The Vikings


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The Vikings

  1. 1. The Vikings by Australia Class
  2. 2. what wher the vikings favrot stores   The vicings favroot stores wher about gods or past times hirs wun hir .Ouns thorwas in a rooing in a rooing bot a see supent cam up throm the wattr and thor whas in dangr so he got his hamr and cild the see supent.            the end  
  3. 3. Vikings lived in norway,sweden and denmark which altogether are scandinavia.Vikings were in the 700.They decided to invade England in 793.Vikings ate meat such as beef,chicken and much more,they also had pine bark if they were really poor.Viking men's jobs were to be a fisherman,hunter,trader and a warrior.Women would've looked after the children and would've done the farm-work while the father was doing hunting or something like that.When a viking was going on a boat they won't have much food.  
  4. 4. The vikings arrived in scootland to have there land but they fianaley setald in and they got there a peace of land and they help there nabers and they where cind to each uther and played with toghether and they eat meat and some times ther dad went on long ships and the nabers. some times the women where on there one and had to get the chikens eggs and make the bread. and do allthe chors as well. and when the dads came home they ate all the meat . because they where so hungry.  
  5. 5. The Vikings Live     By now the Vikings lived about 1030 years ago.  
  6. 6. The Vikings came from Denmark,Noreway and Sweden in 793AD and they came in boats called Long-ships.The Vikings traded Byzanteame and only traded some gold because sillver was more than gold but still got gold with the sillver.    
  7. 7. Vikings eat any type of meat like lamb , beef , chicken and lots of other diffrent meats .The viking women made bread from wheat and cheese made from milk .The vikings sometimes live on farms .The fammily had lots of animals so they had a lot of food to eat .They had chickens ( to lay eggs) ,cows (to have milk to make cheese) and lots more . The vikings did not have chocolate for a treat because they did not have the right stuff for chocolate .  
  8. 8. The viking traval  in  a  long   ship.Viking  came  from  Denmark  and  Norway and  swendden.   Eat  meeet  and   her  soop  thay  had  aopoon  fiyoor  thay  went  hunting  for  food  and  had  aopoon  fiyoor  in  ther  in  a  long  haoos.    
  9. 9. The vikings traval in lon - ship.The viking came from Denmark,Norway and Sweden.The viking live in long-house.The viking died there clothes.They cooked in open fire in the midle of the house.  
  10. 10. The vikings did not have hornes on there helmits.The vikings had very old fasoin names like Goodren and eney ather old fasoin name like that.Viking men were mostley farmers till thay had gone of with the ather viking wareiers to fihgt in battles.Viking wareiers came from Denmark,Norway and  Sweden.Vikings battled agenst England intill thay disided to live there.  
  11. 11. The vikings did not were hornes on ther helmits.The viking ships were called long ships.Vikings came from Norway,Sweeden and Denmark.The vikings lived in long houses and farms.Vikings yoused horns for drinking out of.Vikings traveld in viking long ships.The graytist wepon was an axe.Vikings raidid England.The vikings were grayt wories.   
  12. 12. The viking warriors had a axe,sword,a shield,knife and helmet. The vikings war a thors hammer around there necks because they thought it would bring good luck they all had diffrent gods. A long time ago vikings travlled to England and they invaded they had a fight and they did win but they wanted slaves so they didn't kill them and after that they settled happily. The vikings came from Norway,Sweden,Denmark,Greenland,Iceland and switserland. Vikings raided countries and stole silver.  
  13. 13. A singul viking  croow  cud   burn lotso of   hawsuss.Avikinglog ship   
  14. 14. A longtime ago the Vikings traveled to allsorts of  countries like England, Iceland,Ameriacar and Bizamteme to trad,fight or settle.But if they fort and won they would settle in that countries(but they allwase got there  
  15. 15. The vikings saled in long ships.One of the  plaes thay saled to whas England.  hourses were called long hourses.  
  16. 16. The Vikings  came from dammark sweden and norway and explored many difrent  cucheys they explored icland, england,   Soan, and frac , greenand, and gaomes   
  17. 17. the vikings came from danmark sweden and norway and exsplored many difrent cuntchreys. they exsplored icland, england, franc, greenland, and some uther places to.     
  18. 18. The viking smith job was to make weppons and make othor things. and they go fight to Russia  Demark norway and Sweeden.the Vikings traveld in a long  ship and they  go and traveld to other countrys like Norway Sweeden  Demark  and  Russia  Scandennavia.      
  19. 19. Vikings did not have horns on helments they only drank out of them.Some traded. They had very heavy sword holders with a furry inside.
  20. 20. The vikings allways ate two meals a day.Those wher breckfast and tea.when the vikings built ther ships how long it was depedid on the hight of the tree.The vikings cooked on a couldren in the middle of ther longhouses this was so the hole familly could get ther meal at the same time.  
  21. 21. I have lernd that Vikings did not have horns on ther hemets but I no every body nose that.I have also lernt that Vikings long ships wher as long as a50 ft tall tree . I think every body nose this as well the vikings had cooked in ther houses.      
  22. 22. I found out about  the vikings and they had a colldren what they cooked thir food in.It was hang from the handly. I saw the shilds and their sord. helmits didont have hones.  
  23. 23. Vikings only had two meals a day.So they were often hungry.Viking kids did not go to school infact they did all the jobs.There is a famous slave market in dublin {children make good slaves}.