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Corporate mass-media


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Corporate mass-media

  1. 1. Corporate mass-media
  2. 2. Corporate mass-media -periodic printingeditions, radio - TV, videoprograms, Internetsites, the Internet portalsor other form of periodicdistribution of socialinformation, the employeeto interests of a certaincompany and let out onits initiative.(Wikipedia)
  3. 3. Structure of corporate media:Corporate media for employeesCorporate media for external audienceCorporate media for external and internal audience
  4. 4. Corporate media for employees
  5. 5. Tasks:• For loyalty of employees• For formation of corporate culture• For receiving feedback (the owner – management – employees)• For informing of employees
  6. 6. Types of corporate media: Printing mass media Television(newspaper, magazine)
  7. 7. Types of corporate media: Intranet (an internal Radio network)
  8. 8. Financing:Own enterprise assetsSubscription of employeesAdvertizing of the foreign organizations
  9. 9. Risks:Position of ownersManagement position
  10. 10. Corporate media for external audience
  11. 11. Tasks:• Loyalty to firm• Advances of the goods and services
  12. 12. Types of corporate media:• Printing mass media (newspaper, magazine)
  13. 13. Financing:Own enterprise assetsAdvertizing of the foreign organizations
  14. 14. Risks:DistributionPrinting execution and contents
  15. 15. Corporate media for externaland internal audience
  16. 16. Tasks:• Loyalty of external and internal audience• Advance of the goods and services
  17. 17. Risks:Uncertainty of audience Distribution Printing execution and contents
  18. 18. Who does corporate mass-media?
  19. 19. • The enterprise• Contractor
  20. 20. Who is better
  21. 21. Lets solve!