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  1. 1. ASSINGMENT<br />OF<br />MARKETING<br />SUBMITTED BY: SUBMITTED BY:<br />NAME: RAJ KISHOR Mrs. Kuljeet k. Minhas<br />CLASS: BBA(HONS) <br />SEC: Q1906<br />ROLL NO: RQ1096A07<br />REG. NO: 10900834<br />INTRODUCTION<br />Maruti Suzuki is India's number one leading automobile manufacturer and the market leader in the car segment, both in terms of volume of vehicles sold and revenue earned. Until recently, 18.28% of the company was owned by the Indian government, and 54.2% by Suzuki of Japan. The Indian government held an initial public offering of 25% of the company in June 2003. As of 10 May 2007, Govt. of India sold its complete share to Indian financial institutions. With this, Govt. of India no longer has stake in Maruti Udyog.<br />Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) was established in February 1981, though the actual production commenced in 1983 with the Maruti 800, based on the Suzuki Altokei car which at the time was the only modern car available in India, its only competitors- the Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Padmini were both around 25 years out of date at that point. Through 2004, Maruti Suzuki has produced over 5 Million vehicles. Maruti Suzuki’s are sold in India and various several other countries, depending upon export orders. Models similar to Maruti Suzuki (but not manufactured by Maruti Udyog) are sold by Suzuki Motor Corporation and manufactured in Pakistan and other South Asian countries.<br />1) Ans- Its customer are mainly middle income group because maruti Suzuki provide wide range of range of cars to mainly middle income customers. Maruti Suzuki focuses on average customer and gives little attention to rich customers.<br />Its customer mainly wants better after sale services and less price which they can afford.<br />2) Ans-Its comptitators are TATA, MAHINDRA, HONDA, VOLKSWOLAN etc...But its main competitatore is TATA, because its provide better customer service. It is also focus on middle class customers.Thats why they launched Nano (the very less price car in Indian automobile market.)<br />Maruti Suzuki differeuutiated its products like Maruti800,Maruti Omni, Maruti alto,Maruti zen.Maruti launched its product mailty in some price like if Maruti800 is of Rs1,80,000 than, Alto is Rs2,40,000.<br />Hear we can see that low difference between its selling prices because its main objective is customer satisfaction and its focuses on middle class customer.<br />3) Ans- Its product are…………….<br />1) Maruti 800………. Price- (1983)<br />2) Maruti Omni……..Price- (1984)<br />3) Maruti liypsy…….Price- (1985)<br />4) Maruti wagonR…Price- (2002)<br />5) Maruti alto…..…. Price- (2000)<br />6) Maruti swift……. Price- (2005)<br />7) Maruti Estilo….. Price- (2009)<br />8) Maruti sx4………Price- (2007)<br />9) Maruti Dzire......Price- (2008)<br />10) Maruti A star...Price- (2009)<br />11) Maruti Ritz…… Price- (2009)<br />12) Maruti Eeco…. Price- (2010)<br />13) Maruti Altok 10...Price(2010) Maruti recently launch this automobile car.<br />4) Ans- Maruti Suzuki mainly communicate with its customer threw televisions and adverstising.Its creates brand name by tabing super stars like Renaldo and boll wood stars like Sharukh Khan. And it also advertises their products threw boarding’s, by pumps lets, newspapers, magazines and also by providing free test drives to its customers. So they can feel the ride before buying it. And on some occasions it offers its customers some schemes like discount, samples etc…<br />Ans:- 5) Marketing mix means to collect and mix the resources of marketing in the manner that objects of the company or enterprises may be achieved and maximum satisfaction may be provided to the customers.<br />Maruti Suzuki coordinated all tools of marketing mix like<br /><ul><li>Product strategies
  2. 2. Price strategies
  3. 3. Place strategies
  4. 4. Promotion strategies</li></ul>So they can provide better satisfaction to its customers. Through marketing mix Maruti Suzuki captured more than 50% of car market share in India.<br />