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Top down reading activities


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Top down reading activities

  1. 1. Rebus Game Semantic Map
  2. 2. • This activity is suitable for pupils of Year 4, topic of Story Time.• First of all, this rebus’s activity must be carry out when the teacher had told a story telling to their students during their previous lesson.• Then, on the next day, the teacher would carry out the rebuss activity based on the story that their teacher had told them.• This is to recall back their previous knowledge about the story.
  3. 3. • This activity is suitable for pupils of Year 5, topic of Malaysia, My Country.• First of all, teacher will show the pupils some pictures of interesting places in Malaysia.• Next, the teacher will ask questions politely to obtain information and clarification.• As for example, the teacher will ask about the pictures shown and their experiences based on their previous knowledge.
  4. 4. • Then, the teacher will give reading materials that related to the pictures such as about interesting places in Malaysia.• After that, the teacher will give some questions regarding the passage.
  5. 5. • This activity is suitable for pupils of Year 6.• Teacher will give the title of what they are going to learn.• For example, the title of ‘Transportation’.• Then, teacher will asks questions on what they know what the transportation.• Next, teacher will provide a text and pupils are required to make a mind map according to the text.• Teacher will show the examples of the map to the students.
  6. 6. references•• English Textbook Year 4 KSSR• Google Image