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Chapter 4 export promotion organizations


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Chapter 4 export promotion organizations

  1. 1. • Manufacturer Exporter• Merchant Exporter• Canalizing Agencies• State Corporations• Export Consortium• Export houses• Star Export Houses• Trading Houses• Star Trading Houses• Premier Trading Houses
  2. 2. • Collection of information• Supplying information• Organizing Seminars• Trade fairs & exhibitions• Issue of Certificate of Origin• Recommendations to Government• Inviting Trade Delegations• Sending Delegations Abroad• Consultancy Services• Exploration of Overseas Markets
  3. 3. • Collects information• Supplies information• Organizes seminars and workshops• Sends delegations abroad• Invite delegations to India• Trading• Professional Advice• Publishes Information
  4. 4. • The ITPO came into existence on 1st Jan 1992 with the merger of trade fair authority of India and Trade Development Authority• Publicity• Collection of Information• Supply of Information• Delegations• Overseas trade Fairs• Consultancy Services• Seminars & Workshops• Organises trade fairs & exhibitions
  5. 5. • The DDCI & S is one of the • DIRECTORATE oldest agencies in India. It was set up in 1862 at Kolkata. It is GENERAL OF the nodal agency of govt. of FOREIGN TRADE : India which is responsible for • Implementation of collection, compilation, & dissemination of trade foreign trade policy statistics and various types of • Granting of IEC number commercial information• Publications • Regulates Transit of• Data Capture Goods• Data Processing • Resolving of Export• Priced information service related Problems system• Quick estimates • Interaction with Trade &• Resolves commercial disputes Industry• Commercial intelligence • Coordination with Other
  6. 6. • Domestic Sales• Export & Import Goods• Net foreign Exchange Earning• Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) sales & supplies• Export through status holder• Inter – limit transfer• Administration & setting up of SEZ• Export proceeds• Incentives to units in SEZ