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Jisc Yorkshire Suite Presentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Jisc Yorkshire Suite Presentation

  1. 1. Notebook Notebook Zip file Multimedia application Gallery creator Video recorder Video player Whiteboard Audience focus Office enhancer Flash player PDF maker Capture tool Collaboration client screwdriver word processor paint program The SMARTboard is just an interface NOTEBOOK software makes it into a powerful teaching and learning tool
  2. 2. Managing learning on student devices moving from presentation to collaboration and back again
  3. 3. SMART classroom suite Notebook Sync Notebook SE Response CE Components
  4. 4. Gallery Content the power of 'my content' drag image out of gallery, adjust pen to create interactive resource on the fly
  5. 5. Aggregating Resources Screen Shade Spotlight Magnifier Old School Adverts 1 Answer? True False
  6. 6. Painfree handling of multimedia Play video directly in NOTEBOOK Pain Relief Advertisement (1970s)
  7. 7. Integrating RESPONSE Create questions on the fly
  8. 8. Notebook SE (Student Edition) More options for group and collaborative learning Students and teachers work with the same file format Built for flexible multimedia content building and presentation Tools to help students organise their work
  9. 10. Fizzbooks Classroom Suite Teacher Licence per 18 fizzbooks purchased
  10. 11. Notebook Family Easy-to-use Easy-to-extend Easy-to-belong Everyone can use them! Core SMART customers Specific Tools for specific needs SMART Notebook Express SMART Notebook SMART Notebook SE SMART Notebook Math Tools SMART Notebook Tools (Future Plug-ins) Share Edit View Create Deliver
  11. 12. Attachments old-school-medicine-ads.htm