved the band. chance to see all these many at once, I told the kids we would My hero was my father. He taught different places at such a allow them to talk about this more, me how to respect everyone and young age opened my mind to during our devotion time. As soon as how to take care of myself. things that were beyond my we got to the Center, we all sat down Everything that my father said still years. My experiences for devotion. remains in my head. He was a matured me before my time. By the time I was in high The kids began to talk about that handsome guy - also multi-talented. school, arrogance and pride tragic night. Each shared his own He could paint, draw, dance, build became a part of my mentality. feelings and thoughts with respect of houses and he had the gift to make I was so confident in who I was the others, as they shared. anyone feel welcome. My father fell victim to drugs when I was 8 or 9. that I didn’t listen to anyone. I (Continued on page 2) That changed my life in a major got off track venturing off into way. (Continued on page 4)
  2. 2. April 2009 ~ Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. (Continued from page 1) Jordan closed out in prayer saying, I then, shared with them the senseless reason behind all of this “Lord, help us to say no to gangs and to be strong and stay off of the SCM Prayer Request happening. I was told by a family streets and live a better life. Help member that these 2 brothers have us to listen to good things. Help the a much older brother (who is a part families of the boys that they be (Names are undisclosed) of a gang) who got into a fight in alright. In Jesus name.” “D” plays on our 15 and under another nearby community the basketball team. He has been week before. The men from this After one of our devotions about the shootings, one of the Tutors, getting in trouble at school for the community found out that this guy past 2 years and was finally kicked they wanted so badly to hurt had 2 feeling overwhelmed and in shock about what had happened, turned out, and sent to CEP (an alternative younger brothers. The boys were to me and asked, "What chance do school in Atlanta). “D” wanted to outside that night, on their way to a these kids have and what are they play on our team this year. He had corner store. 2 cars drove buy, to be encouraged to attend shooting the boys. The 10th grader suppose to do??!” practice in the beginning, but soon was also a part of the gang that his I pulled her away from the kids and started to be one of the first to older brother was a part of. He saw told her that we keep doing what show up to practice. the cars and yelled out a gang we are doing, but with even more quote. It cost him his life. passion and purpose. We continue Coach Emanuel decided to have a to speak truth and practical positive talking session with the boys. They Here are some of our kid’s alternatives to these kids so that discussed making good and bad responses: decisions. The boys began to share they will know that they have hope “It makes me sad that someone and have the power to choose a situations going on in their lives. would do this to teenagers. They better life by making better The boys were so open and should have thought twice” choices. We keep God's word engaged that the talk lasted for a before them and love on them each while. “I hate the reason they died.” day that we have them in our care. The next week was a rainy one and “Gang members are cowards, Coach Emanuel had to cancel a because they shoot and run and “Choose for yourselves this day whom practice. “D” then asked Coach. don’t fight with their hands.” you will serve... But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” “Can we do the talk thing?” Coach “We need to say “no” when Joshua 24:15 Emanuel realized just how much someone ask us to be in a gang.” these boys need positive “Be strong and courageous, and do the encouragement. Please pray for “There was so much blood!” work. Do not be afraid or discouraged, “D” and the other boys on the team for the Lord God, my God, is with you.” Jaylen says, “Ms. Justina, I’m going 1 Chronicles 28:20 that are open and hungry for a to work on my writing. I want to be better way. Pray also pray for a writer and get a job, so I don’t Coach Emanuel. have to be on the street.” P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •
  3. 3. April 2009 ~ Page 3 House Addition Thank You We all have dreams and desires in project through. life. One of my desires was to have Justin and faithful volunteers spent more space in my home--more long hours working on our home, room for my family and for people after they worked their regular that we welcome into our home. jobs. Over the last several months, Some stay for a few hours, others a we saw men, women, and children few days to several weeks at a time. come through and transform our Our home has housed many home. Hammering, painting, children, teens and adults through sanding, measuring, cutting, tiling, the years. We have all shared the and much more, was the on the one bath and 3 bedroom house agenda during the fall and winter with thankfulness to God for His months. Many of those that worked provision of shelter. shared that it was a pleasure to be able to help. My family and I were touched in ways that will stay with us for life. The addition was completed for us to move in, in January, and it is beautiful!! Our new addition was built in love by these wonderful people. Thank you all, for everything you have done for us: Justina Dix And how faithful is He to send Justin and Anna Winter to us. Not only to share their gifts and talents with our after school program and summer camp, but also to spear head the wonderful addition to our house. They helped raise funds and gathered a host of hard working volunteers, putting in money and hours and hours of work to see this
  4. 4. April 2009 ~ Page 4 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. (Continued from page 1) Our 18-under team, my own world. This little world I won the put myself in consisted of sex, championship. This hanging out with friends, sports, and music. This path lead me to was the first year the trophy was not unhealthy relationships. I available on the day graduated from high school late, of the game. The picked-up bad habits such as team received it the drinking alcohol and smoking. I following Saturday. was in a dark place. The 15-under team My mother taught me the Word of God and I was raised up going to placed 5th. Go Teams! church. Because of this, I was never at ease doing the things I was doing. In the midst of all the wrong I had done, God still had mercy on Sponsor a Child/Job Trainer/Camp Teacher for me. I repented for the wrong I had done and God allowed me to get Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. - Camp 2009 back on track. I finished school and With summer quickly approaching, to receive Christ into their lives. Please went on to college at Atlanta children in Summerhill, Peoplestown, consider giving a special gift to one of Technical College as a master Mechanicsville, and Grant Park will be our urban youth this summer by barber. I am a father to my in need of constructive activities. With sponsoring them for camp. beautiful daughter Tashawna Emani your help these children can participate in SCM’s Inc. Summer While we ask the parents to contribute Dix. Camp. $25.00 to send their child to camp, the I am a teacher, coach and a mentor actual cost is $390.00 per child for the at Summerhill Community Our camp is a quality, God centered seven weeks. You can sponsor a child Ministries. I love my job. I love the camp where the young people can for one week for $65.00, for the whole learn the Bible, receive love and summer for $390.00, or with any children that I interact with. I love encouragement from staff and caring amount you wish to give. the Lord for giving me another volunteers, and participate in chance. I hope to fulfill the purpose enrichment activities and trips. In the Volunteers are also needed to provide that He has designed for me. The past years, many children have prayed meals, snacks, chaperone trips, and one gift that I’m most thankful for is teach enrichment activities. the ability to communicate with the children. To be able to listen to ____ YES, I want to volunteer this summer ____________________________________ their thoughts and feelings is one of (area of interest) the best ways to understand their Name _____________________________________________________________________ needs. Address: __________________________________________________________________ It is surprising to see how today’s youth live in the environment that City: ________________________ State: __________ Zip: _________________ surrounds them and still find a way to smile. I’m here to encourage that Phone: ____________________________ _____ YES, please mail me the newsletter smile. My desire is to say _____ YES, save postage and EMAIL the newsletter to me at: something positive, do something positive, and be someone that is Email: ____________________________________________________________ positive. Emanuel Dix _____ Yes, I want to sponsor a Child/Job Trainer/Camp Teacher for Camp! ____ $ 65.00 One Week ____ $1,850.00 Job Trainer ____ $ 390.00 All Summer ____ $2,250.00 Camp Teacher ____ $ ___________________ Other Checks should be made out to “Summerhill Community Ministries” with “Summer Camp” specified in the memo line. All donations are tax deductible P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •