Railway ticket issuing system1


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This is an example for requirements engineering

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  • Enhancing the railway ticket issuing procedure by enabling facilities such as online, mobile phone based ticket booking. Tickets can be purchased from teller machines which are available at railway stations. This project also interconnect all major railway stations.
  • Online ticket issuance is done via the Lanka Gate Country Portal and from the SLRD website Customers can pay using credit cards or via mobile services. Customers can print out the tickets that are issued online.
  • The teller machines will have touch screens and will accept Sri Lankan currency notes (2) The railway conductors will have handheld, battery operated barcode readers to check the validity of the tickets.
  • There will be a high speed network connecting major railway stations with a state of the art data center located in the Western Province. (2) The data center will have an associated DRC (Disaster Recovery Center), and will be manned 24/7, 365 days per year. (3) The SLRD data center will be connected to the Lanka Government Network (LGN) data center via a high speed VPN.
  • Charging services are done via Lanka Gate
  • As we have no clear idea about “usability” and “printed tickets with barcodes we are going to use an evolutionary approach. We have to work with SLRD, to explore their requirements and to evolve a final system iteratively. We will start the project with well understood parts of the system. The system evolves by implementing and improving features proposed by SLRD.
  • These phases are not distinct. These phases are done iteratively until the requirements are fulfilled.
  • High risk of cheating
  • Railway ticket issuing system1

    1. 1. Railway Ticket Issuing System Smart Solutions Group 13Smart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    2. 2. Vision Extending the railway ticketing System to a smart, e icketing -t System.Smart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    3. 3. Solution ContextSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    4. 4. Product Features Credit Card and Mobile Payments Web based ticket booking SystemSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    5. 5. Product Features cont. Purchasing tickets By cash payments at teller machines Bar coded tickets and Compatible Ticket CheckersSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    6. 6. Product Features cont. SLRD LGN Stations Data Center Data CenterSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right Disaster Recovery Center
    7. 7. Main Stakeholders Sri Lanka Railway Department •Providing equipment •Maintain the system continuously and reliably •Training the conductorsSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    8. 8. Main Stakeholders cont. Passengers Use the system in a responsible mannerSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    9. 9. Main Stakeholders cont. Banks Mobile Service Providers Provide a reliable and Provide a system for secured system for mobile payments credit card payments with higher usability and money transactionsSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    10. 10. Main Stakeholders cont. Lanka Gate Administration •Provide required functionalities Ex : Online Ticket Issuing , Online PaymentsSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    11. 11. Development Process Model Evolutionary Exploratory DevelopmentSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    12. 12. High Level ArchitectureSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    13. 13. High Level Architecture cont.Smart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    14. 14. Development PhasesSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    15. 15. Milestones • Specification and initial Design • Establishing a data center and connecting • Interconnecting Railway Stations • Establish Connectivity with Lanka Gate.Smart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    16. 16. Milestones cont. • Implementing Web based System • Integrating Payment System • Designing and Integrating ATMs • Designing the ticket and the bar code readerSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    17. 17. Milestones cont. • Integrating the teller machines to the system • Integrating Disaster Recovery System • Finish Documentation • FinalizeSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    18. 18. Cost for each Phase Man Days Man Days Man Days Man DaysSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    19. 19. Project TimelineSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    20. 20. Project Risks • There is a possibility that the requirements can be changed while continuing the project. • It may be difficult for the user to adapt to the e-system. • Unexpected situations such as network failures may affect the system functionality.Smart Solutions - Solutions Done Right
    21. 21. Project Risks cont. • Fraud tickets can be printed • Lanka gate and other service providers’ interfaces may not be compatible • Exceeding estimated costSmart Solutions - Solutions Done Right