Community building 541


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Community building 541

  1. 1. Community Building AssignmentJanice Bezanson EDTECH 541Spring 2011
  2. 2. Social Networking in Fifth GradeThis social networking assignment takes place over the course of a month and includesnine steps. This assignment can be repeated each month using new vocabulary words.Subjects: Reading & WritingBackground Information: Students participating in this assignment have beenassigned to both small groups and partners. Groups and partners rotate monthly. Thestudents have previous experience working with the assigned web pages and software.Students have been previously in-serviced on proper netiquette skills and understandthe consequences for failure to follow established rules.
  3. 3. Assignment OverviewThe assignment is posted on a Vocabulary Project page on ThinkQuest. Students workthrough the project during the month at their own pace. The project is shown below as itappears on ThinkQuest.This months words:  jolt   pry   prospect   incident   dumbfounded   vindicate   isolated   refurbish Directions: 1. Look up the meaning of each word using or any online dictionary. Add this months words and their meanings to your vocabulary list in Word. 2. Go to flickrs creative commons to search for pictures that depict the meaning of this months vocabulary words. Save them to your desktop, then upload them to the discussion board at 3. Play picture match with your parent using the pictures stored on our class flickr page. Have your parents try to match the pictures on our class page to this weeks vocabulary words. 4. Create an interesting sentence for each of this weeks vocabulary words. 5. Go to Mrs. Bezansons wiki to add your sentences to our class wiki. 6. Read through the posted sentences and comment on at least three other writings. You are looking for interesting sentences or vocabulary words used in an interesting or different context. 7. Using what you learned reading through this months sentences, work in your groups to create an interesting portion of our group short story. Go to and be prepared to create, share and enjoy. 8. Work with your partner and design a narrated Pixie presentation of this months mixedink short story. 9. Upload your Pixie to our ThinkQuest project page. Invite students and teachers from our ThinkQuest community to view your presentation and critique it.
  4. 4. Social Networking ToolsThe following social networking sites are used for this assignment:•ThinkQuest - This is a protected, online learning platform that enables teachers tointegrate learning projects into their classroom curriculum. This site requiresadministrative approval.•FlickGroups - Used as a collaborative place to interact and store pictures.•Wikispaces - Used as a collaborative place of learning.•Mixedink - A place for students to write collaboratively.Screen shots of each of the above sites can be seen on the next four slides.
  5. 5. ThinkQuest
  6. 6. FlickrGroups
  7. 7. Wikispaces
  8. 8. Mixedink
  9. 9. Project FinaleThe final projects will be uploaded to ThinkQuest for students around the world to viewand critique. This assignment allows students to learn and collaborate with classmates,peers and teachers around the world. Collaborative online learning makes the world a smaller place.
  10. 10. Resources✤ Webpages used for the assignment flickrs creative commons flickr groups mixedink ThinkQuest wikispaces✤ Images Flickr Creative Commons Cover photo by Janice Bezanson