Rebaca Technologies Corporate Overview


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Rebaca Technologies Corporate Overview

  1. 1. Rebaca Technologies Corporate Overview
  2. 2. Rebaca Technologies Boutique software outsourcing company based in India. Key Focus areas Digital TV & Video : STB , Mobile Applications , Multimedia Applications Operation Systems : EMS , Consumer Facing Web Services , Telco web services Communication Application : Networking Apps and PC Apps Established in 1997 Steady growth to 100 engineers Two locations in India , Sales office in California Calcutta 70 Engineers: Embedded Systems, Transcoding Solutions, Network Protocols, Mobile Web development, Mobile Applications, Element Management System, Server backend ,Web Services , Embedded UI, Video Conferencing Solution Bangalore 30 Engineers: Digital TV,STB Middleware, Applications, Device Drivers ,Mobile Applications, PC,MAC Applications Santa Clara , Sales and Architecture group California
  3. 3. Some of our clients ….…
  4. 4. Technology Offerings Digital TV and Mobile Operation Systems Video Expertise : EMS MPEG2,MPEG4,H.264,FLV,AVI,MP4, SNMP based EMS ,TR69 ACS and Agent 3GPP,VOB ,Transcoding Venturi , Billion .Miranda Pelco ,Videon Central ,Sezmi, Venturi Telco Operation Systems Subscriber provisioning, assurance, monitoring Driver Development , Billing Integration, Video Demux , USB , Graphics driver Customer care , Self Care Quartics,2Wire Policy Sever back end Integration Verizon, Sezmi, Arbor , BroadHop DVB , ATSC Middleware Consumer Facing Web Services ViXS, Genesis Online Trade in content and good(s) Self Care and Customer Care PVR, EPG, Teletext, Subtitle, MHEG, OCAP Application Integration with third party services – payment, Motorola,ViXS, Magnum, ABT, Morega TAX, fraud detection, search Integration with enterprise system(s) of a Middleware porting merchant Nagravision , Eagle , Genesis Ingboo, Nexuswerkz, YesVideo, Pitney Bowes DVD –VR Playback/Record Communication Application Videon Central PC Applications PC , Mac Mobile Applications 2Wire,Quartics , Integra5 Symbian, WinMo , iPhone, RIM Networking Application Mobile Portals UPnP, DLNA ,VoIP applications ,NAT Quartics , Morega , Venturi Wireless Traversal Solution Sprint, Sonim Multimedia Application Protocols Streaming, Place Shift , Video RTSP,RTP, Security protocols : SH,IPSEC,IKE Conferencing , Video Surveillance app Sezmi, Visual Gate Sprint, Genesis, Quartics, Sezmi
  5. 5. IP Offerings DTV Stack DVB-T Middleware Teletext 1.5 Subtitle Desktop based IP Video Conferencing Solution ConferenceInTM Management Solution SNMP based EMS : Web-EMSTM TR-69 based ACS RTSP/RTP Stack NAT Traversal Solution Optimized JVM in ARC platform
  6. 6. Service Offerings Rebaca offers full spectrum of software services covering a typical product life cycle and beyond Product Development Services Requirement specification definition System level design Software development Module integration and testing Verification & Validation Services Functionality Testing Performance Testing Interoperability and Conformance testing Regression Testing Test Automation Field and Customer support End customer specific feature enhancement Feature enhancement, Bug Fixing Platform Migration, Porting
  7. 7. Process Project Management Agile Project Management methodology followed Process flow evolved around JIRA to implement Agile Customer Milestones broken into Weekly Sprints Verified by QA/PL and if possible can be demonstrated Module owners along with QA generates Test Plans for QA able sprints QA responsible for the any Release to the Customer Tracking Weekly Progress report and Weekly call with Customer for Project Tracking A day prior to weekly Customer project review meeting all outstanding issues and latest project status generated automatically through JIRA and sent out Monthly Management Review to discuss overall progress of the Program
  8. 8. Business Models Offer flexible business models Project based pricing or Fixed Priced Model Useful when scope and specifications for the projects are reasonably clear 90-day support included on deliverables after acceptance Effort based pricing or Time & Material Model Project cost is a function of the total project execution time and the corresponding resources deployed Provides customer greater flexibility in terms of developing the project specification on an ongoing basis and modify specifications based on the changing market needs.
  9. 9. Thank You