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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Apr05

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries,Families Serving Inner-City Youth and Inc. Newsletter ~ April 2005 What About The Children In our last newsletter, I choices for their lives and that affect us and the wrote about a few try to teach them to resist world. situations our young peer pressure. We want to Even with all of this people were facing. nourish, motivate, and parental support, our However, that was just the build up their character children will not be tip of the iceberg. There and self esteem. We want perfect. They will choose are so many stories that them to know that they are to do a good bit that is go unspoken. As caring unconditionally loved. right, but at some point parents, we want the best God has given us the they will also choose not for our kids. We responsibility of raising to do the right thing. Our encourage them to fulfill up our future leaders. One consolation comes in their potential. We hope day it will be our children knowing that we have that they will make right who will make decisions taught them well and have put them in the hands of the Lord. We never cease Inside this issue: praying for our children 1,3 What About the Children nor do we end our teaching. The question is Coach Comments 1,3 what about the children that do not have parental Precious Moments 2 support? What happens to the Summerhill Plays with Passion 2 latchkey kids who roam Summer Camp Needs 4 the streets until someone gets home? They often go Basketball Praise 4 hungry and have no one (Continued on page 3) A Word from The Basketball Coaches “Over the years I’ve encouraged to see the “At the onset of he season more as a team and started watched my mother growth of the 15-under I wasn’t sure exactly what supporting and [Justina] work with and team in attitudes, skills, to expect from our encouraging each other help kids from all walks of and team sportsmanship. I players. During the first more and more. life. I’ve walked the path only hope to be able to two games it was evident I have been on many teams that a lot of these continue to impact them in that the guys had not that have started out 0-2, basketball players have a positive way. They developed a feel for but I have never seen the walked. I know their earned their place of playing with one another. grace and composure struggles and desire to be second in the league. We However, after the second shown by the members of an encouragement to thank GOD!” game, things started to the Summerhill team. Not them. I was definitely click. The guys played Emanuel Dix (Continued on page 3)
  2. 2. Page 2 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Precious Moments “Therefore be careful how you walk, not caused me to ponder about how as unwise men, but as wise, making the sacred our time on earth is and most of your time, because the days are makes me want to make the most evil. So then do not be foolish, but of the time that I have been understand what the will of the Lord is.” given. Ephesians 5:15-17 I have also been thinking about all the injustice and harm that I I've been searching for words to see going on by fellow ministers write to express all that I've been of Christ. A few weeks ago some feeling. I’ve decided that God's of our children were Word might say it best (He always participating in an activity with does!). The above verses are what I another Christian organization, believe speak to all that has been on and I was very hurt to see the my heart and in my mind. Lately, I way the children were treated. have been thinking about how For as long as I have been working claim to be Christians then that precious and unpredictable life is. I in Summerhill I have been mindful of means that we represent Jesus have grieved with many people the harm that can come to others Christ, and if we do a poor job when we do not follow the will of representing Him then we can push God. Recent events have magnified people permanently away from our “We don’t know if the last this great disservice. God treasures Savior. interaction we had with someone will children (He says this repeatedly Please pray that as we strive to love, be the last one we will ever have.” throughout the Bible), and any that help, and teach people that we will harm them will have a price to pay. be mindful of the great and We must be very careful about what awesome privilege that we have over the loss of someone who was we say and how we interact with been given. We want to do our job dear to them. However, this is the everyone. We don't know if the last well! Please pray for my family too. first time in my life where it is me interaction we had with someone My aunt was a wonderful person and who is the one grieving. My aunt will be the last one we will ever will be greatly missed. Christie passed away this week and have. If it is, it is so important that it I miss her already. This loss has is a good and meaningful time. If we Jennifer Brumfield Summerhill Team Plays with Passion I am a person that gets agonizing defeats. Either excited quite easily, way, I never questioned especially if I am doing the passion and hard work something that I enjoy. that each of the young men Basketball is one of the on our team possessed. It things I enjoy most - was a privilege and honor playing, watching, and to coach the Summerhill now coaching these guys. basketball team for the They enjoyed the game sole purpose of being able and had fun. to enter into the lives of What I loved most was these young men. For this I how they played with a am thankful. passion. This passion led to a number of hard Zach Zimbelman The “18 and Under” Team fought victories and a few
  3. 3. April 2005 Page 3 (Continued from page 1) or 12 points but what happened next to witness the amount of was an answer to silent prayer. Our commitment each player had to the one player gave up team went on a ten minute run going program, but also was able to build on the team. Instead up by 12 points, only to lose the lead, a friendship with each one of the everyone was excited and then to take it back in the last guys, which I look forward to about practicing in seconds for the victory! continuing.” order to improve for the next game. The game was one of the most Philip Yarberough amazing sporting events I have Indeed we did improve wining four “The Summerhill ever witnessed and the amount of out of our next five games! Community Ministries staff team work and support that the have a real gift of working The never-give-up attitude and guys showed was amazing. Even at with young people. Their reliance on fellow teammates was the lowest point, I can’t remember impact in the community is typified in our second to last game. anyone blaming someone else, but demonstrated with the love On that particular morning we were instead they believed in each other, of Christ. I count it an short on players and had to suit up supported one another and had fun honor to work with the SCM group Jeremy Crawford from the 15 and together. It was an incredible as they reach Atlanta’s future.” under team to play with the six 16-18 privilege to be able to coach this year olds. We were down about 10 basketball team. I not only was able Phillip Wu What About the Children (Continued from page 1) working and will not or cannot take off time to tend to their kids. Some to help with their homework. Many are battling addictions and can’t lose hope and interest in school and seem to focus on the needs of their life. The suicide attempts of our children. Some have asked me to middle school and high school kids stand proxy for them as their kids are rising in Atlanta. The number face problems in school like falling has also greatly increased of our grades, suspensions, tribunal court students who are being expelled cases and more. Other parents have from the public schools and sent to declared that they can’t do anything alternative schools only to soon drop with their child and have given up. out totally. According to the GA Our first reaction may be feeling Department of Education and other pity for these kids. We shake our surveys, the Atlanta City Schools has heads and hope that things will get better one day, or think, “I wouldn’t “As I drive through the know how to help these kids even if I wanted to”. When a child’s family, community, it looks like the kids school system, or community are on vacation from school” support system breaks down, what happens to the children? youth to come and receive positive At some point someone, somewhere counseling, problem solving skills, a very high dropout rate of 56.9%. must take a step to go further…. academic help, teen fellowship, As I drive through the community, it nourishing meals and snacks, social looks like the kids are on vacation We at SCM want to put forth an skills development, and activities in from school. When I stop and ask honest effort to encourage inner city physical sports. Our programs are kids why they aren’t in school, the youth. Our young people have led by Christian people who have a responses are, “I was suspended for critical needs in which there is no heart for the kids and who desire to 3 to 7 days”, “I’m in alternative easy fix. We need you to be see them succeed. Please join us in school, they don’t care if you’re involved, because we certainly can’t this ongoing effort to make a late”, and“ I don’t go to school do it alone. With your ongoing difference! anymore, I might get my GED later”. support and your volunteer efforts, Where are the parents? Some are we can provide safe places for the Justina Dix
  4. 4. Summer Camp Needs Our Summer Camp will begin in June. Parents & kids are already asking to attend. We covet your prayers and support for this ministry. We are trusting God to provide the necessary funds. Sponsors are needed for the children, teachers, and job trainers. Camp Costs are as follows: $300 per camper $840 per job trainer $1,500 per teacher The “15 and Under” Team Our other needs include camp t- shirts, a new or gently worn reliable VAN, gas cards, and CAMP VOLUNTEERS. Please call Basketball Praise or email if you are interested in Our season just ended with our teams playing with pride in their new helping. Nike jerseys. We placed 2nd & 4th in the League. Our teams learned and showed great support and respect for their coaches and team mates. P.S. Our van need is critical. We Prayer was a priority before each practice & game. During the season, transport kids to and from the the players developed such close relationships with each other that After-School-Program, sports some confessed their marijuana habit and that they had dropped out of practices, games, church, camp, school. We are now working with these young men to get them back in and so much more. This ministry is school and to match them with a mentor. We ask you to remember them seriously impeded when we do not in prayer. have transportation. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Serving Inner-City Youth and Families P. O. Box 160294 Atlanta, Georgia 30316 404-964-4604 (Justina) 404-909-3110 (Jennifer) E-mail: All donations are tax deductible. Newsletter ~ April 2005 James & Marlita were married this past Easter weekend. Congratulations! They Thanks to Nancy Lindsey and Anne Burlas are shown here with proud mom, Justina and grandmother, Shirley Jones. for their help with our newsletters!