How to use Internet for promotion


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How to use Internet for promotion

  1. 1. Business promotion via the Internet answering the most popular questions
  2. 2. How to spend less money and get more clients?Everyone who starts his business wants to find ananswer to this question.And there is only one way to do it right now – Internet.Millions of your potential clients are connected byworld wide web and they can easily tell each otherabout you!Remember, that your competitors are already there,but they probably don’t know some features…Be the first!
  3. 3. Why Internet is important for your business?Do you know… what does SMM mean? what is SEO? how to use blogs for promotion? how to create your website? and why do you have to know it today? Because you can communicate with the whole world!
  4. 4. Here’s some statistics:2,27 billion people use Internet todayFacebook is one of the most popular websites483 minutes a month young people spend in social sites$ 29 billion were spent on online advertising in Europe½ of advertising budget comes to SEO9 of 10 marketing managers use Facebook for their company
  5. 5. They has already estimated using Internet for promotion:
  6. 6. This company had amazing result:OfficeMax companystarted an ―Elf yourself‖promo-campaign,promoting it in socialmedia. They offered peopleload their photos to makean elf with their face.As a result they had morethan 122 million people,that means that their brandbecame recognizable.
  7. 7. We can teach you how topromote your business! Turn the slide…
  8. 8. International Summer School 2013―Business promotion via the Internet‖ Ekaterinburg, Russia
  9. 9. Dates:01.08.2013 — 16.08.2013Deadline for applications: 31.05.2013
  10. 10. Our program contains: Lectures and practical classes in Business Internet communications: - bases of usability and website - on-line community management - business promotion via the Internet - PR in blogosphere - analysis of Business advertising via the Internet messages Work on the projects in large metallurgical corporations, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunication companies, energy company, etc.. Russian language classes of different levels.
  11. 11. Website: 339870639384546/
  12. 12. What is Ekaterinburg? it’s one of the biggest cities in Russia, situated in Urals, the geographical center of our country also it’s a geographical boarder between Europe and Asia EXPO 2020 is going to be in Ekaterinburg Forbes magazine called Ekaterinburg the most attractive city for business in Russia The last Russian emperor Nicholas II lived here and was killed in Ekaterinburg
  13. 13. What to visit in Ekaterinburg: 4/910/article_4910.html
  14. 14. Where to have a rest in Ekaterinburg:We have many cafes and Also you’ll find here mass-restaurants which are well- market and luxury shops as:known all over the world, forexample:  Zara TGI Fridays  H&M Mc Donalds  Bershka Burger King  Stockmann Subway  Chanel Ugly Coyote  Dior Hyatt Hotel Restaurants  Louis Vuitton
  15. 15. More information about Ekaterinburg you’ll find here: - an official website of the city, English version - the city on Wikipedia tml - nonofficial English website about Ekaterinburg - an official website of EXPO 2020 in Ekaterinburg, English version 40=14.985215598305638=41.38326925339442 - a gig pixel panorama of the city
  16. 16. Don’t miss your chance to study and explore the world! Visit our website