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  1. 1. The Google UK Guide to Winning with MobileCheck out our website, thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk
  2. 2. taBlE oF contEntS introduction Pg. 3 WIN THE MOMENTS THAT MATTER 01 how does mobile change our value proposition? Pg. 4 > Serving the mobile customer > The local mobile consumer > The price transparency challenge WIN THE MOMENTS THAT MATTER 02 how does mobile impact our digital destinations? Pg. 11 > Mobile-optimised websites > Branded mobile apps MAKE BETTER DECISIONS 03 is our organisation adapting to mobile? Pg. 16 > Mobile accountability and ownership GO BIGGER, FASTER 04 how should our marketing adapt to mobile? Pg. 20 > Search strategy > Mobile for brand building > Marketing channels GO BIGGER, FASTER 05 how can we connect with our tablet audience? Pg. 28 > Tablet strategy concluSion Pg. 33 additional rESourcES Pg. 35 thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 2
  3. 3. introductionMobile Changes Everything0 ver the past year at Google, Our goal is to help companies at all we’ve had the chance to discuss levels of mobile sophistication and the mobile revolution with experience to adopt the concrete hundreds of marketers, and mobile strategies that can help you the same theme consistently win—and we don’t just mean, “winemerges from these conversations: in mobile”. The mobile revolutionfor the majority of businesses we speak is sailing ahead at full steam, andwith, the question is no longer embracing mobile can help you win“Why should I invest in mobile?” the moments that matter, make—we’ve all read statistics about the better decisions, and go bigger,tremendous adoption of mobile and faster. But as with any journey, you’vetablet devices—but “How should I got to start somewhere.invest in mobile?” At Google, we believe that yourWe created this Mobile Playbook in success in mobile will determineorder to help you find answers. the future of your business. As ourEvery company is different, but similar Executive Chairman Eric Schmidtquestions emerged from those recently put it: “I don’t think peoplehundreds of meetings. We’ve distilled really understand how powerfulthem down here into the five crucial mobile is going to be. [It will be] muchmobile questions that every business more powerful than the desktop.”executive should be asking today.We also suggest strategies you canemploy to answer each of them:benchmarking the competition,understanding how your customer isusing mobile through focus groups “Five crucial mobile questionsand surveys, setting aside budget tolearn and iterate, talking to your agency that every business executive shouldpartners, and securing the internal be asking today”resources to get the work done andthe conclusions implemented. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 3
  4. 4. Win the moments that matter01. How does mobilechange our valueproposition? thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 4
  5. 5. Win the moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?Serving the mobile customerc onsumers can now use These brands have thought deeply about smartphones and tablets what their consumers want from mobile, and to interact with businesses then proceeded to deliver it. 24/7, from anywhere—at home, at work, on a bus. Andcompanies that embrace this always-on aSdabehaviour—the taxi service Hailo withmobile pickups, Pingit and Marks & Grocery delivery is hugely popular, and ASDA know that over half their onlineSpencer for food delivery, and customers have smartphones, so they builtHotels.com’s app for last-minute a mobile site that lets customers create and modify orders right up to the eveningbookings—can disrupt entire industries. before delivery. StarBuckS The Starbucks app generates customer loyalty and drives customer transactions by letting more than one million coffee- drinking smartphone users locate stores, scan barcodes at the till, reload their Starbucks Cards and share their locations and favourite drinks via social networks.Extreme Booking with Hotels.comHotels.com’s mobile website and the Winning the moments that matterextreme marketing they utilise to starts with understanding what yourpromote it (their ads feature a video consumers want to do with yourof a man literally booking a room from business in mobile.his mobile device while skydiving) bothdemonstrate their firm grasp of their action itEm: dEFinE your valuE propoSition Bybasic value proposition to business dEtErmininG what your conSumEr wantS Fromtravellers: the ability to book rooms your BuSinESS SpEciFically in moBilE. BEnchmark aGainSt othErS in your induStry For idEaS.quickly and easily.1 thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 5
  6. 6. Win the moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?The Local mobile customerYour future customers are literally around the corner,and mobile can get them to your business.m obile site builder Digby reports that across all the mobile sites they have built, mobile customers use store locators 63 times for every one mobile commerce order (making these locators a valuable addition to almost any mobile-enabled website).Our own data suggests that roughly a third of all web searches have local intent. 3 85% oF SmartphonE uSErS havE SEarchEd For local inFo 40% viSitEd 35% 81% in pErSon callEd a BuSinESS aFtEr SEarchinG4 havE takEn action aS a rESult thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 6
  7. 7. Win the moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?thESE BuSinESSES arE EmBracinG local conSumErSby offering features and functionality tailored specifically to potential customers nearby:mcdonald’S ZipcarWhen McDonald’s Sweden built its Zipcar knows proximity matters. So theirmobile-optimised website, it tailored the app doesn’t just guide customers throughsite to answer the questions that most the reservation process; it also locatesinterested potential customers. The site their car on the street by honking the hornoffers geo positioning to make it easier for and unlocking the doors; the speediestcustomers to find the nearest restaurant, way we can think of to connect consumersand filters restaurants depending on the with this particular type of inventory.customer’s preferences. carphonE warEhouSE volkSwaGEn The Carphone Warehouse mobile- VW encourages local dealerships to go optimised site replicates almost everything mobile by providing a template that lets on the company’s desktop site, enabling individual locations easily create mobile visitors to browse and research handsets sites that enable customers to search and price plans without having to pinch inventory, review financing options and and scroll their way around the site. directly contact local dealers. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 7
  8. 8. Win the moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?The Pricetransparency challengeS martphones haven’t just Apps like Amazon’s Price Check let transformed how people shoppers take product snapshots or find your business; they’re scan barcodes to generate comparative also changing what they do price lists from multiple retailers. IDC inside your four walls—what Retail Insights summed it up nicely in aAsda-owner Wal-Mart CEO Mike recent Wall Street Journal article: “TheDuke calls the “new era of price four walls of the store have become porous.” And this trend will onlytransparency.” Almost half of all increase as the information advantageconsumers use smartphones for in- shifts ever further in the direction ofstore product research and browsing,4 the buyer. Over the 2011 Christmasand according to InsightExpress, 53% period, for instance, Amazon promotedof men and 38% of women say they Price Check in the US by offering $5use smartphones in-store to check off any purchase made by scanningprices at other stores5. Retailers a product in-store and then buying ithave no choice but to react to this from Amazon via mobile.highly disruptive “showrooming”,6which turns physical locations intoshowrooms for products destined tobe purchased online or via mobile. 24% 17% of consumers use their have changed their mind smartphones to compare about purchasing a product prices in-store4 or service in a shop4 53% 12% of men use smartphones checked other in-store to check prices at online retailers7 other stores8 38% 8% of women use smartphones checked availability in-store to check prices at at other stores7 other stores8 thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 8
  9. 9. Win the moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition? So what can your business do about this transparency? We’ve seen retailers choose one of three strategies: 1 improvE thE in-StorE ExpEriEncE 3 EmBracE moBilE uSaGE within your StorEThe merchants most vulnerable to A 10-country study by managementprice transparency are often sellers of consulting firm Accenture found thatthe kind of branded, big-ticket items 73% of mobile-powered shopperslike electronics and appliances that preferred phones to shop staff forspark the most comparative research. basic assistance.8 How can you useWhat can stores like these offer that an mobile to influence customers’ in-storeonline experience can’t? Expert service digital experience? Fashion retailerfrom salespeople? Same-day pickup? Oasis has taken the innovative step(That’s how Asda encourages in-store of introducing iPads to its centralsales.) London flagship store, allowing staff to check sizes, colours and styles from anywhere on the shop floor. And once a customer has found something they like, they can bypass the queues by 2 crEatE and Stock uniQuE product or BundlES choosing to pay via the iPad and having the clothes sent on to their home address within 90 minutes of ordering.9One way retailers can beat the Nissan, meanwhile, emblazons vehicleapples-to-apples price-comparison price stickers with QR codes or “silentgame is by stocking products that salespeople” that let shoppers on themanufacturers have modified forecourt find key information likeexclusively for them. Another is features, options, video overviews,bundling products with unique image galleries, incentive offers, dealeraccessories. inventories and actual quotes. action itEm: chooSE thE StratEGy that’S riGht For your BuSinESS to adJuSt to thE world oF pricE tranSparEncy. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 9
  10. 10. Win the moments that matter 01. How does mobile change our value proposition?The good news is that as the consumergets new tools to help their shopping path,you get new tools in your marketing pathto win these critical moments.You can reach connected consumers withcontextual ads right when they’re searching forproducts from within your and your competitor’sstores. Imagine a shopper searching for a flat-screen TV from within a major retailer’s store.If you also sell flat-screen TVs, a search ad givesyou a chance to win this consumer’s businessjust as they’re close to purchase, even if yourdifferentiated value proposition is as simple asincluding, “We remove your old TV!” in your ad. Now that you’ve determined your value proposition for your mobile consumer, it’S kEy to allow thEm to EnGaGE with you via a moBilE-optimiSEd SitE. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 10
  11. 11. Win the moments that matter02. How does mobileimpact our digitaldestinations? thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 11
  12. 12. Win the moments that matter 02. How does mobile impact digital destinations?Mobile-optimised websitesd o you have a mobile-optimised SEatwavE website? If you don’t, this Mobile Sites should be your top priority for engaging mobile customers. 57% of users say they won’t Seatwave makes use of GPS to help mobile users find event tickets near their current location. It’s common to drasticallyrecommend a business with a poorly- increase conversions when brands first launch their mobile- optimised site.designed mobile site, and 40% haveturned to a competitor’s site after abad mobile experience.10 Your mobilesite will differ from your desktop site notjust because of the size of the device,but because the mobile context revealsa different mindset for your consumers.Visitors to your mobile site may be at adifferent point of the purchase funnel.How does your site appear to mobileusers? Are you making it easy for themto connect with you or putting obstaclesbetween them and what they seek? 57% oF uSErS Say thEy won’t rEcommEnd a BEForE aFtEr BuSinESS with a poorly-dESiGnEd moBilE SitE 40% havE turnEd to a compEtitor’S SitE aFtEr action itEm: your #1 priority a Bad moBilE ExpEriEncE13 iS to Build a moBilE wEBSitE thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 12
  13. 13. Win the moments that matter 02. How does mobile impact digital destinations?Optimise, Optimise, optimiseNever stop optimising your site based onwhat you learn from user interactions; GooGlE tip:even great mobile sites usually have plenty www.howtoGEtmo.comof room for improvement. Kiddicare is At this Google site you can test your site’sthe largest online nursery and baby mobile appearance, learn the 10 best mobilesupplier in the UK. The company cites design practices and generate a custom reportcommitment to customers as the key to with recommendations for improvements, allsuccess, so when Kiddicare.com noticed of which will help you get started.rising visitor numbers via mobile theyknew they needed to take action. Withapproximately seven percent of traffic customers, such as stock numbers,coming from mobile, it was important reviews and video. They tried toto optimise the experience for visitors move as much of the functionalityon mobile devices to maximise as possible to mobile and removedconversions. Keen to give their anything that would weigh the pagescustomers what they clearly needed, down unnecessarily. The results areKiddicare.com wasted no time and the impressive – Kiddicare.com has seen awhole mobile website took seven weeks 36% increase in traffic on mobile sinceto build from concept to launch. March 2011 and recorded its first order four minutes after launch. Six percentThe team went through the desktop of Kiddicare.com’s business is alreadywebsite user journey and took out the conducted via mobile, but the companyelements that were less important to believes that by the end of next year, up to 20% of their business will come through mobile. BEForE aFtEr thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 13
  14. 14. Win the moments that matter 02. How does mobile impact digital destinations?Branded mobile appsn ow that you’ve built your mobile site, your next step hErE arE thrEE kEy pointS to is to start using apps to rEmEmBEr aBout BrandEd appS enrich your relationships with your users. A full 91%of companies featured in Interbrand’s2011 Best Global Brands have a 1 oFFEr uSErS EntErtainmEnt, utility or Both If your app doesn’t deliver compelling value of onepresence in at least one of the major kind or another, its shelf life will be short. So beapp stores — a figure that’s up 51% clear about why you’re building it. Do you want tofrom 18 months ago.11 Let’s be clear, bring a new type of functionality to your users?though: having an app is not the same Nurture loyalty and ongoing relationships? Or do you just want to be discovered in app markets?as having a mobile strategy. An appis essentially a bookmark for userswho want to engage with you, but themajority of your traffic is probably 2 dESiGn your app For thE larGESt moBilE platFormScoming from the web, not from brand- If limited resources demand that you prioritise,loyal power users who’ve downloaded design your apps for the mobile platformsyour app. Your mobile website is also that represent the majority of the smartphoneaccessible by users across all devices, installed base. Fish where the fish are.while apps must be designed forspecific platforms. 3 promotE your app Once you’ve created your app you’ll need to work hard to keep it from vanishing into the app store’s lower rankings. • Target existing customers through desktop and mobile site links, newsletters or other channels you already use to reach them. • Link mobile ads shown in other free apps“having an app is not the same directly to your app’s download page. • Use mobile search ads to guide users directly as having a mobile strategy” to the app in the marketplace. • Time your promotional efforts to coincide with your PR push to maximise downloads; receiving lots of downloads really quickly boosts rankings in some app stores. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 14
  15. 15. Win the moments that matter 02. How does mobile impact digital destinations?hErE arE SomE BrandS action itEm: promotEthat arE doinG appS wEll. your app throuGh yourThese apps are very compelling because they ExiStinG channElS andprovide either utility or entertainment in a highly on-dEvicE mEdiaengaging way for their loyal mobile consumers.hp intErcontinEntal hotElSHP preferred to offer utility over As well as a mobile-optimised site,entertainment.12 Their ePrint app Intercontinental Hotels Group also hasenables consumers to print from their an app that gives customers a simple wayphones to an HP printer. This app drives to find and book hotels near to them,revenue for HP because it encourages check their points balance and viewprinting and ink usage, and it’s also very reservations.convenient when travelling. domino cokE Domino’s mobile app lets customers Coke’s simple but surprisingly entertaining order “more than 1.8 billion pizza app lets users simulate drinking a Coke. combinations” from anywhere, and follow their order’s step-by-step progress with the Domino’s Live Pizza Tracker.13 tip: don’t nEGlEct “puSh” Now you know how you can win the moments that matter by adapting In a crowded email marketing space, push notifications from within apps can send your value proposition for the mobile customers relevant alerts and calls to action. consumer and bringing it to life in a mobile website and app. The next step Proceed with caution, though, and make sure your notifications are both useful and is to align your organisation with mobile timely; users can just block push notifications to help you make better decisions and whenever they’d prefer not to receive them. promote the growth of your business. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 15
  16. 16. Make better decisions03. Is ourorganisationadapting to mobile? thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 16
  17. 17. Make better decisions 03. Is our organisation adapting to mobile?Mobile accountability& ownership0 ur next question is a simple Our recommendation, at its most basic one, and the answer will help level, is a simple one: we encourage you solve all the other mobile the appointment of a Mobile Champion questions you’ve encountered. within your organisation. This person Who exactly holds the mobile should gather a cross-functional mobilemantle in your company? At Google, task force to work to determine yourour chairman Eric Schmidt’s “Mobile company’s approach for each of theFirst” principle calls on every team, questions listed. Benchmark yourfrom ads to maps to Doubleclick to competition, understand how yourYouTube, to include mobile in their customers use mobile through focusbusiness and product plans. While we groups and surveys, set aside budget,can suggest the right questions you talk to your agency partners, andshould be asking, only you and your brainstorm internally.organisation will be able to determinethe answers that are right for yourbusiness. Does your team have a action itEm: aSSiGn a moBilEsufficient sense of urgency around the champion in your company andtopic? How will you ensure mobile is EmpowEr thEm with a croSS-a consideration for all of your teams? Functional taSk ForcEHow will you answer the key questionswe’ve outlined in order to win themoments that matter, make betterdecisions around your mobile strategyand go bigger, faster? It all starts “How will you answer the key questionswith asking the right questions and we’ve outlined in order to win theselecting the right team to determineand implement the answers. moments that matter, make better decisions around your mobile strategy and go bigger, faster ?” thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 17
  18. 18. Here are some of the questions that could help your organisation upGradE itS moBilE proGrammES, platFormS and capaBilitiES.1 Is mobile a key metric in your management dashboard?2 How often do you review your mobile stats? Who reviews them?3 Who knows what % of traffic & search queries come from mobile?4 Who’s watching tablet traffic trends, people’s actions on your mobile site, mobile’s inclusion in product launches and campaigns?5 Which decisions would change if key business owners were given timely mobile data?6 Who’s monitoring your competition’s investment in mobile?7 Who’s developing consumer insights through focus groups & surveys?8 Which agencies are you relying on to help you make mobile decisions? thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 18
  19. 19. Make better decisions 03. Is our organisation adapting to mobile? Without focus and accountability, interdepartmental conflicts can arise and stifle your business. One of our Now that you’ve thought clients explained that its call centre about aligning your team was given credit for calls driven to the mobile site’s click-to-call, but the organisation to make better digital marketing team was only credited decisions, how can you for form fill leads. Click-to-call may drive mobile orders, but how many go bigger, faster? opportunities are missed if the digital marketing team isn’t also accountable? An important responsibility of this Mobile Champion is thinking about budget. Mobile is incremental and needs its own budget. Within the mobile budget you can allocate across mobile search, mobile display, experimental programmes and extensions of other channels (email, social, coupons, etc). Your mobile owner should be able to determine the most strategic areas for your investment. You’ll also need to allow budget for mobile site development and optimisation.”mobile is incremental and needs its own budget.” thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 19
  20. 20. Go bigger, faster04. How should ourmarketing adaptto mobile? thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 20
  21. 21. Search Strategy Go bigger, faster 04.How should our marketing adapt to mobile?at GooGlE wE’vE SEEnmoBilE SEarch QuEriES Grow5x in thE paSt two yEarS. w ith mobile search ads, i 60% search for product information you can reach consumers when they’re searching for your product in the physical world. When a consumer types “buy jeans in Manchester”, he’s asking a question which good ads will answer. Try a few 37% searches from your smartphone — “best search for restaurants, mileage hatchback”, “Nintendo DS”, pubs and bars “fast recipe dinner”, “restaurants in Birmingham”. Who finds you and what do they say? Remember, convincing a shopper who’s searching for a flat- screen TV on mobile from inside a 29% major retail store to instead buy online search for travel from you could be as simple as adding, “We’ll remove your old TV!” to your mobile search ad. It’s important to note that these searches are incremental to your desktop search traffic. These ...on a mobile device are different searches that create new opportunities for your business. action itEm: what iS thE ExpEriEncE likE For a conSumEr tryinG to Find you and connEct with you? Take five minutes today and search for your brand in mobile as a consumer would. Discuss the result with your agency. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 21
  22. 22. Go bigger, faster 04.How should our marketing adapt to mobile?how can moBilE SEarch hElp you ...and your campaiGnS.Go BiGGEr, FaStEr? It’s now possible to layer your searchFirst, separate mobile-specific ads ads with location extensions. Thesefrom desktop search campaigns, so are additional links that appear in theyou can accurately test, measure and ad that show your business’s locationdevelop messaging that works best in and phone number. What’s more,this new format. if consumers are close enough to your business, a distance markerlocation Should alSo hElp dEFinE will show up in the ad indicating how close your business is. As we’ll see inyour thinkinG... this chapter, businesses are taking advantage of location with their searchCreate specific ads based on how close strategies and seeing impressive ROIthe consumer is to your business, your and conversions.competitors or relevant locations likeairports and shops. Wouldn’t you havea different message for a customerwho’s browsing his or her phone acrossthe street than you would for anotherprospect who’s much further away? action itEm: SEparatE moBilE-SpEciFic SEarch campaiGnS From dESktop SEarch campaiGnS So you can tESt, mEaSurE and dEvElop mESSaGinG SpEciFic For moBilE thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 22
  23. 23. Go bigger, faster 04.How should our marketing adapt to mobile?rEthink thE way you track and mEaSurE moBilE SEarch adS.Effective mobile ads can generate everything from on-deviceconversions and purchases to leads, calls, downloads and even in-storetraffic and offline conversions. Fully capturing the value of mobile search meansunderstanding and tracking its full impact on your business. The results can bestaggering: mobile search ads’ click-to-call format has been so successful for one of ourclients that they are planning to open a new call centre to manage the interest they’vegenerated from their campaigns.Below are more examples of effective mobile search campaigns.paddy powErPaddy Power considers mobile soimportant to their business that theyprioritise it in everything they do.Their mobile search ads led to a 300%increase in mobile sports betting, a 34%increase in customers using mobile, andaccounted for 20% of all transactions. GuidinG moBilE uSErS to uSEFul inFo whEn thEy’rE makinG purchaSinG dEciSionS can hElp your BuSinESS win thE momEntS that mattEr. But that information can take Starwood many forms. Let’s talk now about how you can drive branding and Click-to-call ads now drive a majority of awareness with your mobile ad mix. mobile search bookings for Starwood Hotels, whose “hyperlocal” mobile search campaign, which delivered a click-to-call phone number and map to the nearest Starwood hotel right in the search ad, multiplied mobile paid search ROI by 20, increased month-on-month mobile bookings by 20% and tripled overall mobile traffic. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 23
  24. 24. Go bigger, faster 04.How should our marketing adapt to mobile?Mobile for brand buildingt he mobile audience is at Mobile-rich media also entices scale: the latest figures show users while they’re already actively that smartphone penetration browsing—as opposed to requiring has reached 51% in the UK, them to learn a new behaviour or take 44% in the U.S. and 29% in a new action, as with QR codes. BrandsGermany.14 Every day mobile users play such as HP, Reebok, Paramount570 years of Angry Birds and watch Pictures, Ford, Coke and others have600 million videos on YouTube Mobile; sprung to life with cutting-edge mobilein fact, mobile is the primary way that display ads.75% of these users access YouTubecontent. Yet mobile is the most You’ll want to ask the same questionsimbalanced medium when it comes to about your mobile marketing aims asad spending versus time spent, at 1% you do for your overall marketing aims:compared to 23%.15 Capturing all this who do you want to reach? How cannew opportunity means exploring rich you most effectively reach them? Whatmedia—and now is the time to do it. actions do you want them to take?New technology like touch screens, How can you measure it? Are you afteraccelerometers (which enable better broad reach or just buzz? Some mobileanimated media) and targeting that experiences won’t have broad reach orlets you reach the right users on their drive key metrics like rich media, butmost personal devices are turning may give you a PR spike or a uniquemobile into a branding wonderland. demo to showcase internally.According to Nielsen, exposure torich media ads across four screens “Mobile is the most imbalanced—mobile, tablet, PC and TV— medium when it comes to time spentyields the best branding results; versus ad spending, at 23%participants who saw ads across allfour formats rated a campaign more compared to 1%”favourably on key brand metrics thanthose who saw it only on TV, PC or both.16 thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 24
  25. 25. Go bigger, faster 04.How should our marketing adapt to mobile?Viewers of Coke’s mobile-rich media adcan send a Coke across the worldLearn more at www.projectrebrief.comOne excellent example of what’s possiblewith mobile rich media is the memorable action itEm: run rich-mEdia html5 adSCoke campaign “Hilltop” with the “I’d like to to ExtEnd your BrandinG mESSaGE tobuy the world a Coke” messaging that was rEach thE moBilE audiEncEre-imagined for today’s digital world. Viewersof the mobile display ads were able to virtuallysend a Coke to someone on the other sideof the world via vending machines aroundthe globe. They could even add personalisedmessages and receive video responses. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 25
  26. 26. Go bigger, faster 04.How should our marketing adapt to mobile?Experimentation Beyond Scalable Google Tip: As Always,Rich Media Makes Sense... Tracking Matters...as long as you have a well-thought-out The mobile ad industry offers manystrategy as a foundation. A number trafficking and reporting solutions. Ourof companies have asked us about infrastructure advances are makingaugmented reality or location-based the process of serving and trackingcheck-in ads. For Valentine’s Day, mobile media even easier, with a near-Starbucks brought their cups to life term goal of replicating the buying andwith a Cup Magic app with augmented tracking tools that advertisers alreadyreality that offered highly entertaining, know from online campaigns. You canbrand-boosting animations, complete use the same Dart for Advertiserswith fluttering hearts. (DFA) interface to serve your ads in mobile, for instance; just change your ad type and placement. And our fully integrated reporting gives you mobile impression and click data along with standard DFA reports. A mobile-specific report, though, breaks down data by wireless carrier, mobile platform and country. You can also serve ads from DoubleClick Rich Media (DRM) into the Google mobile display network.In our experience, though, only a Next, let’s think even broaderhandful of brands have covered the Mobile is so pervasive that brandingmain pillars of a mobile strategy shouldn’t be the only aspect ofenough to warrant investment in marketing that can be enriched byexperimental, lower reach activities. the mobile space. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 26
  27. 27. Go bigger, faster 04.How should our marketing adapt to mobile?Marketing channelsMobile is often referred to as the connective tissue across marketing channels fromoutdoor to TV to print. Adding a QR code to your print, outdoor and TV creative cangive static ads some oomph but isn’t a substitute for a mobile strategy.In other words, adding on mobile is good; designing for mobile is better.Here’s how to examine your marketing initiatives couponS and promotionSand channels through the mobile lens: Whether you create a scannableEmail markEtinG coupon or a code that can be keyedUp to 30% of email opens come from in at the till, ensure you track mobilemobile.17 Are you maximising your separately. Users move back and forthemails for mobile users? A good way to between channels and devices; if youstart is to think carefully about layout aren’t yet able to let customers tap or(longer rather than wider) and be scan their device at the till, mobile canselective with images. Think also about collect opt-ins for coupons that you canyour calls to action and links; are you email to users to print out and redeemsending prospects to a non-optimised in person.page? Some leading email marketingproviders now let you preview your oFFlinE mEdiaemails in mobile mode. Take advantage Mobile can activate bonus offlineof this chance to make your mobile channels. For instance, we recentlymessaging as effective as possible. ran a consumer electronics campaign that combined mobile search, mobileSocial mEdia display and a picture-scanning appSocial and mobile are fundamentally that let potential customers unlockintertwined; every day more than half of exclusive content like songs frommobile social networkers access social artists featured in the campaign. So ifcontent from their mobile device,18 in you’re already running offline media,an average month 14% of mobile social why not turbocharge it with mobile,networkers upload a photo taken from as a complement to—not a substitutetheir mobile device.19 How does it change for—a solid mobile media plan?the way you talk to your social consumerswhen you know that they are navigatingthe physical world—taking buses, out action itEm: aSk EvEryonE in yourshopping, looking for a restaurant? markEtinG orGaniSation to rEviEwWhat could your brand do with mobile thEir proGrammES throuGh ahangouts on Google+ that allow real-time moBilE lEnSvideo conversations on smartphones? thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 27
  28. 28. Go bigger, faster05. How can weconnect with ourtablet audience? thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 28
  29. 29. Go bigger, faster 05.How can we connect with our tablet audience?Tablet Strategy T ablet devices don’t yet offer tremendous audience reach, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them. By 2014, 208 million tablets will be sold worldwide, and 72% of tablet owners make purchases from their devices on a weekly basis, making theaudience very desirable. 20, 21Tablet users’ love of shopping has already spawned a new buzzword: “t-commerce.” thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 29
  30. 30. Go bigger, faster 05.How can we connect with our tablet audience? thESE Four pointS illuStratE how handlinG thE EmErGinG world oF taBlEtS iS a parallEl to thE StratEGiES wE’vE dEScriBEd For thE BroadEr moBilE world: 1 know thE taBlEt uSEr’S ExpEriEncE with your BuSinESS 2 Build uniQuE taBlEt ExpEriEncESUnless your desktop site is Flash Some brands have already rethought-heavy (Flash isn’t supported on the their mobile experience for tablets.iPad) or doesn’t function properly on ebookers followed their fullytablets, it may be passable for a short transactional multi-product mobilewhile; the examples we highlight here site with the ebookers Explorer iPadare based on tablet users interacting app, which focused on inspirationwith desktop websites. and innovation rather than just transactions. The aim was toBut we believe that marketers will differentiate the company from thesoon be designing sites specifically to competition, producing a dynamictake advantage of tablet touch screens, travel magazine that could helpportrait/landscape orientations, customers to “travel happier”.22cameras and accelerometers. ebookers’ Explorer tablet app thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 30
  31. 31. Go bigger, faster 05.How can we connect with our tablet audience? 3 twEak your SEarch campaiGnS For taBlEt uSErS 4 lEt rich mEdia ShinE on taBlEtSTablets are primarily used at home, in Volvo and Grow Interactive agencythe evenings and at weekends, mainly developed the richest tablet-optimisedfrom the sofa. Adapt your ads to take HTML5 creative that we’ve seen to date.advantage of this. “Shop now from your The campaign uses various interactivetablet” is a stronger call to action than media to profile a Volvo car that’s“Shop online”. Don’t ask tablet users to approaching 3 million miles. A mobile-call by phone; tablets aren’t phones. and tablet-optimised banner showsSegment your campaigns by device to the car’s real-time current mileage;monitor tablet-specific performance and the HTML5 landing page featureslearn about your tablet customer’s needs a Google Map that shows the car’sand interests. Sweetwater Sound, one real-time location; interactive gamesof America’s largest musical equipment highlight new Volvo features like citydealers, has seen phenomenal results brakes; embedded videos show offfrom tablet-targeted search ad new models. What’s possible whencampaigns. Sweetwater Sound’s iPad rich media meets tablets?conversion rate was 30% higher thanonline, and orders originating fromiPads had 10% higher value. “Sweetwater Sound’s iPad conversionrate was 30% higher than online, andorders originating from iPads had 10%higher value.” Volvo’s Tablet Rich Media Ad Learn more at www.projectrebrief.com thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 31
  32. 32. Go bigger, faster 05.How can we connect with our tablet audience?Tablet usage spikes in the evening,and the tablet audience reports action itEm: chEck out your wEBwatching TV while browsing.23 ESPN ExpEriEncE on a taBlEt.and Shazam let Winter X Games Take five minutes today to searchviewers on ESPN TV use the Shazam for your brand on a tablet as asmartphone app for video highlights, consumer would. Maximise thephotos and exclusive music from the tablet format with rich media creative. Discuss both theseevent. The tablet revolution is gaining topics with your agencies.momentum, as more people purchaseand use tablets to search and shop.Even if you’re still playing catch-up inmobile, it’s not too late to be early withtablets. We encourage you to be one ofthe first to take advantage of this newchannel. Invest now or chaseyour competition later.Watching TV while browsing withESPN and Shazam thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 32
  33. 33. concluSionh opefully you can now see “At Google, we believe that mobile what’s possible with the right mobile tools. Follow the advice represents a sociological shift in the above and you could make way users relate with both the digital your brand more valuable and physical world. Businesses thatto consumers and launch innovativemarketing strategies that connect understand this will win.“you with your customers in totallynew ways. Imagine what you mightaccomplish this year if you start now.Start how?Just keep asking the questions wecover here, work closely with yourMobile Champion, and keep youreyes on the rising mobile tide. AtGoogle, we believe that mobilerepresents a sociological shift in theway users relate with both the digitaland physical world. Businesses thatunderstand this will win. to SummariSE thE action itEmS includEd in thE playBook wE’vE providEd thE FollowinG chEckliSt: thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 33
  34. 34. moBilE playBook action itEmS chEckliSt Define your value proposition by Search for your brand in mobile determining what your consumer as a consumer would. Take five wants to do with your business in minutes and do this today. What’s mobile. Benchmark against others working? What’s not? in your industry for ideas. Build a mobile website. Once you Separate mobile-specific search have a mobile website, check the campaigns from desktop search stats and optimise based on campaigns so you can test, consumer usage. measure and develop messaging specific for mobile. Build an app for a subset of your Run rich media HTML5 ads to audience after your mobile site extend your branding message strategy is in place. Don’t forget to reach the mobile audience. to promote your app. Assign a Mobile Champion in your Assign everyone in your marketing company and empower them with org the action item of reviewing their a cross-functional task force. programmes through a mobile lens. Set up a meeting with your agencies Check out your tablet consumer’s about what’s working and what’s not experience with your brand. Take for your brand on mobile and tablets. five minutes today and search for your brand on a tablet as a consumer would. What’s working? What’s not? Maximise the tablet environment with rich media. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 34
  35. 35. Additional resourceshowtogetmo.com mmaglobal.comA Google initiative to educate businesses The Mobile Marketing Association ison the benefits of mobile optimised sites. a global non-profit trade association representing all players in the mobilethinkwithgoogle.com/insights/emea marketing value chain.Google’s online destination for consumertrends, marketing insights and industry iab.netresearch. The Interactive Advertising Bureau educates marketers, agencies, media companies andprojectrebrief.com the wider business community about theA Google campaign that shows how value of interactive advertising.creators of four iconic ads from the 60sand 70s re-imagined their ads using google.com/mobileadstoday’s digital technology. Everything you need to know about mobile ads for performance and branding including mobile search ads and mobile display ads. thinkwithgoogle.com/mobileplaybook/uk 35
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