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Frankfinn Assignment by Sumit Gulia


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Frankfinn Assignment by Sumit Gulia

Published in: Education
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Frankfinn Assignment by Sumit Gulia

  3. 3. Name:-SumitBatch:-J3Subject:-GroomingAssessor:-Mrs. SwarchaCentre:-South-X,Delhi
  4. 4. GROOMING:- Means neat and tidy appearance. Its an art of self presentation. Good Grooming is commonly used to refer to a persons appearance. It is made up of personal hygiene, tidy hair, appropriate dressing and includes your looks, body language, communication skills, manners etc. TYPES OF GROOMING:- Physical: This is all about skin, hair and personal hygiene. Metaphysical: This is all about personality, body language and manners.
  5. 5. Professional attitude and friendlyGood communication skill: Fluency what u speak, accent , language and voice clarityGood memory and ability to remember your checklist and safety procedureAbility to remain calm and take change in situationPatient and DiplomaticCharming and high sense of GroomingEfficientTime managementConfidence: One thing that helps you alwaysGood listenerGraciousWilling to succeedHealth maintenanceSound mind with Sound bodyPresentation skillsLove towards Service (Human)
  6. 6. Communication SkillPositive AttitudeConfidenceWell GroomedGood PersonalityTeam WorkPunctualityPatienceCommand over EnglishPhysically Fit
  7. 7. Communication is the ability to explainand present ideas in clear and short way tocovey the message to the audience.This includes the ability to communicatein brief the whole subject.Communication is very essential inworking in industries.There should be a good communicationskill between us and passengers so that wecommunicate easily.
  8. 8. A positive attitude leads to success andhappiness that changes your life. If youlook at bright site of life, your whole lifewill be happy and peaceful.Positive attitude helps us to use ourabilities to the fullest. Having positiveattitude make us motivated and energizesevery day.Positive attitude generates a good idea inthe mind and also prompts to graspresponsibility.It also helps in dealing with customerswith cheerfulness.
  9. 9. A person who is working in thehospitality industry has to be veryconfident while dealing with adelegation. He or she must be able toanswer the questions that he or she maybe asked and while answering thesequestions one must be clear andunderstandable.
  10. 10. A person who is working in aviationand hospitality industry has to makesure that they are well groomed andis presentable at the given point oftime may be at the starting of theshift or at the end of the shiftbecause they are the persons whorepresent the brand he or sheworking in the industry and createsan impression of the organization inthe mind of delegatories.
  11. 11. Be confident in yourself and have a positiveattitude.Listen to others when they are speakingIf you see the person you know, give a smile, andwish them hi, hello, good morning etc. so that theperson at the other end may feel that you are notignoring him/her.The way of dressing is also a part of personality Itdoes not mean that you should wear costly orfashionable clothes But the dress you wear shouldbe neat and tidy.Avoid gossips and unnecessary talks.Do not humiliate others in public.Dont forget to use the words "Sorry", "Thank you"etc. so that the other person may feel that you giveimportance to his/her feelings.
  12. 12. Teams need people who speak up and express theirthoughts and ideas clearly, directly, honestly, andwith respect for others and for the work of the team.Such a team member does not shy away frommaking a point but makes it in the best way possible— in a positive, confident, and respectful manner.Teams often deal with changing conditions and oftencreate changes themselves.A flexible team member can consider differentpoints of views and compromise when needed. He orshe doesnt hold rigidly to a point of view and argueit to death, especially when the team needs to moveforward to make a decision or get something done.
  13. 13. Punctuality is one of the key performance indicators inthe airline industry and an important servicedifferentiator especially for valuable high-yieldcustomers.By working with leading airlines all over theworld, Booz·Allen & Hamilton has developed a provenand comprehensive methodology for improving on-time performance. This Viewpoint outlines ourapproach to boost airline punctuality to new heights.Punctuality is a key leadership challenge throughout theorganization and should rank high on the managementagenda—from strategy and planning all the way to front-line operations.
  14. 14. A person who is working in theHospitality industry has to be patientat all times. He/ She may many a timescome across a person who may beirritated for some reason or anotherand may remove all the frustration onthe one who is serving. Patience
  15. 15. A person who is working in hospitalityindustry has to have good commandover English as he/she has toconstantly interact with delegationand provide them with the necessaryinformation and assistance.To be confident a person has to havebroad knowledge of the subject.
  16. 16. Working in aviation and hospitalityindustry may required long workinghours and even odd hours. For example aperson may even have to work for 12-14hours if the situation arises. Hence it isnecessary for a person to be physically fit.For this reason it may be need to takesome exercise on daily basis.
  17. 17. TECHNIQUES FOR SKIN CARE:Skin is the visible outer part of human body, which plays animportant role to defend our body by fighting against micro-organisms, bacteria, weather conditions which may harm the bodyroutine.It has three layers:-Epidermis: Outer layer having no blood vessels and nerve endings.Dermis: Layer below the epidermis with elastic fiber elastin.Hypodermis: Layer below the dermis with fatty connective tissue,with high H2O content.
  19. 19. As the name implies, oily skin is slightly to moderatelyGreasy. This type of skin is caused by the over secretionof sebum making the skin surface oily. The excess oil onthe surface of the skin attracts dirt and dust from theEnvironment. Oil skin is also prone to blackheads, white--heads, spots, pimples and such skin will never be clear.This skin needs to be cleansed thoroughly.Oily skin prevents early aging, but it needs carefulattention for not getting affected by skin related disorder.
  20. 20. My skin type is Oily.Oily skin need special cleansing with plenty of water.I wash my face every time with cold water because ithelps to open my pores to breath.In morning after waking up I clean my face with coldwater and I apply face wash of fruits also .Then while taking bath again I wash my face with coldwater and Apply face wash.After taking bath I apply calkem lotion.After reaching my coaching I again wash my face withcold water and face wash.
  21. 21. After washing my face I clean my face withRose Water and cotton.After coming home I again wash my face withcold water and face washBefore sleeping I again wash my face and Iapply white part of the egg keep that up to 10-15 on my face after that I wash it off.After that I make a paste of curd and thinorange daal then I apply it on my face.After 40-50 when it get dry I wash my face itworks like a natural scrub.Then I wash my face properly and wipe it andapply Diprovate r plus cream on my face andgo to sleep.
  22. 22. Shaving is the removal of hair especially face. I doform shaving which helps not to come black marks ofshave on my face. I use after shave lotion as applicationAftershave without alcohol content and use moisturizerto soften the facial skinFew Shaving tips: Always use a sharp blade. Clean the razor with Dettol. Always shave upwards Avoid shaving as soon as you wake up.
  23. 23. Hair is actually a modified type of skin. Hair isformed at the base of a hair follicle. A follicle is astructure resembling a pouch that is located belowthe skin.Hair grows more quickly in summer then in winterand more slowly at night then in day.There are three types of hair:Dry HairOily HairNormal Hair
  24. 24. My hair type is dry hair.After taking bath I use Parachute oil to look little goodand shiny.I wash my hair 3 times in a week by head and shouldershampoo.Dry hair looks like unwashed hair straw.It grows thicker nearer the scalp and thins out towardsthe ends, thus causing splits ends.This hair is caused by heat and the elements, so thefirst step is Prevention: Avoid using overly hot dryersand heat-styling implements and wear a hat if you aregoing to exposed to sun or wind for long period (at thebeach or skiing, for instance).Don’t wash your hair every day- unless you have an oilyscalp
  25. 25. My height=174cms[5.9ft]My weight=74kg[163.142pounds]Weight need as per myheight=67-72.I need 1 months of time toput reduce my weight for myheight.
  26. 26. DAYS BREAKFAST LUNCH LUNCH DINNER (7:30 Am) (10:45 Am) (5:15 Pm) (9:15 Pm)MONDAY 2 orange, 1 apple, 3 chapatti, any Fruit chat, 1 apple, 3 chapatti and 2 pomegranate green vegetables 4 chapatti, and veggie, before veggie sleeping milkTUESDAY 2 apple, 1 papaya, 3 chapatti, any Fruit chat 1 orange, 2 chapatti and I 2 pomegranate green vegetables 4 chapatti bowl daal.WEDNESDAY 2 orange, 1 apple, 3 chapatti, any Fruit chat, 1 apple, Roasted chicken, 2 2 pomegranate green vegetables 4 chapatti, and chapatti and daal, veggie milk before sleep.THURSDAY 2 apple, 1 orange, 3 chapatti, any Fruit chat, 1 apple, 3 chapatti and 2 pomegranate green vegetables 4 chapatti, and veggie, before veggie sleeping milk.FRIDAY 2 orange, 1 apple, 3 chapatti, any Fruit chat, 1 7 eggs, 2 chapatti 2 pomegranate green vegetables orange, 4 chapatti and daal, milk and veggie before sleeping.SATURDAY 1 papaya, 2 orange, 3 chapatti, any Fruit chat, 1 Pomegranate 2 pomegranate green vegetables orange, 4 chapatti juice, 2 chapatti and veggie and daal.SUNDAY 2 apple, 2 orange, 3 chapatti, any Fruit chat 1 apple, Roasted Chicken, 1 papaya green vegetables 4 chapatti, and 3 chapatti and veggie veggie, and milk
  27. 27. Exercise is the physical exertion of the body - making the body do aphysical activity which results in a healthy or healthier level of physicalfitness and both physical and mental health. In other words, exerciseaims to maintain or enhance our physical fitness and general health. I have to reduce 4kgs in a period of 8months through routine exerciselike: Meditation for 15minutes this helps to gain memory and free fromstress. Jogging or brisk walking for 30 minutes. GYM for 45 hour to make my body fit. Swimming once in a week. Sleep at least 8hours a day.
  28. 28. Being Confident.Eye to eye contact.Professionally Dressed.Punctual with proper resume.Knowledge about Current Affairs.Effective Communication.Time Management.Professional Behaviour.Understanding culture andidentifying your role.Motivation.
  29. 29. Firstly I would study about theworkplace I am attending theinterview for.I would dress accordingly to impressmy interviewers.I would be there 10 min before theinterviewing time.Would look confident and presentmyself professionally.Would continue to stay in eye contactwith my interviewer .
  30. 30. It is quite difficult to conclude from my side. Im alearner, what I have experienced in learning. Only Ican share my happiness with the experimentspracticed with self participation. Hence being astudent can express about self ideology:My attitude is changingMy attire now is different and collection of clothesare professional.Health consciousFood consciousI have started to learn grooming ultimately what Ineeded by means of knowledge towards my self andothers is taught and entertained .
  31. 31.