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Peter's Plants

  1. 1. How to Grow an Indoor Garden by: Peter Rygh
  2. 2. • The first step to building an indoor garden is to gather the right materials• After you have done that you need to prepare the area• Try to find a good haven for the plant in you room (somewhere properly lit, like a window.
  3. 3. Planting…• Now that you’re all set to start your garden, why don’t we check our materials• What you should have gathered is a planting pot, soil for the plants, plant seeds, a small shoveling tool, and a water source.• Now there are two different ways to start the garden with plants, we can either retrieve plants from the outside world, or we can buy seedlings and grow them from there.• Once you have decided and have gathered all the things that you need to start, let’s GET TO IT!• Now, we must first get our pot, soil, shovel and plant/seed
  4. 4. Planting…• Starting with a grown plant• Get your shovel and shovel soil into the pot all the way from the bottom to about 1/3 of the way up• Place your plant inside the slightly filled pot and hold it straight• While you’re holding it fill the pot the rest of the way up, you can now let go of the plant• Starting with a seed• Get your shovel and shovel soil into the pot all the way from the bottom to about ½ of the way up• Now that you’ve got your plant all set up in its pot, you can now move it next to the proper area that you have prepared for it• Water your plant about 1 cup of water if it is still a seedling, and water it 2 cups if it is already developed• Now that you have done that you can now start to grow more plants inside of your indoor garden• Repeat the process that you have learned in this tutorial and continue to water them as well• Soon or later this hard work will reward you with many fruits and vegetables
  5. 5. More methods:• Some requirements that plants need are listed below – Light – Good air ventilation – A little humidity (moisture) – A comfortable temperature•• These above are all important methods for good healthy plant growth• For certain plants, you will need to know how to force flowering onto plants before you will be able to produce fruits, vegetables, and flowers on plants successfully indoors. Some plants are day neutral and will flower no matter what, but others must be induced to flower.• Hydro gardening• Hydro Gardening is easy, once you learn the basics and have spent a little time tuning a system that works.• Hydroponics gardening boils down to simply this: The food is in the water. All considerations when designing a system will focus on this and on the types of plants you are growing, such as:• How to get the food/water to the plants•• How you keep the plants from drowning•• How to make sure there are no problems•
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