Communication management.


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Communication management.

  2. 2. Communication management• Communication management - a scientific management of information flow interaction between people, groups, social and political groups to address strategic and tactical objectives in the development of public relations.• Communication management teaches not the direct influence on people. This discipline is focused on the use of secret communication channels with the strategic and local objectives
  3. 3. Main objectives:• Information analysis and forecasting• Management of information to achieve certain goals• Understanding the public, a report to the management of the company relevant information.• There is a specialist in communication management candidates often resort to the highest office in the state.
  4. 4. Case study
  5. 5. ProblemsMore competition inthe Russian and, inparticular regional,Sverdlovsk, thefinancial servicesmarket. It wasnecessary to create acommunication spaceand support the levelof informationpresence in the massmedia in the region.
  6. 6. Target audience• The banks customers (including potential) - individuals• The media of Urals region• Regional economic and political elite (government structures, civil society organizations)• Managers of enterprises and organizations - potential customers of the bank (business)
  7. 7. Goals and Objectives• Creating positive information about the banks space• The image of the bank as an analytic institute• Formation of a friendly social environment and information• Creating and maintaining a good reputation of the bank• Formation of a full and fair presentation of the information about the bank• Building an effective communication and strengthening partnerships with the media, the media.
  8. 8. Strategy• Reliability, validity• Established an impeccable reputation• Conservatism• The high ratings• The maximum coverage of the target audience of the bank• Analytical, Information orientation• The absence of "political" color
  9. 9. Tools which are used for achievement of problems of bank activity on public relations:• Printing Press• TV• Radio• Outdoor Advertising• Electronic media• Personal contacts with representatives of the media elite• Media Monitoring• Surveys of target audiences
  10. 10. Tactics, creative solutions• Communication Project• Communication project advertising• Non-commercial communication project• Large-scale communication project• Local communication project• Periodically communication project• One-time communication project
  11. 11. Non-profit communication project "Press Club"• Newsletter of the bank, and comments on topical issues of economic and financial sector• In the monthly view preparing a detailed analytical review of the banking and civil law.
  12. 12. Periodic large-scale non-profit communication project «Ural first Festival of Sacred Music „Blagovest‟»SKB-bank and the Yekaterinburg diocese of the RussianOrthodox Church, the administration of the SverdlovskRegion, the Ministry of Culture organized a festival of sacredmusic under the motto "Rethink spiritual traditions -together!"
  13. 13. Large-scale periodic non-profit project " Сouncil of the banker "• Open Days, with thematic days: mortgage and consumer lending, direct telephone lines.• Each week includes the publication of analytical materials specialists of the bank in a special column, "Ask the banker" in the regional newspapers.
  14. 14. Large-scale periodic non-profit project "Golden nugget"These competitions were held during the 2003 2004 academic year.
  15. 15. “Retail Banking in the Urals”• The Bank together with the magazine "Expert-Ural" large-scale study conducted in the Ural region on the "Retail Banking in the Urals. Nonprofit communications project "Inter-bank championship mini football," Fall 2004 "• SKB-Bank and the Urals Banking Union held the interbank Championship on mini-football. October 10th, 2004 at the Central Stadium field 13 teams competed, representing various banks of Sverdlovsk region. Large-scale project "system, a socially responsible bank of the Middle Urals - the leader of the regional market"• The project has been published in editions of materials dedicated to strategic, conceptual issues of business development, economic practice and optimization of business, good governance, financial management and business education.
  16. 16. Social Projects• Competition "Children draw victory"• Restoration of the plaque dedicated to the Third Guards Division• A joint project of TV "11-channel" (Polevskoy) and SKB-Bank "This is us"• Support for the project Sverdlovsk Philharmonic "All the piano concerts by Sergei Rachmaninoff"• Support for social project "These are our children"• Preparation and publication of reviews yet free of the bank on its activities• Preparation of formal comments on behalf of the bank, their publication in the media free of charge• The implementation scenario reputational risk (article in the newspaper "Yegorshinsky news" (Artemovsk), RBC-daily, the magazine "Business Quarter", the newspaper "Kommersant"
  17. 17. Results• Citation of the bank rose by 3.8 times• During the "crisis of confidence," Summer 2004. They chose as their financial partner, 42 organizations and enterprises• During the period of "crisis" outflow of funds of private individuals amounted to about 2%• None of the media did not publish the information in a negative context
  18. 18. Thank you for attention!