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Tigeroy presentation

  1. 1. Zdenek Komenda
  2. 2. Knowledge is power!• Tigeroy.ru is a community marketplace for people with different knowledge and experience where anyone can teach anyone, anywhere. wanna teach - no place where to do it wanna learn various things – no place where to find it
  3. 3. Any kind of classes
  4. 4. Hero Product• List of classes within 5 categories• TEACH section for potential teachers – Guiding, controlling, mkt, advising services• Reward system, Hero Power Indicator• Statistics, Feedback and Rating system• Articles – interviews, blog• Paid/Free/Charity classes• Individual or Multi student classes
  5. 5. Piece ofHero DesignHomepageFCB cover
  6. 6. Current status• Next week Launch of preview version with 10 classes• During September Final Launch in SPb• Positive feedback from potential teachers/students• Business model• Database of interesting people and places• Future cooperation with Alexandriyskiy theatre, ITMO, ENGECON• Finnish partner interested
  7. 7. Plans 2012-2013• 2012 – Successfully launch the final version in SPb, later Moscow – Reach 300 classes at the end 2012 – Special care for VIP persons – ‘Super Heroes’ feature• 2013 – Paid promotion of schools/professionals – Paid visibility differentiation of classes – Conference days – New features (connection between online x offline classes), e-wallet option, mobile app – New destinations – other Russian cities, ? Kiev, Tallinn, Helsinki…
  8. 8. Competitors, market• Notice boards at schools + FCB/VK groups, activities• Indirect – Online databases of professionals, Webinars, Liveexpert.ru• Expenditure for education-fun experience increases• Educated, curious, modern, online population• 1st SPb, 2nd Moscow, 3rd other countries – Finland…
  9. 9. FinanceWe are seeking for $$ – to be able to go through all stages of development. Potential number of users influenced 700000 Stage Area Timing 600000 1st SPb 3 months 500000 400000 2nd Moscow 3 months 300000 3rd Finland 3 months 200000 100000 4th Estonia, Ukraine, 5 months 0 Belorussia, Russia SPb Moscow Finland Russia Ukraine Estonia• Marketing expenditure – Printed material, online advertising (CPC, context)• Technology – VPS, ICT, facilities• HR – 3-4 new staff, rewards• Development• EXIT: Strategic investor, selling
  10. 10. Hero Team Zdenek Komenda Started with business when he was 15. In 2006, founded his own ICT e-commerce shop. Studied and worked in many countries. Successful in int. student. Competitions. Social mkt at L’Oréal. Anna Radko community manager 5 years experience in dealing with customers. Russian language. Martin design Jan coding Master degree in ICT. Optimist. Runs his own graphic/promotion agency since 2010. | Guru programmer in Zend.
  11. 11. Contact facebook.com/tigeroyru Zdenek Komenda vk.com/tigeroyru tigeroyru@gmail.com twitter.com/tigeroyru +7 981 706 4803