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Dr sumita prabhakar dehradun ivf & iui


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Dr sumita prabhakar dehradun ivf & iui

  1. 1. IVF & IUI CARE-Best IVF treatment in Uttarakhand By. Dr Sumita Prabhakar
  2. 2. IVF(In-Vitro Fertilization)  IVF is also known as Test Tube Baby process.  IVF is a process of artificially fertilization of Ovarian egg.  Fertilization process takes place outside the mother’s body.  This process takes place via Insemination
  3. 3. Insemination  It can be done by two ways:  Using father sperms  Using donor sperms. (As requirement of couple )
  4. 4. IVF PROCEDURE  Evaluation  Down Regulation  Ovulation Induction  Monitoring  Egg Pickup  ICSI  Embryo Transfer  Embryo Freezing  Embryo Hatching
  5. 5. EVALUATION  For IVF treatment, couples are advised for certain investigations.  Ultrasound, for checking condition of ovaries and uterus.  Semen analysis and culture for other problems.  Abnormality test must be carried before IVF procedure.  Evaluation complete—procedure initiates.
  6. 6. DOWN REGULATION  Process starts on 21st day of month before IVF cycle.  Blood Investigation for checking LH,FSH and E2 hormones to confirm down regulation.
  7. 7. OVULATION INDUCTION  This process depends on patient’s certain conditions  Age  Hormonal problems  Local protocols  FSH or HMG injections are given till desired follicles size.
  8. 8. MONITORING  Cycle is monitored to check growth of eggs and thickness of endometrium by ultrasound.  Sometimes estrogen level test is done by blood test.
  9. 9. EGG PICKUP  When egg reached at desired size, an injection is given for final maturation(HCG).  Ovum pickup is planned after 35-36 hrs process under sedation.  With ultrasound, eggs are extracted from follicles with the help of fine needle.  This process takes 20 min.
  10. 10. ICSI  When eggs are retrieved from group of cells, they are aspirated and after keeping them in incubator they are ready for fertilization.  IVF/ICSI fertilization process are decided by embryologist.  In case of poor count and motility ICSI is performed.  TESA/PESA is done for removing sperms from testis.  Then the embryos are left to grow in the controlled environment of incubator for 2-5 days.
  11. 11. EMBROYO TRANSFER  Embryologist assess the quality of embryos and decides about embryo transfer.  With the help of soft cathedra embryos are placed in the womb.  After some rest patient can go home.
  12. 12. EMBRYO FREEZING  Extra embryos are frozen in liquid nitrogen for preserving them for years.  Embryos are frozen because the transfer is electively planned as endrotrium or lining of uterus or patient has OHSS(ovarian hyper simulation syndrome).
  13. 13. EMBROYO HATCHING  In this, outer lining of embryos is treated with either laser or with certain chemicals.  This process is used to make outer lining more sticky and more adhesive to lining of womb.  It is effective in older women, in case of failures and weak lining of womb.
  14. 14. IUI(IntraUterine Insemination)  Most commonly used assisted reproductive technique.  Safe, cost effective and non invasive method.  Semen of husband or donor is clinically washed to improve its fertilization capability and injected into womb.
  15. 15. IUI INDICATIONS  Cervical factors  Mild-moderate male sub-fertility  Unexplained infertility  Immunological factors  An-Ovulation  Endometriosis  Male anatomical defects  Psycosexual disorder-erection ejaculation related problems
  16. 16. IUI INDICATIONS  Genetic, hereditary problems  Severe sperm defects  Contraindications  Several tubal defects  Severe semen abnormalities  Pelvic mass or uterine cavity distortion
  17. 17. EVALUATION  Proper timing and proper patient selection of IUI is essential.  Detailed clinical history and physical examination of both partners is required.  If any abnormalities is suspected evaluation of hormonal problems are carried out.
  18. 18. IUI LAB  Any center doing IUI must have  TVS facility  Semen collection area  Semen preparation lab with laminar hood, centrifuge , compound microscope, co2 incubator, CO2 cylinders, semen fertility and storage facility.  Insemination area
  19. 19. SUCCESS RATE  Based on age of patient and semen varies from 6-28%  IUI is a very simple and safe procedure but certain problems may arise:  Trauma to cervix  Infection  Cramps or pain
  20. 20.  Contact Us Dr. Sumita Prabhakar CMI Hospital, 54, Haridwar Road, Dehradun. Uttarakhand, India. PIN:248001 Phone: 0135-6542172, 0135-2520042, 2720142, 2720238 Mob: - Email: