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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Apr08

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Newsletter ~ First Quarter 2008 Serving Inner-City Youth and Families Please Pray Little Girl K lot of food, especially candy and that we would try to give him a Little “K” is an eight year old girl junk food, and regurgitates. She chance to be a part of a Christian who has been encouraged to belongs to a girls club at school organized league, with hopes of regurgitate so that she won’t be as and apparently someone has told ministering to his soul. big as her mother. Small, frail K her how to stay small and not be One challenge among many others came to Summerhill new this school “fat” like her mom. He says mom was to get him through the season year when her mom stopped me at has been in denial and needs help without him losing his cool on the the bus stop one morning. She as well. basketball court. We spoke to asked if we had room for her Since then I have spoken with mom Phillip often about self-control daughter. K was excited to be here and she admits to K’s problem and during an emotional time, respect although she struggled to make says this is what brought on the of all players and staff of the friends. She constantly desired to recent pneumonia. Mom and I league, and being a team player. be the center of attention among discussed help for K. Please pray her classmates. for K. “Phillip...fits the stereotypical Remember mom in your prayers as inner-city hard core kid, raised “When she returned, K looked she recently had to be rushed to the hospital for shortness of breath without a father and seemingly even smaller, literally skin and and heart pain. angry at the world .” bones. I sensed that something more was wrong.” We prayed for Phillip more than he Phillip knew. We watched him carefully I met with mom and step uncle and during games to make sure we took Phillip who is 16 years of age fits a relationship began to develop. him out at the onset of temper the stereotypical inner-city hard They shared family circumstances flares. Sometimes we thought he core kid, raised without a father and we helped with food and was going to loose it and Justin and seemingly angry at the world. transportation. Mom and K had to would shout a couple of words, At the beginning of the season, his move in November. Mom wanted K “Phillip are you good?” and Phillip mother came to me and said she to continue to come to our ASP would take a deep breath and really needed help with Phillip. She because she said K was doing shake his head yes, or give a knew that my son Justin, had much better in school. She thumb’s up. We knew that he was developed a bond with Phillip over committed to riding Marta to take trying. I commended him on his the years and Phillip stated that he her to school in the morning and effort to stay cool. He would nod only respected Justin and his pick her up at the ASP each day. and smile, which is something that mother. A few weeks ago, K missed a full this young man rarely does. Phillip has been kicked out of two week of school. Mom told Justina Phillip made it through the season different boys and girls clubs in the she had pneumonia. We began to but still needs to get to know his community and has been pray for her. When she returned, K personal Savior in a very real way. suspended from school more times looked even smaller, literally skin Please pray for him and us as we than they can remember - mostly and bones. I sensed that something seek to reach him where he is. for fighting and disrespecting more was wrong. The step uncle adults. Mom seems to have no pulled me to the side and asked me control. Justina Dix to please talk with K about a problem she has been dealing Although Phillip questions if there with. He went on to say that K eats a really is a God, Justin and I agreed
  2. 2. First Quarter 2008 ~ Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Justina’s Mother Justina and her family send out a huge thank you to all those who prayed for her mother. After undergoing two three-hour surgeries in one week, she made it through the complications and is recovering well in the Manor Care Rehabilitation Facility in Decatur, Georgia. She is expecting to return home in 4 weeks. Summerhill Snaps Baby Winter Summerhill kids await Anna & Justin Winter’s baby boy. The kids include baby Winter in their prayers each day as we end our devotions. Although much excitement about the new baby is in the air, there is also a bit of sadness. We know we will have to say good-bye to Anna as a summer camp and after school teacher. This multi-talented young lady will be truly missed in this fashion. Anna will keep close to Justina and family as a dear friend as she and Justin head the project on Justina’s house.
  3. 3. First Quarter 2008 ~ Page 3 Summer Camp 2008 Summer Camp is around the corner. Some of our camp kids are already talking about camp. One Sponsor a Child/Job Trainer/Camp Teacher for popular question is, “Are we going Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. - Camp 2008 back to God’s Farm?” They look forward to the summer at S.C.M. Camp dates are tentatively set for June 10th – July 18th. Please help us provide a fun, safe We may add another week if funds are sufficient. summer for these kids. With summer quickly approaching, Please consider giving a special gift to children in Summerhill, Peoplestown, one of our urban youth this summer by Mechanicsville, and Grant Park will be sponsoring them for camp. in need of constructive activities. With Teen Job Training your help these children can participate in SCM’s Inc. Summer While we ask the parents to contribute $25.00 to send their child to camp, the actual cost is $390.00 per child for the Program Camp. Our camp is a quality, God centered seven weeks. You can sponsor a child for one week for $65.00, for the whole camp where the young people can summer for $390.00, or with any The teens are calling and showing learn the Bible, receive love and amount you wish to give. up at the house, hoping for and encouragement from staff and caring anticipating a summer job with volunteers, and participate in Volunteers are also needed to provide Summerhill Community Ministries. enrichment activities and trips. In the meals, snacks, chaperone trips, and We will hold interviews during the past years, many children have prayed teach enrichment activities. last week of April. to receive Christ into their lives. We are glad to see how many of As always - we need your prayers! our past Teen Workers that started out at Summerhill have been able to get and keep a job with a good work ethic. To name a few: Joel Dix- Full time College student ____ YES, I want to volunteer this summer ____________________________________ and Manager at J.R. Crickets in (area of interest) Union City. Name ___________________________________________________________________ Khamirah Miller - Full time college Address: ________________________________________________________________ student and holds job with Hands on Atlanta. City: ________________________ State: __________ Zip: _________________ Justin Dix - LPS Security Company Phone: ____________________________ _____ YES, please mail me the newsletter Antwain Royster - Chick Fil A _____ YES, save postage and EMAIL the newsletter to me at: Mwalimu Clark - Full time college Email: ____________________________________________________________ student Latoya Wade - UPS _____ Yes, I want to sponsor a Child/Job Trainer/Camp Teacher for Camp! Tieon Miles - Full time college ____ $ 65.00 One Week ____ $1,850.00 Job Trainer student and part time at Atlanta ____ $ 390.00 All Summer ____ $2,250.00 Camp Teacher Housing Authority ____ $ ___________________ Other Darryl Hickson - Full time college Checks should be made out to “Summerhill Community Ministries” with student and part time at Hardens “Summer Camp” specified in the memo line. All donations are tax deductible Construction Company P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •
  4. 4. First Quarter 2008 ~ Page 4 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. CRCT Tests Our ASP kids have been working hard to prepare for the CRCT testing. Please pray as they take this test beginning April 14th. Basketball - Our teams fight to the end! SCM’s 15 and under team coached by Emmanuel Jr., better known as Coach D.D. to the boys, had a great season! These boys are learning about what it means to be dedicated and committed. They came to practice, cold rain or shine, even though they knew they would practice outside. They Ongoing SCM Needs came early to practice and games. They played each game with heart and made it to the play offs. They placed 4th in the league. • Snacks for 30 ASP kids (4 days a week) The 18 and under was coached by Justin Dix. This energized team also made it to the playoffs and then to the championship game. They won the • Paper Goods (paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, plates, 2nd place trophy. This team also holds dedicated players, but there was silverware, cups) one player that needed extra focus and attention. (See special prayer • Various grade/skill level requests) worksheet books • Cleaning supplies (big garbage bags, table, bathroom, & floor cleaning “stuff”) • Copier paper (white and colored) • Stamps, envelopes • Kroger/Publix gift cards (lately many families have food needs) • Gift cards to Office Depot/Staples or Wal-Mart for office supplies • Boxed cards for birthdays, encouragement, illness, condolences • Basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls • Gatorade, bottle water • BP gas cards for vans • Van maintenance (clean, change oil, rotate tires …) • Ongoing monthly contributions and one-time gifts. P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •