Chapter 9 export documentation


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Chapter 9 export documentation

  1. 1.  The name & address of the exporter & OTHER DETAILS OF SHIPMENT : importer  Name of the ship The description of goods, like quantity, quality, weight, etc  L/C no. The value of goods, less discounts, if any  Bill of lading no. The net amount payable by the importer  Packaging identification Terms & conditions of sale  Identification marks on the package The signature of the exporter  Shipping bill no. & date  Shipping terms & conditions  Freight Charges  Marine Insurance Premium  Any other details, if required.
  2. 2.  Payment conditions  Payment of custom duty Quality control inspection  Payment to Exporter Customs clearance  Obtaining Loan  Preferential Tariffs Documentary proof  Recording & Filing Preparation of other  Customs Clearance documents Claiming of incentives Recording & filingTO EXPORTER TO IMPORTER
  3. 3.  Customs Copy  TYPES : Drawback copy  Free shipping Bill Export promotion copy  Dutiable shipping Bill Port trust copy &  Drawback shipping Bill exporters copy  Shipping Bill for shipment Ex- bond Name & add of the Exporter  Coastal Shipping Bill Number & description of packages  IMPORTANCE : Quantity, weight & value of goods  Customs clearance Name of vessel in which goods are to be  Obtaining Incentives shipped  Loading of goods Country of Destination  Appraising value of goods Total amount of Duty  Recording & filing Port at which goods to be discharged Any other details, if required
  4. 4.  Once the invoice is signed by the  It enables him to get prompt consulate of the importing delivery of goods from the customs country, the exporter is  The customs normally do not reasonably assured that there are open the packages, thereby, no import restrictions placed on saving a lot of efforts on the part his exports in the importing of the importer  TO CUSTOMS: country & that there will be no  The customs of the exporting problem in realization of foreign country can easily clear the goods exchange or export proceeds  The customs of importing country can easily calculate the import It ensures prompt clearance of duties without checking or goods from his customs for the opening the packages purpose of loading on the shipTO EXPORTER TO IMPORTER
  5. 5.  Description of packages Condition of goods/ packages loaded on the vessel Name of the vessel Date of loading Port of loading Port of delivery Name & add of the shipper (Exporter) Name & add of the importer / consignee Other required details
  6. 6.  Clean BL Claused BL Stale BL Freight paid BL Freight collect BL To order BL Straight BL On board & Received BL Container BL